Silent Night Deadly Night is a 2021 American holiday slasher film written and directed by Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost. The film serves as a reboot and a sequel to the controversial 1984 slasher film, Silent Night Deadly Night.

The film is produced by Jason Blum, Sheryl Clark and Micheal Hickey who wrote the original movie.

The film takes place 30 years after Billy Chapman conducted a savage Christmas massacre and his brother Ricky Chapman is now a family man but is still suffering from PTSD from the murders of his parents and the murders that Billy committed. On the anniversary of the massacre like his brother, he puts his family and the people he loves in danger after suffering a mental breakdown by starting his own murder spree.

The film stars Henry Thomas, Andi Matichak, Katie Aselton, Jane Kaczmarek, Mark Duplass, Ansel Engort, Zendaya, Maya Hawke, Cole Sprouse, Ty Simpkins, Jon Bernthal, Bryan Cranston, Josh Stewart, Dakota Johnson, Elijah Wood and Catherine O'Hara.

The film was distributed by Tri-Star Pictures and Blumhouse Productions and was released on December 10th, 2021 to very favorable reviews with critics praising the film's faithfulness to the original, script and Henry Thomas's performance as Ricky Chapman was also praised. The film was a box office success, grossing $97 million dollars worldwide.



  • Henry Thomas as Richard "Ricky" Chapman
  • Andi Matichak as Brooke Chapman
  • Katie Aselton as Beverly "Bev" Chapman (nee Hudson)
  • Jane Kaczmarek as Doreen Simms
  • Mark Duplass as Chet O'Hara
  • Ansel Engort as Gabe Collins
  • Zendaya as Cassie Heron
  • Maya Hawke as Heather Johnston
  • Cole Sprouse as Gavin Barrett
  • Ty Simpkins as Mark James
  • Jon Bernthal as Officer David Barnes
  • Bryan Cranston as Captain Henry Tyler
  • Josh Stewart as Cooper Albright
  • Dakota Johnson as Candace Wilson
  • Elijah Wood as William "Billy" Chapman (flashback)
  • Catherine O'Hara as Mother Superior


  • As a result of Blumhouse's reboot craze, Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost got on board to write and direct an untitled Blumhouse project which turns out to be a reboot/sequel to the controversial 1984 slasher film, Silent Night Deadly Night. Schulman and Joost were longtime fans of the original movie and they developed the script into a direct sequel to that film instead of developing a straight up remake like the rarely seen 2012 remake, Silent Night.
  • Ewan McGreggor, Brad Pitt and Norman Reedus were considered for the role of Ricky Chapman.
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