Silent is a 2019 American psychological thriller film directed by David Fincher, the director of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Gone Girl. This film stars Partick Wilson and Anya Taylor-Joy with Ben Mendelsohn, Rosamund Pike, Chadwick Boseman, Teresa Palmer, Juliette Lewis and Kesley Grammer.


Four detectives investigate a conspiracy who is targeting a 18 years old sinister teenager girl after her grandmother was brutal attacked at her home but one of the detective find himself getting too close with the case and the girl.


In 2000, a schizophrenia woman, Rebecca Havelock commits suicide by cutting her throat out with a broken glass after violently attacks three doctors in mental hospital. Later in the same night, Rebecca's mother Linda visit her daughter's body in the morgue before visit Rebecca's newborn girl in the hospital. After having a moment with the baby, Linda decided to keep her granddaughter as her own, naming her Anna.

18 years later, Detective Jason Bennett, Leon Willis and Issac Muller went sent to investigate a burglary, brutal attack and assault which the victim is revealed as Linda. As paramedics takes her to the ambulance, a badly wounded Linda tells Bennett about Anna, begging him to find her. Hours later, three detectives gets called into an another break in of a young couple's house where they discover the person who broke in is Anna, Linda's granddaughter after finding out her bag. Bennett uncover a evidence in Anna's bag which believe Anna was the target, not her grandma.

The next day, Captain Turner decided to send another two detectives; Nicholas Hughes and his wife Kelly (Bennett's ex-wife and the mother of his two kids) to the same case which Bennett and Willis was working on while Muller was sent on different case despite Bennett's disagreement because his marriage difficulties. Outside of cafe, Anna sneak into the kitchen and steal the pancakes before getting chase by a chef outside of street. During the chase, Anna accidentally bump to Bennett and Willis and runs off with Bennett's wallet. Anna hide herself in shopping malls where she spends Bennett's credit card and money on shopping, restaurant and gaming before bumping into her family nurse Diane Potter who took Anna into her house. Diane warns Anna that she is danger and attempt explain Anna the reason but it got cut short when somebody arrive at the house. Diane hide Anna and the package in bedroom closet. Diane confront the unknown person who attacked her and pushed Diane out of bedroom window. He left the house in hurry, driving off with a blonde-wig girl.

Bennett, Nicholas, Kelly and Willis investigate Diane's murder at crime scene where Anna escape again from the police's watch who later decide to put on high alert around the city. Bennett tracks Anna down near the hospital but he got ambush by his loan shark (also his drug dealer) Scott and his gang in the street before chase Bennett into car park. Bennett gets into fight with Scott's gang who one of them got knock out by Anna with a rock before another members chase them on the garage and then they accidentally crash their car over the lot after almost hits Anna in their car. While Anna gets check in the hospital, Bennett and Kelly attempt to track down Linda and Anna's other family members but fails to locate anybody.

Nicholas and Willis attempts to question Anna in the hospital but they couldn't finds any word from Anna's mouth. However, when Bennett questions Anna, she write to him a message where it leads to a old church when Bennett discover Linda's hideout. The next day, Turner argue with his detectives and social workers over where Anna will staying before Muller reveals that she should stay with Bennett because he need a "company". Bennett refuse to let Anna stay with him, attempts to make excuses over his addiction but Nicholas mocks him off before organizing a voting which every detectives vote Jason as Anna's guardian until Linda recover. Anna move in Bennett's house under protection but Jason struggle to look after Anna. Bennett decided to send Anna to his old college, however his plan backfires when he saw a woman who he know in the same collage which results Bennett pulls Anna out of college.

Worrying about Bennett's behaviour, Turner sent a social worker Bailey Patterson to homeschool Anna. Bailey bonds with Anna very well as helping her during a day while Jason mainly focused on work. Bennett and Willis tracks down the suspect in his home which results a violent fight between three of them. After a long chase, Bennett and Willis arrested the suspect who ends up getting shot dead by a mysterious shooter. Later, an annoyed Bennett return home to Anna who tries to confirm him but Bennett reject her before furiously grabs Anna in her arms. Then, Bennett runs off into his room after Anna kisses him on his lip.

