Sleepaway Camp: Reunion is a 2010 American horror comedy film. It stars Kodi Smit-McPhee, Dylan Minnette, Ellen Page, Alex Frost, Josh Peck, and Freddie Highmore. This is rated R. This is distributed by Paramount Pictures.


Twelve-year-old Oscar (Kodi Smit-McPhee) is a kid with mental issues but when he goes to camp, things get worse when bullies (Alex Frost, Josh Peck, Dave Franco, and Seann William Scott) start harassing him and the worse part is the lazy counselor (Steve Buscemi) is not doing anything about it. However, this changes when a serial killer kills people that bully him.


In 2002, 4-year-old Oscar (Neal Sethi) is on vacation with his father (Gerald Butler), mother (Mila Kunis), and big sister Emma (Brie Larson). However, an explosion is heard in the engine room of the cruise ship they're on and Oscar is knocked off the ship as it explodes. He is found by another ship and is declared the only survivor. He is sent to live with his aunt and cousin.

8 years later, Oscar (Kodi Smit-McPhee) and his cousin Ricky (Dylan Minnette) are gonna be sent to a camp. However, both of them have anger issues and have history of bad language.

At camp, they befriend counselors Alan (Freddie Highmore), his fiancé Petey (Megan Foxx), his step-sister Angela (Ellen Page), her girlfriend Maria (Emma Porter), and even the cook Kwane (James Earl Jones). But Oscar is bullied by Wilkins (Alex Frost), Robbie (Josh Peck), Mark (Dave Franco), and Anthony (Seann William Scott). Also, a lazy counselor named Mel (Steve Buscemi) is not helping him. And last but not least, the assistant cook Bartie (Danny McBride) is creepy and sadistic. However, he has a crush on Eli (Chloe Grace Moretz), who befriends him but her friend Susan (Portia Doubleday) dislikes him. Also, he is being stalked by rude popular girl Jenny (Kristin Fairlie).

At a campfire, Alan tells everyone the legend of the Camp Arawak Massacre. He confesses that he was a quiet boy who killed people that tortured him and also killed a couple that pranked him. He later made fake evidence that Karen was the killer but luckily, that was his last killing spree. However, he had confessed to Petey about this and asked her to give him a therapist. He was sent to a therapy center and given therapy. A few years later, he is legally sane. All the bullies' families forgave him and disowned their kids for their behavior and causing this. Oscar doesn't blame Alan for what he did and sympathizes with him.

At dinner, Oscar gets bored but sees Eli walking into the kitchen. When he's in there, he sees Bartie trying to molest her but he saves her and they run away. He reports this to Alan and Angela, who comfort Eli. When everyone hears what happened, Oscar warns Bartie to stay away from Eli or else he'll kill him.

One night, Bartie is cooking a giant pan of grease while standing on a wooden chair but Angela yanks the chair away and causes Bartie to be scald alive by the grease. Kwane finds him and calls 911. Frank rolls this as an accident and orders them to not talk about it but Oscar, Ricky, Robbie, Eli, and Alan see this as murder.

The next night, Oscar is hanging out with Eli and they share their hatred of Wilkins but Susan think that Oscar did the murder as revenge. However, Mel interrupts and orders Oscar to go to his cabin. Before he goes, he is pranked into smoking cow manure by Weed (Miles Teller) but is comforted by Angela, who angrily curses at the boys and takes him to the cabin.

At the firewroks stand, Weed and Anthony hang with some girls but they want to leave. Anthony goes with them but Weed chooses to stay. When Weed falls asleep, Angela ties him to the chair and puts gasoline inside of him. When Weed wakes up, the killer lits a cigarette and flicks it at him, burning him alive and causing an explosion.

A few hours later, Weed's burnt body is found and taken away but Mel considers it an accident due to finding drugs and a lighter. However, officers suspect it was murder and start investigating.

The next morning, a private investigator named Frank Kostic (Jonah Hill) has had enough of the murders and wants to stop it. He decides to stay in the camp but Oscar and Angela notice that he seems to be eyeing the money, much to their anger and disgust. However, they also overhear Anthony and his friend Judd (King Bach) planning to prank Angela.

At night, Anthony dresses as Freddy Krueger and Judd dresses as Jason Voorhees. However, Anthony loses his glove and tries to find it but Angela has his glove and slits his throat with it. When Judd goes to look for him, Angela appears and is dressed as Leatherface. She then turns on her chainsaw and attacks Judd with it, dismembering him.

