Silent Kill is the second episode of season 1 of Crowfield. It premiered on August 20, 2012.


It starts off with a woman (Laura Ramsey) talking on the phone with someone and she then hears a noise. The woman goes outside and a man pulls her inside and knocks her unconscious. The woman then wakes up tied up to a chair and sees the man coming towards her with a knife and she starts screaming.

It then skips to Tom (Eion Bailey) waking up and gets ready for work. Maggie (Shanley Caswell) asks what's for breakfast and he says burnt pancakes and she leaves for school saying she'll eat at school. Amber (Kay Panabaker) runs up to Maggie and tells her that she got the job and she hugs Amber thanking her. Maggie and Amber then run into Tyler (Devon Werkheiser) and asks Amber if she told Maggie the good news and she says yes Maggie then hugs Tyler. Maggie then sees police vehicles around the town and Amber asks Eric (Travis Van Winkle) what's going on. Eric says that another person was murdered last night and Tyler asks who it is Eric tells them that it was Sarah Reynolds. Maggie asks who Sarah was and Amber tells her that she was Gwen Reynolds' (Kirsten Prout) sister and then says she's the mean girl of the school. Maggie, Amber and Tyler then leave to go to school.

Maggie, Amber and Tyler arrive at school and they see Gwen crying and Gwen asks what they're looking at. Maggie says that she's sorry for her lost and Gwen tells her to get lost. Maggie starts to walk away but Gwen mumbles "bitch" to her and Maggie tells her just cause she lost someone she shouldn't take it out on others. Gwen tells her that she doesn't know what it feels like to lose someone but Maggie tells her that she lost her mother when they got in a car accident while Maggie lived and her mother died she then walks away.

It then skips to Alice (Gina Holden) asking Marissa (Arielle Kebbel) why she is here. Marissa tells her that she has no job or home and that Alice is the only one in her family. Alice asks her if any of her friends would let her stay with them but Marissa tells her that her friends didn't care about her and that they only wanted drugs. Alice tells Marissa that she can't stay here with her but Marissa tells her that she just got out of rehab and that she is cleaned. Alice tells her that she doesn't believe that and Marissa tells her that she won't do any more drugs. She then begs Alice if she can stay and Alice tells her only if she doesn't do any drugs, bring any friends over or get into trouble and Marissa promises that she won't do any of those things.

Tom then asks Eric if he found anymore suspects but Eric tells him that they all told the truth that they didn't do anything. Tom, Eric, Andy (Meghan Markle) and Wayne (Jesse Moss) then hear a woman scream and they rush outside. The woman is revealed to be Diana (Kelly Rowan) and they see a man and woman dead on the ground with stab wounds and tape on their mouths. Tom tells Wayne to call an ambulance and Wayne runs back inside.

It then skips to Maggie, Tyler and Amber in class and Amber and Tyler whisper to Maggie telling her not to worry about Gwen but Maggie tells her that she's not scared of her and tells her that she's just a diva and they all laugh. The teacher tells them to be quiet and they apologize. A scream is heard in the hallways and the students then rush out of the classroom only to find two girls and three boys on the ground dead with stab wounds and tape on their mouths.

Maggie, Tyler and Amber then get out of school early and they are stopped by Mary (Elisha Cuthbert). Mary asks if they would like to say something about the murders that are occurring and they leave. Mary tells them that they should really share their thoughts and Amber tells Mary to go get an answer from someone else and they walk off.

Tyler asks them if they ever thought who did it and they said no. Tyler tells them that it would be cool to find out who is killing them and Amber says that it's not their business but Maggie says that it would be cool and that they could save lives. They all then agree and Tyler says they should start tonight.

Lilly (Sara Paxton) comes home and gets a drink of water but hears someone upstairs. She walks slowly upstairs and sees someone in her room. Lilly then slowly walks to Tyler's room and hides in the bathroom. The person then walks by but Lilly drops a brush on the floor. The man tries to open the door but Lilly backs up against the door putting pressure on it but he manages to get it open and she pushes him. Lilly then runs downstairs and opens the front door but the man pulls her in and closes the door. Lilly then runs away and grabs a knife but the man throws it out of her hand and pushes her to the floor. The man then grabs the knife but Lilly pushes it away and it flies across the room and she pushes him off her. She manages to grab the knife and slash his mask and runs out the front door. She calls the police and tells Andy that she was just attacked and they rush over to her house. Lilly goes inside and sees the man has escaped.

Tyler then walks home with Maggie and Amber and sees police at the door. Lilly then runs up to Tyler and hugs him saying she was just attacked and Maggie asks Tom if they found who is killing people. Tom tells her that they don't know who is doing this and tells them that they will find them soon. Tom tells her that he's going to be working late tonight so he won't be home.

Maggie, Amber and Tyler then sneek out and go to see if they can find anyone they then see someone walking away and they follow. The man then sees a woman and pushes her inside. The woman then screams out loud and the man leaves the house. Maggie, Tyler and Amber then run away from the house and Maggie tells them that they can't tell her dad since they can get in trouble.

It then skips to Alice and Marissa in the house and a man watching them from outside and he stares at them. The episode then ends.

Main Cast

Eion Bailey as Tom Roberts

Gina Holden as Dr. Alice Campbell

Shanley Caswell as Maggie Roberts

Travis Van Winkle as Deputy Eric Wilson

Devon Werkheiser as Tyler Reese

Arielle Kebbel as Marissa Campbell

Sara Paxton as Lilly Reese

Recurring Cast

Kay Panabaker as Amber Johnson

Kirsten Prout as Gwen Reynolds

Meghan Markle as Deputy Andrea "Andy" Martinez

Jesse Moss as Deputy Wayne Wilson

Elisha Cuthbert as Mary Watson

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