Silly in the Tramp is a 1955 American animated romantic musical comedy-drama film produced by Michael Shires.


Scamper was a Puppy with no family at all, and got chased by a dog catcher, until He got adopted by Paige and The Junkyard Dogs. He grew up with them, went to an Italian restraint with them, and even slept with them. When he was old enough, He left the junkyard and became independent.

On the other side of town, there is a House Pet named Lassie who’s owners are having a baby. She always wondered what Love was, since She always saw Mr. and Mrs. Schieb kissing. A few weeks later, She meets the baby and is a proud adopted sister figure to him.

Back to Scamper, He encounters Two Siamese Cats named Sultanna and Siam, who are owned by Mr. Schieb’s Sister and The Baby’s Aunt, Sally. They boast to him saying that dogs should not exist and that cats are superior species, but before they could continue boasting, Scamper ran off.

A day later, Aunt Sally packs her things and tells Sultanna and Siam to behave while She is watching over Lassie and The Baby, but they decide to sneak into the house anyway. Meanwhile, Lassie tells her Friends, Jack and Thomas that she is excited to see Aunt Sally while Her owners are away on a trip, then when She arrived, it was good until Sultanna and Siam crashed in.

The Cats cause Lassie to run away, and Aunt Sally punishes then for what they have done. Scamper is still walking alone and enjoying himself, until He bumps into Lassie. The two quickly become friends, and Scamper teaches Lassie how to survive the world all by Herself, Then takes her to a friend of his who is a Beaver named Buzzy.

After visiting Buzzy, Scamper takes Lassie out for dinner at Thompson’s Restaurant. Thompson and His Co-Worker, Johnny take them to a special table and sang them a love song while eating spaghetti together. After leaving the resteraunt, they go to the park to spend the night. When they wake up the next morning, a dog catcher goes chasing after them. Scamper hides in the resteraunt, while Paige comes and bites the Dogcatcher, making him be carried by 2 nurse dogs.

Voice Cast


  • Beautiful Night (Opening) - The Chorus
  • It Came Upon a Midnight Clear - Milton Charles
  • What is Love - Lassie
  • La La Low - Mrs. Scheib
  • Evil is The Key to Success - Sultanna and Siam
  • Off the Leach - Scamper
  • Beautiful Night - Thompson and Johnny, later and Chorus in The Second Half
  • As Time Goes By - Paige
  • It Came Upon a Midnight Clear (Finale) - The Chorus

Other Media

In 2001, It got a Sequel called Silly in the Tramp II: Scotch’s Adventure starring The Pup who has his mom’s fur color but the Tail, eyes, and Ears of his dad. Other New Characters included The Twins named Clorette and Dorette, which one had their mom’s eyes, one had dad’s eyes, both had their dad’s fur, and had their mom’s ears and tail. Other new characters include Paige’s Daughter, Angela, The Villains who took over Paige’s junkyard after she got an owner, which are Bosco the Doberman, Francisca the Afghan Hound, and Rudy the Bulldog.

In 2019, With the release of Shires+, It will have a live action remake, with the voices of Jim Cummings as Scamper (reprising his role from The Sequel), Sarah Hyland as Lassie, Janelle Monae as Paige, Sam Elliot as Thomas, Yvette Nicole Brown Voices a Genderbend Version of Jack named Jelly, Parvesh Cheena as Tucker, and Kate Soucie and Tara Strong as The Nurse Dogs. Sultanna and Siam will be replaced by A Poodle Villain named Florence who is a stray who betrayed Paige’s clan due to the fact that Sultanna and Siam scared younger kids in the original, which she will by Voiced by Grey DeLisle and will two songs from the film. One with Scamper, and One Solo. The live action portrayed will by Kiersey Clemons as Mrs. Schieb, Thomas Mann as Mr. Schieb, John Goodman as Thompson, Timothy West as Johnny, and as The Dogcatcher.

Instead of using CGI like The Africa King Remake, The Silly in the Tramp Remake uses real animals for every character except for Paige, because they wanted to keep her artificial colored fur.


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