Genre Drama
Creator(s) Libro Studios
Developer(s) Adele Jasmines

Nicola Roberts
Ross Lynch
David Tennant

Country of origin United Kingdom
Language(s) English
No. of episodes 3
Producer(s) Oliver Green
Executive producer(s) Richard Mitchell
Camera setup Charlie Smith
Running time 60 minutes (per episode)
180 minutes (total)
Original channel BBC
Picture format 1080p (HDTV)
Original run September 13, 2015 – present

Silla is a 2015 drama television miniseries about the life of Silla Rose from events between 2006-2011, developed by Adele Jasmines and Libro Studios. The series stars Girls Aloud's Nicola Roberts as Silla Rose, who was just an average girl until one day, she was a world famous singing stripper.


Plot revealed after cast annoucement.


Nicola Roberts as Silla Rose: A 20-Year-Old Woman who loves the XXX Club, after replacing a stripper who had an accident, she becomes recogonize by club manager Gavin Bucks.
Ross Lynch as Harold Wallace: An American 21-Year-Old Man who have feelings for Silla.
David Tennant as Gavin Bucks: Manager for Silla Rose after finding her in a local XXX Club.


Filming of the series took place in London between 26 June 2014 to the 9 July 2014, Roberts got the role for having the same style hair as Silla Rose would have. Some scene took place in Bournemouth Beach between 11 July to the 13 July 2014.


Silla Trailer came out on August 14, 2015 only on all the BBC network channels. During the trailer premiere Nicola Roberts who played the role of the leading lady said "I am so honoured to play one of the biggest figures of strip clubs history, possibly singing".

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