At Oscar's cabin, Angela pranks him but he accidentally attacks her until everyone gets him away and Angela unmasks herself. Oscar hugs her and apologizes but she forgives him and explains that she talked with the two pranksters. When they ask where are they, Angela pretends to be confused about their whereabout but Jenny appears screaming and tells them that she found them.

The next morning, Frank and the police investigate the scene and are more determined to find the killer.

In the weight room, Frank is lifting weights but Angela comes in and tries tricking him into drinking poisoned water. However, he smells the poison and fights her. He then tries to kill her by strangling her but she stabs him. When he let's go, she knocks him onto lifting bed and drops a barbell on his forehead, scalping him. She then stages the scene to make it look like self-defense.

Outside the weight room, officers questions Angela and she exposes Frank's true purpose of coming to the camp, much to their disgust. Meanwhile, Oscar asks Eli to go to the dance with him and she says yes.

At the dance, Oscar and Eli have a good time at the dance but then Wilkins reads Oscar's journal out loud to the whole world. Shocked by this, Eli kindly rejects Oscar but he doesn't take it well and leaves the dance. An angry Ricky punches Wilkins but is grounded by Mel. However, he scolds Mel for not doing anything about the bullying and calls him a coward. He then yells at Eli for breaking Oscar's heart and thinks she's worst than the people who pick on him, much to Eli's guilt. Susan claims Oscar deserves it for being a freak but Eli yells at her for her selfishness and leaves their friendship. Angered by this behavior, Alan grounds everyone and fires Mel for his favoritism.

Outside the dance, Oscar is crying about how is being treated and Jenny appears to comfort him but takes advantage of him and causes him to get a flashback.

In the flashback, Oscar and Emma were sitting on his bed and hanging out but she takes advantage of him and gropes him. He gets scared and wants her to stop it but she slaps him across the cheek and orders him not to tell anyone or else he'll get the blame for what's going on.

Back in the present, a scared Oscar pushes her away. Jenny confesses her love for him but he rejects her and tells her to leave him alone.

In the forest, he finds Angela's cabin and takes shelter in it. However, he notices the bodies and Angela looking at him but he decides not to tell and chooses to live with her. Feeling happy at this, she gives him a bed and lets him sleep as she now starts to see him as a new little brother.

The next morning, the camp gets worried for Oscar and asks Angela if she's seen him but she won't tell them where he is. However, Eli sneaks away to Angela's cabin.

At Angela's cabin, she enters it and is horrified to find the bodies. She finds Oscar sleeping but thinks he did it and attempts to call the police only to find there's no signal. She then confronts Alan about this but he denies involvement. However, Angela appears and reluctantly kidnaps Eli, much to their sadness.

At Eli's cabin, Susan lays down on her bed but finds the top bunk has nails on it. Angela jumps on the top bunk and impales/crushes Susan to death.

At the social when no one is there, he eavesdrops on a conversation between Angela and Mark. Angela confronts him about Wilkins but Mark sadistically reveals the boat was not an accident. Wilkins is Mel's son and helped rig the engine room to explode because Mel is secretly a serial killer who hated Oscar's family and wanted to make the boy's life a living h**l. Mel appears in a unmasked Ghostface outfit and explains they're going to kill her. Angered by this and wanting to save Angela, he knocks down an object and grabs Angela.

On the stage, they have a standoff with Mark and Mel. However, Angela takes out a gun and shoots Mel. When Oscar refuses to kill and claims he's not like Wilkins, Angela angrily claims to Mark that he doesn't know the real her and hangs Mark to death. Angela confesses she did this for him and wants him to come with her but he starts to hide from her. She then keeps claiming she loves him as a sibling and wants to adopt him. He tries to talk her into giving up but she finds him. However, they hear Jenny coming and Angela successfully convinces Oscar to wait in her cabin.

Outside Angela's cabin, Jenny looks for Oscar but Angela appears, ties her up, and blindfolds her. She then puts her in a hole and buries her up to her neck. She then activates a lawn mower and decapitates her with it.

In Angela's cabin, she talks with a sad Oscar about getting away with the murders and leaves to find another bully to take out. A sympathetic Eli wants to comfort Oscar but he refuses any comfort. However, she successfully convinces him to untie her and he luckily sets off an alarm that well alert the cops. After successfully untying her, Angela arrives and asks what's going on but he runs away from her and waits for the cops to show up. However, he is grabbed by Wilkins and Robbie.