Alone in the bathroom, Anna stuffers a flashbacks from her childhood which includes her 10 years old self stabbed a teacher to death after catching him raping his student in the classroom and witnesses her grandma's public outburst at age 16, also gets haunted by her mother's ghost who 'blame' Anna for her own death before angered Anna who ends up trashed the bathroom and attempt to cut herself but stop herself at last moment. Later, Anna went to Bennett's room where she seduced him which he ends up giving in. The next day, Bennett attempts to cover the night before with Anna, however Bailey discover Bennett slept with Anna after notice her odd behavior and then Bennett tries to move Anna from different homes but Captain Turner reject his offer. While taking Anna to see her grandma, Willis reveals to Bennett that Anna stuffed a hypersexuality disorder with symptom of bipolar and schizophrenic since she was a child before show Bennett, Anna's medicine (which was find in the scene of crime scene) and attempt to warn him about Anna's health. 

Alone, Anna sneak off to hospital canteen where she meet a cafeteria worker named "Bethany" who pays Anna's foods. Bethany sit along with Anna where she attempt to get Anna to open up about her life before winding Anna up about Bennett's personal life which results Anna runs out of the hospital and then hide herself in strip club where she ends up having a panic attack and then run off in the toilet room where she witness a drunk businessman angrily confront a stripper before attacking her. Anna push the businessman off the stripper and drag him out of the toilet room which results a violent breakout. Bennett arrive in the strip club where he rescue Anna from an businessman before leaving Anna in Nicholas and Kelly's care and drive off to being chase by the same businessman with a shotgun. Bennett crash the businessman's car behind him before confront him at gunpoint where Bennett recognise him as Anthony Curtis, his former classmate. An furious Anthony confront Bennett over his past, reminds him that "Eliza" is coming for him before getting beat up by Bennett. Hours later, Bennett arrive at Nicholas and Kelly's house where he saw Anna bonding with Jane and George - his and Jane's children before ends up spend a night in Kelly and Nicholas' coach.

The day after, at breakfast - Bennett attempts to get Anna a medicine by putting it into her orange juice but Anna split it out. Later, when Kelly takes Jane and George into the school, Bennett tracks Anna into taking her medicine by kissing her and then Anna shallow her medicine. Anna violently attacks Bennett after discover that he made her taking the medicine which was witness by Nicholas. Later, after leaving an annoyed Anna with Bailey, Bennett went to police station where he discovers a gift in his office and then open it, discovering a human heart and a note "a virgin stealer" which Jason hide it from his colleagues. The heart was later confirmed to be Anthony's after his body was found in his bathtub with his heart being cut out and then gets a call from a mystery caller who threatens to ruin his life, just like "what he did to Eliza". Bennett attempts to chase after the caller but lost him in the street and then gets confronted by his loan shark who threatens to hurt Anna if he don't deliver his money back.

After a tough day, Bennett gets called to investigate a domestic incident in the cinema during on duty. Bennett attempts to clam down the situation but his plan backfires when he gets violently attacked by an angry father. Nicholas and Muller arrive at the scene where Nicholas shoot the father dead as he attempts to stab Bennett. Later, Bennett, Muller, Willis and Kelly tries to comfort a upset Nicholas after the public lashes out at the police over the situation. Bennett and Nicholas gets into the fight before Turner separate them. Then, Bennett went back to his house where he ends up gets passionately with Anna throughout the night and into the next morning but Bailey furiously catch Bennett and Anna in the act. Bailey confront Bennett about Anna, accusing him taking advantage with the situation but Bennett defeated his feelings to Bailey before promise her that Anna will not ends up as her mother.

