Sky Lava Lake, Sky mountain and Sky Desert is a Biome in The Top of the Sky.


While chickens, bats, and rabbits do spawn naturally in this biome, no other animals (including ocelots, horses/donkeys, cows, pigs, sheep, llamas, wolves, etc) spawn naturally here, neither do zombies or creepers.

Instead, there are winged spider (which replaces spider in this biome), pegasus (Which replaces mules in this biome), winged wolf (which replaces wolves in this biome), winged deer (Which Replaces Deer in this biome), draconequus (which replaces cows & pigs in this biome), rainbraous (which replaces horses & donkeys in this biome), American robin (which replaces chickens in this biome), red-tailed hawk (which replaces ducks in this biome), thunder roc (which replaces parrots in this biome), & sky bear (which replaces polar bears in this biome).

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