Slaughterhouse Is 2013 American Horror Slasher Film Starring Matthew Fox, Steven R. McQueen, Willa Holland, Amy Smart, Jessica Biel, Shawn Roberts, Danielle Panabaker, Ian Somerhalder, Scott Porter, Jennifer Lawrence, Jesse Williams, Tyler Mane, Derek Mears and Kevin Gage.


A family of four, five college friends and a married couple are stuck in the middle of nowhere in a deserted town but they're not alone. 3 brothers who kill people and eat them are taunting them and killing them ine by one.


It starts off with news about 3 brothers who have escaped a mental hospital and return to their home that is now abandoned and stay in their home. It then skips to Andy Turner (Matthew Fox) driving to Los Angeles to visit his parents along with his wife, Hannah (Amy Smart) and their teenage kids Tyler (Dylan Minnette) and Anna (Kathryn Newton), then they introduce five college friends Jessica Conrad (Grace Victoria Cox), her boyfriend Tom Randall (Luke Bilyk), her best friend Karen Hicks (Skyler Samuels), Karen's boyfriend Wayne Prescott (Shane Harper) and Tom and Wayne's best friend Ben Perkins (Jeremy Shada) laughing and talking about how cool it will be when they get to Los Angeles to go to the club. Then, it shows a married couple Mandy (Jessica Biel) and Seth Hoffman (Shawn Roberts) also going to Los Angeles to see Seth's family and then they all run out of gas and stop at the abandoned town to get gas but find no one there and they decide to wait there until someone comes to help them since they don't have signal.

Richie Garfield (Derek Mears) looks out the window and sees them all waiting for help and goes to tell his brothers Harry (Tyler Mane) and Peter Garfield and they all decide to stay there for the night till help gets there and they sleep. Tyler wakes up and sees someone pass by, Anna wakes up and asks him what's wrong and he says that he saw someone and he and Anna go to check who it was and they find Harry, Richie and Peter eating dinner and Tom asks what they're doing and Tyler and Anna get scared and tell him to be quiet and they leave. Richie grabs Tom and pushes him against a wall and he falls to the floor unconscious. Tom wakes up and finds himself tied up to a table and he sees Harry, Richie and Peter grab meat cleavers and he screams but no one can hear them and he is chopped up by the three brothers. Jessica asks everyone if they know where Tom is and Tyler says that he was with him and Anna when they found other people here and never came back and she asks Tyler where they went last and he and Jessica go to find him. Tyler and Jessica find him dead and she starts crying and they run to tell the others.

Jessica tells them that Tom is dead and they have to leave but Andy tells them that he will go see and Hannah tells him not to go and he grabs a gun he used to hunt with his father and he goes to find them along with Tyler. Andy and Tyler find them and they hear what they're talking about. The brothers are talking about murdering them all and Andy and Tyler run to tell the others. Andy says that they want to kill them and that they have to get out of here but can't and they prepare to face the brothers. Hannah tells him that they shouldn't kill them and Andy tells her if they don't kill them then they will all die and he hears them coming and they go in there cars. Mandy and Seth are hiding in there car and Mandy tells him that she's scared and he tells her not to be and Richie breaks the window and grabs Mandy and she starts screaming. Andy then shoots him in his arm and is attacked by Harry, Harry grabs his knife and almosts kills Andy but Anna hits him in his face with her dad's shotgun and Peter then grabs Mandy and takes her and Wayne tries to save her but is stabbed in the back of his head with an axe by Richie and Karen starts screaming and crying. The brothers leave with Mandy and Andy starts shooting at them and Seth runs for Mandy but Andy tells him not to go and that they'll get her soon.

They then fall asleep and Harry comes and stands over Anna and Anna wakes up to see Harry and he tries to rape her and kill her but she runs and hides in a music store and hides in a room and locks the door. Harry breaks down the door and Anna escapes out of a window and runs into the woods. Harry finds her and she hits him with a branch and runs back to the others. Anna wakes them up and tells them that Harry tried to rape her and kill her. Andy gets angry and tells them to come and get me and starts shooting. Ben then sees Harry and Harry cuts him in half with an axe and they all run. Andy shoots at him but misses and runs out of bullets, Harry comes at him and he slashes Andy's face but he is still alive and slashes his arm. Andy punches him in the face and runs to the others. Andy tells them that he'll run to distract Harry so the others can hot wire the car and come to pick him up and then leave and he'll get Mandy and Seth goes also. Andy and Seth run to distract Harry and Harry chases after them.