At the docks, he finally asks Wilkins did he kill those people in the past. A now sadistic Wilkins reveals that Mel r***d Oscar's mother in the past and she ended up giving birth to Wilkins but she rejected him because he had a sadistic heart. Then she went to have a husband and two children, making Oscar and Wilkins half-brothers. However, she loved Oscar the most because he had a good heart and would never harm anyone. Angered by this, Wilkins and Mel sabotaged the engine room to explode but were angered that Oscar survived so they decided to make his life a living h**l. Horrified and disgusted by Wilkins' actions, Robbie has a change of heart and tries to attack Wilkins but the sadistic pulls out a gun and shoots Robbie's shoulder, knocking him out. Wilkins then gives Oscar a challenge: If he can under water for about 30 minutes then he'll only let him go with a scratch on the cheek but if he fails then he gets both his eyes popped out. He then starts shoving Oscar underwater and sadistically laughs at this cruelty but then someone grabs his shoulder and he turns around gasping as he sees Angela, who attacks him.

While underwater, Oscar hears screaming and sees blood coming in the water so he starts getting to check what it is.

On the docks, he finds a bloodied Angela with the body of Wilkins, who has been skinned alive. She checks to make sure if Oscar is alright but police arrive and Angela is arrested. Before she is put in the police car, she declares she loves Oscar and will never forget him, much to Oscar's happiness. When she is put inside the car, she smiles at managing to save Oscar before she falls asleep.

The next morning, police continue investigating the massacre and officers interrogate a wounded Robbie, who confesses that he also doesn't like Wilkins and was scared of him so he decided to help him bully others but was now tired of being scared. The officers reveal Angela might only get a shorter sentence and a therapist since her body count is only a short amount. Angela wakes up just in time to see an officer get in the car and before she is driven away, she sees Alan, Petey, Oscar, Eli, Ricky, and Robbie waving at her. She smiles at them and winks as she is driven away from the camp. Oscar and Eli hold hands and walk away to Oscar's cabin. When they get inside, they share a kiss and wink at audience before closing the door. (the song "Bad Blood" by Taylor Swift is heard in the end credits)

In the mid credits at Angela's asylum room, she is drawing pictures of her, Oscar, and Alan being a family. She also draws about the murders and comments on them. She then writes a heart on a picture of her and her friends. She then hugs it and happily says "friends". (You and I end credits from Scooby Doo: The Mystery Begins plays in the second end credits)


  • Kodi Smit-McPhee as Oscar - The Main Protagonist.
  • Dylan Minnette as Ricky - Oscar's cousin
  • Ellen Page as Angela - The Main Antagonist.
  • Alex Frost as Wilkins - The Primary Antagonist.
  • Josh Peck as Robbie - A nervous bully who actually has morals and standards.
  • Kristin Fairlie as Jenny
  • Freddie Highmore as Alan
  • Megan Foxx as Petey
  • Chloe Grace Moretz as Eli
  • Dave Franco as Mark
  • Jonah Hill as Frank Kostic
  • Seann William Scott as Anthony
  • King Bach as Judd
  • Danny McBride as Bartie - A child molester and the first victim.


  • Oscar - Continues his life.
  • Eli - Dates Oscar.
  • Ricky - Finds Wilkins' body and just leaves.
  • Angela - Gets arrested but gives a wink to Oscar and claims to love him before she is driven away. Currently in New York Asylum.
  • Alan - Gets married to Petey.
  • Petey - Gets married to Alan.
  • Robbie - Has a change of heart and reports Wilkins' actions to the cops.


(Oscar and Ricky meet Wilkins and the bullies)

  • Wilkins: (smirking) "Well, well, if isn't f**kbrains and s**thead."

(the bullies laugh)

  • Robbie: (also smirking) "What are you doing? F**kin s***s?"
  • Mark: (laughing and smoking weed) "Yeah, where's your girlfriend?"
  • Ricky: (glares) "F**k off! (the bullies laugh and leave) And you Oscar, don't listen to those p****s. You're a f***king champion."

(they smile and high five. Later, Oscar sees Ricky, Robbie, Eli, and Alan watching Bartie being carried out)

  • Oscar: (surprised) "What happened?"
  • Robbie: (explaining) "Bartie got his a** f**king scald. That's what happened."
  • Ricky: "Frank enrolled it as an accident but we don't believe that bulls**t."
  • Alan: (agreeing) "This was murder. That chair was yanked away with human hands."
  • Eli: "To be honest, I should thank the killer for getting rid of that pervert."

(they agree but Alan frowns)

  • Alan: (frowning) "In the meantime, will you stop it with the foul language?"

(Wilkins, Mark, and Anthony arrive)

  • Wilkins: "Hey Robbie."
  • Robbie: "Dude, you missed it. This pervert got scald alive."
  • Wilkins: "Bartie's dead?"
  • Robbie: "Also, we don't believe Mel. This was murder. The killer yanked away a wooden chair that Bartie was standing on."

