Sister's Solomon is a 2006 Animated American Fantasy Children's film, executed in 2D animation and made by Walt Disney Pictures marking it's 45th film in the official Walt Disney Canon. The film is written by Tab Murphy & Irene Mecchi and directed by Brenda Chapman and Andrew Adamson.

It opens with the traditional fairytale book opening done in previous other Disney films and though done like a fairytale is indeed an original story.

It secured an Oscar For Best Song: Happiness & Sorrow performed by two of the leading voice actors Amanda Seyfried and Kate Hudson.

The film's story derives from the mere inspiration taken from Disney's previous princess masterpieces Snow White & The Seven Dwarves and Sleeping Beauty for the beautifullly voiced beautiful princess entrapped in sleep and is inspired by the affect Greek Mythology's Gorgon Beast Medusa has of turning her victim's to stone.

The film went through a bevy of titles including The Stone Slumber, Sleeping Stone & Stone Solomon, It features the voice talents of Amanda Seyfried, Kate Hudson, Shirley MacLaine, Chris Evans, Michael Gambon, Johnny Depp, Patrick Stewart, Linda Gray, Lance Henriksen, Benjamin Bratt and Elisabeth Shue.

Storybook Opening

The film begins with the classic storybook opening used in Walt Disney's first full length feature Snow White & The Seven Dwarves, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty & The Princess and the Pea.

The fairytale book opening for Sister's Solomon reads:

"Once upon a time in a time in a kingdom made of stone, lived the beautiful Princesses Emma and Vanolia. The Eldest Princess Emma was a graceful beauty who was in line to inherit the title of queen and one demanded to marry a Prince to ensure the title, but longed to instead to be free. The younger Princess Vanolia whose heart was as hard as stone was jealous of her loved sister Emma and who desired to assume the title of Queen."


The story of two Princesses Emma and Vanolia, two incredibly beautiful Princesses one of which desires to be free instead of following her King Father's demand of assuming the title of Queen and marrying a prince, the other the younger jealous sister who wishes to be queen and who plans to eliminate her sister.

Emma the graceful maiden with a caring heart who communicates with animals and finds companionship in three talking woodland animals: Estebal the witty fighter mouse, Cino the self-loving but loyal to a fault rooster and Cherlotte the loving, protective bluebird.

Vanolia comes to be approached by a kingdom banished witch Adeena who despite her haggish appearence lures in Vanolia and bestows her with dark magic to use against her beloved older sister Emma who is set to become the next queen and assume the throne.

Vanolia first attempts to merely entice Emma to run away and live free in a far off cottage as Emma is at first reluctant to take the throne and marry some assigned prince.

Until of course she is found at the cottage by a handsome prince with a love for singing and all animals, the prince she was set to marry named William.

She then decides to assume her expected responsibility of becoming queen and marrying her set prince.

This enrages Vanolia who then in utter fury uses her black magic to turn her to stone and entrap her in a stone slumber until true love's kiss awakens her.

Vanolia hopes that Prince William will make his way to her sister's statue held at the kingdom but discovers that the hag witch Adeena only helped her with her sister as Prince William was the one who had banned from all kingdom's of the land and who she wants to keep as her prisoner so she can drain him of his life and then assume his form.

Vanolia comes to help him escape and the two come to the Stone Kingdom.

There Prince William comes to plant a kiss upon Emma but is caught up with by witch Adeena who then transforms into a hideous evil tree which covers all the knights and the king and queen in vines.

The Adeena monster tree then begins to cover Prince William in vines as he engages in her battle with his trusty sword and horse.

Ultimatley Vanolia comes to courage and jumps upon the Adeena monster tree seeing the floor she is rooted upon is collapsing.

She causing her to break the ground below her the two fall to their dooms but not before Vanolia apologizes to Prince William and demands he tell her mother and father and Emma that she is sorry for everything.

The ground then seals back upon them falling to their deaths and the vines are destroyed releasing everyone.

Prince William then plants a passionate kiss upon Princess Emma's stone lips and she reverts from a statue back to normal.

They are wed and a statue of Vanolia is created in memory of her which Emma bows to before her wedding.

Storybook Ending

The film ends with the concluding Fairytale Book ending:

"Princess Emma and Prince William were married and lived Happily Ever After."


  • Amanda Seyfried as Princess Emma
  • Kate Hudson as Princess Vanolia
  • Shirley MacLaine as Adeena
  • Chris Evans as Prince William
  • Michael Gambon as King Lionel
  • Linda Gray as Queen Linda
  • Patrick Stewart as King Walter
  • Raquel Welch as Queen Esther
  • Johnny Depp as Estebal The Mouse
  • Benjamin Bratt as Cino The Rooster
  • Elisabeth Shue as Cherlotte The Bluebird
  • Lance Henriksen as The Cottage Cleaner
  • Enrico Golantino as Adeena's Henchman Goliath
  • Wendell Pierce as King Lionel and Queen Linda's Royal Advisor Opium
  • Gail O' Grady as Chamber Maid Meredithia
  • Jeremone Flynn as Various Voices
  • Jason Connery as Various Voices
  • Tatum O' Neal as Various Voices


  1. Happiness & Sorrow- Michael Gambon & Linda Gray
  2. Happiness & Sorrow- Amanda Seyfried & Kate Hudson
  3. Fields Of Green- Amanda Seyfried, Johnny Depp, Benjamin Bratt & Elisabeth Shue
  4. I Can Dream, If I Want To- Amanda Seyfried
  5. I Can Dream If I Want To- Amanda Seyfried & Chris Evans
  6. Her Heart Will Be Stone- Kate Hudson
  7. He Will Be Mine- Shirley MacLaine
  8. They Come Together, At Last- MIchael Gambon, Linda Gray, Patrick Stewart & Raquel Welch
  9. I Can Dream, If I Want To (Reprise)- Johnny Depp, Benjamin Bratt & Elisabeth Shue
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