Amber Heard as Ella she leads the Single Stars and the choregrapher and trying to recconect with her daughter Avery

Cillian Murphy as Liam, Ella's divorced husband. Liam is a skilled dancer and singer and is ready to jump back into Avrey's life 

Christian Hall as Elijah, Ella's bestfriend who helps out with the group

Jamie Campbell Bower as Anthony, Avery's love intrest

Sasha Petersie as Avery

Anna Camp as Aubrey, Aubrey is Avery's 'older immature' bestfriend

Matt Bomer as Ben

Dave Franco as Josh

Penn Badgley as Andy

Josh Hutcherson as Eddie the first guy at Springfeild High School to come out of the closet

Soundtrack and Songs Singed by the Actors


Don't Wake Me Up-

Smooth Criminal-

Tonight is the Night-

Point At You- Penn Badgley, Dave Franco and Matt Bomer

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