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Dark Future if Autobots lose the war

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Same as Ashoka

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100% Robot

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Increases Speed, Firepower and restore 50% of his damages Fires 8 extra cluster rockets in his vehicle form

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Fires 8 extra cluster rockets in his vehicle form

Aerialbots! Transform and take off!
~ Silverbolts rallying cry

Silverbolt is scared of heights. It is this one trait, above all else, that determines the rest of his behavior. He projects the image of a brave, grimly determined warrior, befitting his role as Aerialbot Commander. In truth, he is just that. But it is a constant struggle for him to maintain this persona, to never falter or show any sign of emotional weakness to those he leads. Helped by the sleek, aerodynamic jet form that makes him appear to be a natural-born flyer, Silverbolt knows that everything about him belies even a hint of the existence of his phobia. And, in fact, no one is aware he has this problem, except Optimus Prime. It is for that reason the Autobot Commander selected Silverbolt to lead the Aerialbots - Optimus figured if Silverbolt felt responsible for the welfare of others, he'd have less time to worry about himself. Given that Silverbolt is an excellent leader, Optimus was right. Silverbolt loves Still I Fly from Disneys planes: Fire and rescue and hates his arch-rival Starscream.


Silverbolt was one of the Transformers that teamed up with the two Jedi and the Huk to fight the Kaleesh Warlords. Unfortunatly when he killed Darth Grievous the evil sith lord has come back from the dead and killed the two Jedi thus forcing Silverbolt to retreat off of Kalee.

Silverbolt fought Darth Grievous with the assistance of Optimus Prime and more Jedi but when Silverbolt was injured Optimus Prime was the only one left to fight Darth Grievous until the Evacuation squad arrived to evacuate the Autobots. He later fought Darth Grievous several more times and escaped those battles.

Silverbolt battled the upgraded Seekers, Gigatron and Darth Grievous but ended up injured by mega darth grievous's claws and luckily avoid being poisoned by his poisonous claws.

Silverbolt was shot down by an upgraded Starscream when Starscream ram into his nosecone.

Silverbolt and his aerialbot team battled against Skywarp, Thundercracker and Starscream on Korriban and won the battle against the Seekers and the Magnaguards. He later combines into Superion to deliver a devastating blow to the other Combiners but like all of the Autobots Silverbolt was deeply injured by the Dark Side from Darth Grievous. After the end of the Transformers Wars Silverbolt and his team were hailed as heros on Cybertron.

Dark Future

In Darth Grievous's evil vision of the Future Silverbolt and the Autobot flyers he rallied to help in the Autobots last stand against the sith but they failed and Silverbolt is killed in action. As he dies after a shot from the back by the Seekers he said "No I failed!".


In jet mode, Silverbolt can reach Mach 1.9 and has a range of 4500 miles. He carries on his underside an electrostatic battery, which allows him to strip electrons from air molecules as he's flying and store them. He can then direct this stored charge through his nose cone as a powerful bolt of electricity. He's capable of storing and releasing up to 150,000 volts at a time. He's especially effective in lightning storms, due to their abundance of charged particles. He carries an electrostatic discharger rifle in robot mode that has the same capability. He combines with the other Aerialbots to form the giant robot known as Superion.



Silverbolt Toy

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