Silver Surfer: Animated is an American animated superhero TV series based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name, as well as the 1999 animated series.


Norrin Radd lives on the peaceful world of Zenn-La and is engaged to a woman named Shalla-Bal. One day, however, his peaceful and happy life is shattered when Galactus, the Planet Eater, arrives. Desperate to save his planet, Norrin Radd approaches Galactus and offers his eternal service as his herald, which involves locating new worlds for Galactus to consume, in return for the sparing of his planet.

Galactus then bestows upon him the Power Cosmic and transforms him into the Silver Surfer.

The series follows the Surfer as he debates his destiny, while Galactus teaches him about the universe, and his encounters with a number of villains, the worst of which is Thanos, who seeks to destroy the universe.

Early in the series, the Surfer betrays Galactus by hiding a planet bearing life from him. As retaliation, Galactus teleports Zenn-La to an unknown part of the galaxy. The Surfer then vows to find Zenn-La, while also being careful not to cross Galactus again.

Voice Cast

Phil LaMarr - Norrin Radd/The Silver Surfer

Clancy Brown - Galactus

Fred Tatasciore - Thanos


  1. Origin of the Silver Surfer, Part 1 - The pilot focuses on Norrin Radd's life on Zenn-La, just before Galactus arrives.
  2. Origin of the Silver Surfer, Part 2 - Norrin Radd gives up his life on Zenn-La in order to spare it from Galactus.
  3. Origin of the Silver Surfer, Part 3 - When the Norrin Radd refuses to give up a life bearing planet to Galactus, the Planet Eater transports Zenn-La to an unknown part of the galaxy.
  4. The Planet of Dr Moreau - The Surfer finds a Kree colony, but it turns out that the Kree are slavers. The Surfer is captured, but leads the other slaves in a revolution.
  5. Learning Curve - The Surfer meets Mentor, who is searching for the Watchers in order to warn them of Thanos, his brother, who seeks to destroy the universe. 
  6. Innervisions - The Surfer learns of a chain of planets devastated by Thanos, and races to save the planet Harmony from him.
  7. Anitbody - Galactus becomes suddenly ill, so the Surfer must enter his body in order to destroy whatever is killing him from within.
  8. Second Foundation - The Surfer finds himself on the Skrull homeworld, where a revolution is tearing the planet apart.
  9. Radical Justice - Lord Glenn and his Wanderers capture the Surfer and put him on trial the crimes of Galactus.
  10. The Forever War - The Surfer goes to the Kree's Supreme Intelligence for help on finding Zenn-La. 
  11. The End of Eternity, Part 1 - Thanos had found a way to make time flow backwards, thus allowing him to undo the universe. Meanwhile, the Surfer finally locates Zenn-La.
  12. The End of Eternity, Part 2 - The Surfer learns of Thanos' history while he is unconcious after his apparent death at Thanos' hands.
  13. The End of Eternity, Part 3 - The Surfer and Thanos have their final confrontation which will decide the fate of the universe.
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