Sinornithosaurus (SciiFii)
Sinornithosaurus sciifii (name meaning "SciiFii's Sinornithosaurus") is a species of feathered dromaeosaurid dinosaur that originally lived the early Cretaceous Period (early Aptian) of the Yixian Formation in what is now China, and was once extinct, but has since been brought back from extinction by SciiFii and now lives in Cretaceous Park located in Sacramento, California. Sinornithosaurus sciifii is among the smallest dromaeosaurids, with a length of about 90 centimetres (3.0 ft), with the largest individuals reaching 1.2 metres and three kilogrammes. Like other dromaeosaurs, Sinornithosaurus sciifii is a carnivore that feeds on animals smaller than itself, but unlike (possibly) the original Sinornithosaurus species, in Cretaceous Park, Sinornithosaurus sciifii doesn't hunt its relatives such as Microraptor, due to breeders who modified the behavior of Sinornithosaurus sciifii so they no longer could hunt other dinosaurs. It isn't as efficient in gliding or flying as Microraptors, but on the ground, its leg feathers aren't too big, so it has no trouble walking or running quickly on the ground.
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