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Six Deities
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The Six Deities (also called the Six Deities of Albion, Deities of Albionian Creation) refers to the six gods and goddesses that created the soil and the waters of Albion. The six are revered for being connected to Camelot's royal family. The leader of the six is that of the Dragon God, Ophis.


When Gaia created Earth, the six deities born from the primordials created the land of Albion, and soon after, Ophis made the first being with the blood of man, and the soul of an dragon. The six came forth to him when he made his kingdom, and say he was worthy to be an king, and each of gave their marks to him, and along with that, a ring. And when Owen finally completed Camelot, Owen had constructed six temples dedicating to the deities, and and the king needing to head to the temples to summon the deity to be gifted their mark.



Lympha is the Albionian goddess of the seas and waters, and the daughter of Pontus and Thalassa. Lympha gives the Mark of the Aqua to the true king of light.


Solum is he Albionian god of the Earth, the son of Gaia. Solum gives the Mark of Gaia to the true king of light.


Ignis is the Albionian goddess of fire, and the daughter of Nyx. Ignis gives the Mark of Ignis to the true king of light.


Caelum is the god of the air, and the son of Aether. Caelum gives the Mark of Aether to the true king of light.


Fulgar is the Albionian goddess of lightning, the daughter of Aether. Fulgar gives the Mark of Fulgar to the true king of light.


Lucidus is the Albionian goddess of light, and the third daughter of Aether. Lucidus is the strongest out of the Albionian deities, and is gives the Mark of the Light to the true king of light. The king must have the other 5 marks before getting the Mark of the Light.