An Upcoming 2019 Film that is exclusive to Shires+.



Live Action People


  1. Beautiful Night (Opening) - Chorus
  2. It Came Opon a Midnight Clear - Will Sasso
  3. What is Love - Lassie
  4. La La Low - Mrs. Schieb
  5. My Favorite Things - Scamper and Florence
  6. Off the Leach - Scamper
  7. Beautiful Night - Thompson and Johnny, later Chorus
  8. As Time Goes By - Paige
  9. All Bows on Me - Florence
  10. It Came Opon a Midnight Clear (Reprise) - Chorus


  1. In the Original, The Nurse Dogs Are Male. In the Remake, The Nurse Dogs Are Female.
  2. Jack is Replaced by a Female Named Jelly.
  3. Sultanna and Siam are Replaced by Florence the Poodle for the Villain, Which Unlike Them, Florence gets more screen time.
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