Tyler, Anna, Hannah, Jessica and Karen go to Andy's truck and Tyler hot wires the car and drive. Richie then slashes the tires with a tire iron and Peter grabs Karen and pulls her out the car. Tyler tries to fight Peter off but Richie pushes him and tries to kill him. Peter then slashes Karen's throat with a hunting knife. Tyler, Anna, Hannah and Jessica run to find Andy, Mandy and Seth. Meanwhile, Andy and Seth find their house and find Mandy tied up on a table and they both free her and Tyler, Anna, Hannah and Jessica come in and tell them that they're coming and they run to the door and Seth is decapitated with an axe by Harry and Mandy screams and cries and they all run. Jessica is grabbed and is stabbed in her heart with a hunting knife by Peter and the brothers chase after the others. Mandy is grabbed and is almost killed but Hannah jumps in front and is stabbed in her chest with an axe by Harry. Andy, Tyler, Anna and Mandy start screaming and crying and they run to Andy's truck and Andy reloads his gun with bullets and shoots Richie in his chest 3 times and he dies. Peter then runs at him and knocks him over and punches him in the face knocking him out and Harry takes Mandy and Peter goes to get Tyler and Anna.

Andy then wakes up, grabs his shotgun and goes to the three brothers' house to find Tyler, Anna and Mandy believing that they're there but Tyler and Anna aren't. Andy finds Mandy again tied to the table and is about to shoot Harry but Harry fights him off knocking his shotgun out of his hand. Andy then grabs Richie's hunting knife and stabs Harry in his stomach and grabs his shotgun and shoots Harry in his chest. He unties Mandy, grabs his shotgun and leaves with Mandy.

Tyler and Anna are running and they hide in a car, Peter comes and tries to find them and is about to leave but Anna accidentally honks the wheel and Peter comes close to the car and Tyler and Anna get out. Tyler then hits him in the face with a wooden baseball bat that he found in the car and beats him to death. They see Andy and Mandy coming and Anna looks at Peter, noticing that he is still alive and grabs a pickaxe and stabs him in his arm. Harry then grabs Andy by his throat and starts choking him. Mandy then grabs Andy's shotgun and gets Harry's attention. Harry then drops Andy and she screams this is for Seth and shoots him in his head and they drive away.

When they leave Harry, Richie and Peter get up and it is revealed that Harry had a bulletproof vest on when Andy shot him in his chest and has a metal plate in his head when Mandy shot him, Richie also had a bulletproof vest when Andy shot him in his chest and Peter lost his arm but lost a lot of blood and is taken back to the cabin by his brothers.


Matthew Fox as Andy Turner

Dylan Minnette as Tyler Turner

Kathryn Newton as Anna Turner

Amy Smart as Hannah Turner

Jessica Biel as Mandy Hoffman

Shawn Roberts as Seth Hoffman

Grace Victoria Cox as Jessica Conrad

Luke Bilyk as Tom Randall

Shane Harper as Wayne Prescott

Skyler Samuels as Karen Hicks

Jeremy Shada as Ben Perkins

Tyler Mane as Harry Garfield

Derek Mears as Richie Garfield

Kevin Gage as Peter Garfield


Tom Randall- Chopped With 3 Meat Cleavers (Harry Garfield, Richie Garfield and Peter Garfield)

Wayne Prescott- Stabbed in Back of Head With An Axe (Richie Garfield)

Ben Perkins- Cut In Half With An Axe (Harry Garfield)

Karen Hicks- Throat Slit With A Hunting Knife (Peter Garfield)

Seth Hoffman- Decapitated With An Axe (Harry Garfield)

Jessica Conrad- Stabbed In Heart With A Hunting Knife (Peter Garfield)

Hannah Turner- Stabbed In Chest With An Axe (Harry Garfield)


Andy Turner

Tyler Turner

Anna Turner

Mandy Hoffman


A prequel was announced to be released in 2014 and it will star Emma Roberts, Freddie Stroma, Spencer Locke, Josh Hutcherson and Jean Luc-Bilodeau. Tyler Mane, Derek Mears and Kevin Gage will reprise their roles.

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