A woman - revealed to be Eliza - arrive at the car store and furiously confront her adopted daughter Bethany and their companion Ethan over Bennett and Anna. Bethany promise her mother that they will find Anna while Ethan asks Eliza why she hate that detective. Eliza opens up about her and Bennett's past when they was teenagers and reveals Bennett knew that Eliza got a crush on him since they was kids and like to winds her up but one night, Bennett arrive at the bar when she was working with a date. Bennett winds Eliza up throughout the night before locking himself and Eliza in the bar where he seduce Eliza into losing her virginity. Bennett and Eliza carry on their secret relationship for weeks until Jason's girlfriend's best friend exposed them which results Eliza being branded as a "rapist" by the town and Bennett was focused to keep the truth shut. As the result, Eliza and her mother move out of the town into unknown. Eliza reveals her mother always hate her until she commits suicide months later, blaming Bennett of ruining her life and vows to destroyed his whole life.



Panicking about the deadline, Bennett arrive at the bank before gets dragged into the car by a group of men. Inside of the car, Ethan confront Bennett over Anna's whereabouts and attempts to make a deal with Bennett but Bennett refuse to reveals anything. Ethan takes Bennett under the bridge where he gets badly beaten up by his goons into revealing Anna's whereabouts. However, Bennett escape from the gang and then jumps into the river, swimming back to land without being unharmed. Later, Bennett returns in the house and gets himself in violent argument with Bailey over Anna. Bennett fired Bailey as Anna's social worker, threatened to ruins her life if she exposed his relationship with Anna. The next morning, Eliza visit her mother's grave where she promise her that she will make Bennett pay. Eliza talks about her last call with Bennett a day before she and her mother was forced to leave the town. Bennett apologise to Eliza and promise her that he will fix things but the next day, Eliza and her mother evicted from the town by the police and town residents after Bennett's mother come a complaint against Eliza. Bennett tries to run after Eliza as police officer stop him before breaks down as Bennett publicity confesses his feelings for Eliza and tries to explain their relationship wasn't abuse.

Meanwhile, in present day, Bennett took Anna to the hospital where Linda is wake from her coma but failed to recognize her own granddaughter before screaming at a terrifying Anna and then stuff a cardiac arrest. Bennett chase after Anna in the alley where he comfort her, not knowing Bethany watching them and takes the photo of them. Later, Bennett, Nicholas and Willis went to the mental hospital where Rebecca gives birth to Anna before killing herself. They search around Rebecca's old room and then Ethan arrive, injected Willis with cyanide. Nicholas chase Ethan outside of the hospital while Bennett attempting to save Willis' life before cutting side of Willis' neck with an knife, taking cyanide out of the system. As the ambulance arrive for Willis, Bennett tracks a bruised Nicholas down in the park where Nicholas reveals that Ethan got away. At the hospital, Kelly and Willis' pregnant Megan furiously confront Bennett over putting their husband in grave danger while Muller believes Bennett is growing too much obsession with the investigation because of Anna which he strongly denies.

Later, Bennett wake up to investigate noises downstairs where he found Scott hold Anna at knifepoint. Scott reveals the plan; Anna's soul will be sacrifice in Halloween because she was "born as evil" and tries to manipulating Bennett into treading Anna to him. As he was about to call Eliza, Bennett violently attacks Scott before shooting him dead and free Anna. Bennett take Scott's body into his garage, staging it as a suicide with a fake note. At the same time, Eliza spot Muller in his car outside of the shop and confront him over Bennett and Anna's whereabouts. Muller refuse to reveal the whereabouts before Eliza violently attacks and stabbed him repeatedly, killing him and stole Muller's file with Jason's address on it. Eliza calls Bennett who returns to his house and tell him that she know where he lives and Anna is staying with him. A horrified Jason takes Anna out of the house and drive away as Ethan, Bethany and their goon arrive to look for Anna. The next morning, Bennett picks his children up from bus stop and seeks their help. Jane and George help their father with personal information but Jane discover a odd photo from a young girl (not Anna) with note on the back of the photo "Demon" from Rebecca's dairy. After dropping the kids in school, Bennett and Anna looks around a ripped ransom photos of the same girl and other children where Jason discover adoption papers.

