Silent Death is a supernatural dark fantasy comedy horror mystery drama film directed by Jan de Bont, director of the Haunting.


Back in 2004, when Alissa's mother leaves, her mother was kidnapped and was infected. She then dies from pneumonia and Alissa wants her mother back. In 2016, Alissa was now 17 years old. She was adopted and she has to move to a mansion with strange results. She first met her bulter, Gordon about the mansion and the mansion was haunted by ghosts. It is revealed that the bulter was killed by the same entity that killed her mother. Alissa's past was haunted by the ghost from the past known as her mother. Alissa teams up with 4 teenagers to reveal the past and break the curse of the Silent Death.


  • TBA as Alissa Perkins
    • TBA as Young Alissa Perkins (age 7)
    • TBA as Alissa Perkins (age 14)
  • TBA as Michael Perkins
    • TBA as Young Michael Perkins (age 9)
  • TBA as Gertrude, Alissa's deceased mother who divorced her husband
  • TBA as Brian, Alissa's father and Gertrude's divorced husband
  • TBA as Jeremy, Alissa's new classmate
  • TBA as Bailey, Alissa's new classmate
  • TBA as Gordon, a butler Alissa befriends
  • TBA as Riley, Alissa's new mother who adopted Alissa
  • TBA as Stanley, Alissa's new father who adopted Alissa
  • TBA as the voice of the Entity


  • The Pitch: Stir of Echoes and The Haunting meets The Watcher in the Woods.
  • It is 121 minutes long.
  • Here are the taglines from each poster:
    • There was a 17-year-old girl with a haunted past and she has nothing to do with it.
    • We miss Gertrude so much, she was murdered by the ghost.
    • The mansion, was still haunted by the ghosts with the most in 2004 and was built in the 19th century.
    • You can't come, there is an evil presence inside. (In canada, not in the North America)
    • Don't haunt the girl, haunt her memories instead.
    • From the director of The Haunting comes with a dark fantasy horror...
  • It will be distributed by TBA and TBA.
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