Sleepaway Camp is a 2018 American horror film and a remake of the 1983 film of the same name.

The remake is directed by Marcus Dunstan and Robert Hiltzik. 

It stars Victoria Justice, Jake T. Austin, Eliza Bennett, Kristen Stewart, Bradley Cooper, Carlo Marks, Dakota Goyo, James Marslow, Danielle Harris, Tia Carrere, Devon Werkheiser, Wayne Knight, Zach Galifianakis and Brennan Elliot.

The remake was distributed by New Line Cinema and Dark Castle Entertainment.

The film was released on August 24, 2018.


The film opens with the Baker family on summer vacation to a lakehouse. John Baker (Bradley Cooper) takes his two children, Angela (Lizzie White) and Peter (Thomas Kuc), swimming in the lake. They are joined by John's friend, Lenny (Zach Galinfianakis). Meanwhile, a drunk teenage couple are messing around on a speedboat which they lose control of it. They careen straight into the Baker family, killing everyone except for Angela. Several years later, Angela (Victoria Justice) has been adopted by her eccentric aunt Martha Thomas (Tia Carrere) and lives with her and her son, Ricky Thomas (Dakota Goyo). Ricky is the only person in the world that Angela gets on with. However, this proves a problem after they decide to play a prank on their mean old teacher. The situation gets out of hand and they end up getting arrested. Martha agrees to send them to Camp Arawak, a summer camp for young offenders which seeks to set them straight. However, due to her introverted nature, Angela quickly becomes a target of bullying, the worst offenders being Judy (Eliza Bennett) and Meg (Danielle Harris). Angela is sent to the camp kitchen to assist the cook, Artie (Wayne Knight), who reveals himself to be a pedophile, trying to molest Angela. Ricky arrives to check in on Angela, enabling her to escape. Later, while Artie is boiling water for the corn, an unseen person comes into the kitchen and drowns Artie in the pot of boiling water , scalding himself to death. Camp director Mel Costic (Brennan Elliot) rules Artie's death an accident and fabricates a story for the police to prevent them from investigating. Two of the campers, Kenny (Devon Werkheiser) and Mike (Carlo Marks), start to pick on Angela, trying to get her to remove her top in front of them. Ricky overhears this and violently lashes out, leading to a brawl. Ricky is aided by his friend Paul (James Marslow) but the fight is broken up by Mel. Ricky storms off, as do Kenny and Mike but Paul befriends and consoles Angela. That night, Kenny thinks he sees someone running into the lake and goes in after them. The following morning, his body is found, having drowned and stabbed to death. Mike goes into a bathroom stall but someone bars the door shut and drops a bee hive inside, leaving Mike to be stung to death. Mel considers both to also be accidents.Angela and Paul are hanging out later and he impulsively kisses her, causing her to have a flashback to when she and Peter were children and they caught their father in bed with Lenny. Judy observes and decides to take advantage of the situation, luring Paul into the woods where she seduces him. Angela stumbles upon them having sex and runs off when Paul tries to explain. Angela runs to the beach, where Judy and Meg throw her into the water, commenting on how she never takes her clothes off around them. Angela nearly drowns until she is rescued by Ricky. Judy and Meg then fling sand at Angela, who is comforted by Ricky. Angela is clearly disturbed by the incident. The following night, a social is to be held in the main cabin and all campers have to attend. While Meg is taking a shower to get ready, she is attacked and has a pentagram carved on her stomach while being gutted with a hunting knife. Before the social begins, Angela tells Paul that she's willing to hear him out and invites him to meet her at the waterfront after the social. However, Angela then walks off, leaving the social behind. Paul informs Ricky, who goes to look for her. In her cabin, Judy is getting ready for the social. The killer enters and grabs her by the throat, holding her down before ramming a lit straightening iron into her throat, killing her. At the social, Mel takes a roll call and finds that Judy, Meg, Angela and Ricky are missing, so he goes off to look for them. He eventually finds Meg's body and then encounters Ricky, who he thinks killed Meg. In a blind fit of rage, Mel attacks Ricky and savagely beats him before running off. The other campers overhear the commotion and come out of the cabin to see what's happening. Mel stumbles into view and is suddenly shot with multiple arrows by an unseen assailant. A panic ensues and the police are called. During the madness, Paul slips down to the waterfront and is met by Angela. They start to kiss and she begins to undress. The police arrive shortly thereafter and find a bloodied Ricky stumbling through the woods. They then spot a horrifying side by the lakeside. Everybody gathers to watch Angela, now naked, standing over Paul, clutching his decapitated head. A shocked Ricky observes that Angela is a boy. The camera pans out to reveal Angela, flat chested and possessing a penis, growling softly. Flashbacks reveal that Angela died in the boating accident and that Peter was the real survivor. However, Martha did not want another son and decided to raise Peter as a girl, giving him the identity of his deceased sister. Ricky calls out to Angela/Peter, who turns towards him. Ricky tries to run towards her, causing one police officer to panic and fire his gun. Ricky falls to the ground, unharmed but the police open fire and shoot Angela/Peter to death. Ricky goes to his cousin and she says that her alter-ego but dies in Ricky's arms and he shows sympathy for her but shows an angry face and ends the film with a scary comment, indicating he will avenge his cousin.

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