(later after Oscar refuses to kill a life, Mark looks at Angela but she doesn't like him)

  • Mark: (snickering) "This is the real him?"
  • Oscar: (frowning) "I'm not a monster like Wilkins."

(Angela glares at Mark)

  • Angela: (glaring) "You don't know the real me. (he looks confused but then Angela puts a rope on him and pushes him off the ledge. He then starts getting hanged by the neck and struggles as Angela holds Oscar's hand. Eventually, Greg gives up and passes away. Angela looks at Alan) Please understand that I'm doing this for you. When I first saw you, I realized that you were a good kid with love and hope. The reason I didn't kill you because you have special people and I see you as my new little brother. Please come with me. (however, Oscar gets free from her and starts running away from her while she follows him) Hey, you can't hide because I'm gonna find you. Come on out, sweetheart. I won't hurt you. I just want to get you out safely. You know I was the one who helped find you when your family died. I know you never loved your sister because of what she did. That's right, you need me. I can be your new sister. The one you always wanted. When I was in the hospital, I started thinking about what Alan did and gave me something to do. I don't want you to suffer like Alan did. Please, I can't lose you."

(Oscar is in a hiding spot but starts getting sad)

  • Oscar: (sad) "Please don't do this, Angela. This isn't you. You were such a sweet girl. You're better than this."

(however, Angela finds him and holds him)

  • Angela: (frowning) "You're coming with me. (however, they hear Jenny coming. Angela looks at Oscar and says "shh") Just wait in my hideout, I'll explain everything. Okay? (Oscar sighs and nods. Angela smiles and kisses his forehead) I can count on you."

(later at Angela's hideout, Oscar is laying on a coach looking sad and Eli is tied on a chair. Angela enters the hideout with a smile)

  • Angela: (smiling) "Man, people are getting nice this time of year. (she smiles at Oscar) I got rid of Jenny for you. She won't be stalking you ever again. Do you like that? (Oscar just nods) Good. You're both mine now. Don't worry, I might get away with this. Okay? (Oscar looks at her but nods) Good. Now stay here. Love ya."

(she kiss him on the forehead and leaves. Eli looks at Oscar)

  • Eli: (feeling sympathy) "Oscar, don't let her get away with this. You can stop this."
  • Oscar: (upset) "I don't wanna hear it."
  • Eli: (sad) "Oscar, please."
  • Oscar: (devastated) "Whatever it is, I don't wanna hear it."

(later when Oscar is in the water, he sees blood being poured. He swims out of the water and finds Angela standing in front of him while he sees Wilkins has been skinned alive)

  • Angela: (worried) "Hey, you okay? (Oscar nods and gets on the dock, breathing for air. However, they hear police cars coming) Oh s**t."

(however, she walks off the dock and lets the cars approach her. Officers come out and aim their guns at her)

  • Officer: (serious) "Get down on the ground. (Angela drops the knife and puts her hands in the air as she gets down on the ground. They then handcuff her) You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law. You can't afford an attorney, one will be provided for you."

(they pick up Angela and take her to a police car but she smiles at Oscar)

  • Angela: (smiling) "I love you Oscar. Don't forget that. I'll never forget you."

(Oscar smiles and waves as she is put in the car. She then smiles about the part that she at least manage to kill the bullies before falling asleep. The next morning, everyone watches as police still investigate the crime scene. Officers are talking with a wounded Robbie)

  • Robbie: (serious) "Take it easy on Angela. She was only protecting Oscar. That boat explosion a few years ago was caused by Wilkins and his father Mel. He was always threatening me with his weapons and forced me to take part in this. I'm tired of being scared, you know. What's gonna happen to Angela?"
  • Officer: (serious) "Don't worry, we don't blame her. She didn't kill that small amount of people so we're determined to give her a lower sentence and a therapist. You'll see her again one day. Thanks for your time, young man."
  • Robbie: (nodding) "You're welcome, officers."

(they then leave him be as he is taken care of by the others. A tired looking Angela wakes up in time for an officer to get in the car. She then watches as Alan, Petey, Oscar, Eli, Ricky, and Robbie wave at her. She smiles and then winks at them as the officer drives her away)


  • Despite it's success, there's no third film.

T.V. Tropes

  • A**hole Victim: Once again, the bullies but mostly Emma, who sexually abused Oscar.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: Bullies are dead and Oscar's family is avenged but Angela is arrested. However, she doesn't mind as long as Oscar is now safe and not to mention, Oscar finally got the girl. Another good news, Angela will get a shorter sentence since her killings were only short.
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