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Skyworld is a film series of science fiction action adventure that is directed by Matt Reeves (1-2), Gareth Edwards (3) and Andrew Niccol (4-6). Warner Bros. Pictures distributed the film series with Village Roadshow Pictures, RatPac-Dune Entertainment (1), Access Entertainment (2-present) and Original Film producing the films.

Total Minutes: 875 (6 films)



In the year of 2048, an 18-year-old girl and her older brother plan to stay alive in the most dangerous planet and rescue their youngest brothers after getting arrested in New York. First film of Skyworld series and directed by Matt Reevers.

Minutes: 143

Release: 21st September 2017 (UK), 6th October 2017 (USA)

Skyworld: Awakening

The telekinetic people are captured and the Skyworld become a prison for telekinetic. After waking up for 15 years, a half-human half-telekinetic girl Serena Harper has escape the evil and reunion her close one and also, she must face to face with her new enemy and her old enemy. The film is directed by Matt Reevers.

Minutes: 131

Release: 27th September 2019 (UK), 4th October 2019 (USA)

Skyworld: Insurrection

Earth's life is in risk when the government with an old enemy, Eliska helping them threatening to change the laws that could put the telekinetic people in danger. Serena Harper and her friends goes on the run to stop them from making a biggest mistake. The film is directed by Gareth Edwards.

Minutes: 157

Release: 27th October 2021 (UK), 12th November 2021 (USA).

Skyworld: First Blood

44 years before the first film, in the year of 2004. After his plane crash down, an fighter pilot found himself in mysterious place when he meets the telekentic people who is planning to make a planet only for telekinetic. This film is a prequel to Skyworld and directed by Andrew Niccol.

Minutes: 151

Release: 8th December 2022 (UK), 9th December 2022 (USA)

Skyworld: Regeneration

A message sends Serena Harper and her loved one outside of New York where they uncovers a conspiracy which threatens to damage two bonds between human and telekinesis.

Minutes: 139

Release: 19th June 2024 (UK), 21st June 2024 (USA)


  • Eliza Bennett as Serena Harper (Skyworld-present)
    • Aubrey Anderson-Emmons as Young Serena Harper (Skyworld)
  • Ethan Hawke as Jake Brackett (Skyworld-present)
  • Max Thieriot as Josh Harper (Skyworld-present)
    • Dakota Goyo as Young Josh Harper (Skyworld)
  • Elizabeth Olsen as Tamera Olsen (Skyworld-present)
  • Josh Hutcherson as Daniel Shaw (Skyworld-present)
    • Gavin Kent as Young Daniel Shaw (Revolution)
  • Florence Pugh as Angel Brackett (Awakening-present)
    • Valentina Gordon as Young Amy Brackett/Amy Harper (Skyworld)
  • Benedict Cumberbatch as Damien Olsen (Skyworld-present)
    • Dylan Minnette as Young Damien Olsen (Awakening)
  • Chris Vance as Colonel Donald Carver (Awakening-present)
  • Nicole Kidman as Imogen Harper (Skyworld-Awakening, Revolution (cameo))
  • Rhona Mitra as Eliska (The Awakening-The Revolution)
    • Ariel Gade as Young Eliska (Awakening)
  • Thomas Dekker as Dennis Harper (Awakening-present)
    • Chandler Canterbury as Young Dennis Harper (Skyworld)
  • Devon Werkheiser as Elliot Harper (Awakening-present)
    • Alec Coulouris as Young Elliot Harper (Skyworld)
  • Minka Kelly as Gemma Harper (Awakening-present)
    • Jolie Vanier as Young Gemma Harper (Skyworld)
  • Katey Sagal as Molly Shaw (Revoultion-present)
  • Riley Keough as Sophie Shaw (Revoultion-present)
  • Owen Fielding as Kyle Shaw (Revoultion-present)
  • Keira Knightley as Emily Hill (Skyworld)
  • Amanda Peet as Mia Harper (Skyworld)
  • Jason Statham as Matt Harper (Skyworld)
  • Chad Michael Murray as Miles Michaels (Skyworld)
  • Vondie Curtis-Hall as Dwight Hoover (Skyworld)
  • Chris Browning as Jonathan Harper (Skyworld)
  • Daisy Bevan as Ruby Anderson (Awakening)
  • Ashley Argota as Crystal/Kristen (Awakening)
  • Ana de Armas as Viva (Awakening)
  • Camilla Luddington as Wendy (Awakening)
  • Trevor Donovan as David Olsen (Awakening)
  • Busy Philipps as Dominica Olsen (Awakening)
  • Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Milo Miller (Awakening)
  • Skyler Samuels as Lisa Holden (Awakening)
  • Ed Skrein as Erizer (Revoultion)

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