Size Matters is an upcoming american 2015 science fiction film. The film is a crossover movie between the Mircoscope franchise, Mary franchise, and The Toy Princressfranchise. It is schudle to be released on November 20, 2015.


Dr. Elbert Shrink (from Mircoscope)  meet two new allies, Dr. Size (from Mary), and Polly Molly (from the Toy Princess) and they team up two stop thier enemies.  


  • Storm Collins as Antonio
  • Addison Madison as Ruby Jones
  • Michael Smith as Ron
  • Jessica Moe as Jess
  • Eric Molan as as Dom
  • Sabrina Willams as Step
  •  Zach Alex as Dr. Shrink 
  • Alexander Gold as Mary
  • Matthew Ethan as Marco
  • Mike Gal as Dr. Size
  • Ryan Short as Matthew Ethan, 
  • Angela Poehler as Emily "Emma" Ryan..
  • Bella Allen as Meg.
  • Mark McChain as West
  • Stephanie Hills as Polly Molly. 
  • Henry Hills as Bobby Robby. 


Storm Collins said "both franchises involved size changing so they do take place in the same universe, and they will could definity do a crossover movie" . On April 11, 2014, Storm Collins reveal that the whole cast will return along with the Mary cast, and Mike Schorn will write and produce the movie. On May 9, 2014, it was announced the title of the film would be Size Matters and it was now release on November 21, 2015, instend of Feburary 12, 2016 so it can a better box office gross. It was announced that the cast of the Toy Princress would also be feature in the movie.

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