is a slasher flim starring Hayden Pannteria, Lucy Hale, Christian Hall, Emma Robberts, Nico Tortellea, Erik Kundsen, Sean William Scott, Trioan Bellesaro, Rory Culkin, Marissa Tomai, Shay Mitchel, Ashley Benson and Max Burkholder


After being cast in a movie called Slash by the directer Danny Hurcules and prodused by Carla Pope the cast finds them in deep trouble when the killer from Slash is killing them one by one. After two of them are murderd in the city of Los Angeles the town is on edge but Danny and Carla know that the movie must go on.


A lesiban couple Nikki and Kendra leave the table read for there new movie Slash they go to there apartment. After having sex Kendra takes a walk in the park and gets a call from Stitch(killer in the movie) who says he is watching her and that he's going to kill her. Stitch pops out in front of her and butchers her to death. Nikki gets the video of Kendra's death on her phone and leaves her apartment only to get her throat slit open in the hallway.

A homless hag warns Sasha, Jane and Sasha's boyfriend Doug that there going to die but they don't beleve her. Carla is a producer along with her directer and producer Danny Hurcules


Hayden Pantteria as Sasha Sunshine, the main person that Slash wants to kill.   

Lucy Hale as Carla Pope, a producer in the next flim Slash 2

Christian Hall as Danny Hurcules, the dirceter, screenwritter and producer of Slash and Slash 2

Emma Robberts as Jane Hill, bestfriend of Sasha

Nico Tortellea as Doug Hall, Sasha's boyfriend

Erik Kundsen as Cameron District, bestfriend of Doug's

Sean William Scott as Ben Bushman, bestfriend of Doug and Cameron

Trioan Bellesaro as Mandy Weatherly, the detctive and private eye for her mom

Rory Culkin as Ricky Scott, bestfriend of Doug, Cameron and Ben

Marissa Tomai as May Weatherly the lead detective on the case

Shay Mitchell as Annabelle Feilds, a ruthless girl who only cares for herself

Ashley Benson as Nicole Figuerola, the reporter on the case

Max Burkholder as Ken Ty, the cameraman for Nicole

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