Bennett and Anna went to the hospital again to see Linda (who now remembers Anna as her granddaughter) where he confronts Linda over the girl on the photo. Linda refuse to reveals the girl's identity or name but it reveals a secret; Rebecca has a other baby 7 years ago but Rebecca refuses to be part of her daughter's life, giving her to adoption. Linda wants to know her granddaughter but Rebecca refuses to let Linda to know her because she was "evil" inside (results of a rape). Rebecca's personality change when she stuffed schizophrenia; sleeping with other men, getting trouble in the law and hating every children she see. When Rebecca become pregnant again, Linda sends her to mental hospital so she will not harmed herself or anybody else but that night when Rebecca give birth to Anna, the doctors tries to protect the baby from Rebecca who wants her newborn daughter dead. Rebecca locks herself in the room and attempts to kill her baby but couldn't do it before turns the attention on herself by cutting her throat. Linda also reveals the reason why she kept Anna and show Bennett her book of the past threatening letters inside (along with a Halloween painting of Anna in the coffin), begging Bennett to don't let anybody hurt her. Outside of the hospital, Bennett and Anna gets cornered by Eliza who drags them into the cafe. In cafe, Bennett and Eliza confront each other about their past and relationship with Anna hearing every word. Bennett tries to apologize to Eliza and begging to spear hates against himself and Anna but Eliza confesses of killing her mother because of their relationship and then attempts to attack Bennett but Bennett and Anna escape.

At the hospital, Bethany went to Linda's hospital room where she reveals her true identity; Rebecca's first daughter who she give up to adoption. Bethany confront Linda why she choose Anna over her but Linda defeated her decision and explain to Bethany that her father ruined Rebecca's life as the part of Rebecca's decision for giving Bethany up, however Bethany refuses to believe her and refuses to kill her half-sister before attacked her and then pushes Linda out of the window, killing her. Later, Bennett and Anna returns to hospital to find out that Linda has died, believe to be murdered. Nicholas, Kelly and Turner furiously confront Bennett over his relationship with Anna after somebody send them a photos of Bennett and Anna at the alley the day before. Bennett confesses everything and learns Muller was murdered the night before, his file stolen.

Refuse to believe Bennett's words, Turner suspended Bennett and drops him out of the investigation while Anna will be placed in foster care. However, Bennett escape under the police's watch, kidnapped Anna and attempts to drive away but hours later, Bennett and Anna got involved in car accident. Nicholas arrive at the scene where he reveals his true colours and then takes a captive Bennett and Anna to haunted church in Pennsylvania where the cult tortured both of them overnight while Nicholas and his crooked colleague targeting Willis and his family by bombing their house.



While confront him in old graveyard, Nicholas tortured Bennett, injects him heroin into his system. With everybody taking a break, Nicholas reveals to Jason his true identity; Nicholas is Rebecca's older brother and Linda's son. He and Rebecca share a difficult relationship because Rebecca has a easily life. But one night, when Nicholas was 20 and Rebecca was 16, Nicholas violently raped his sister. Linda knew the incident and decided to send Nicholas to stay with his aunt and uncle who he killed couple weeks later before faking his death. Nicholas admits that he knew Rebecca was pregnant with his child and give the baby to adoption after she was born but don't know that he is her real father, thinking he is an acting "uncle" and slipped about his involvement in Linda's attack. Bennett left sickened over Nicholas' confession but Nicholas defended himself and furiously badmouth Bennett's whole life, calling Anna "Mummy's little girl". Bennett tries to attack Nicholas but then Nicholas injects him with heroin, leaving Bennett to die.

Meanwhile, Bethany comfort a upset Anna in her room, trying to get Anna to open up. Bethany talks about her whole childhood but she saw Anna holding a photo of herself, branding "Demon" on the back of the photo. Bethany furiously attacks Anna, blaming her and Linda of ruining her life and reveals her identity as her half-sister. Bethany's mother didn't wants nothing to do with her because she was a "demon" and then confesses into killing their grandma because she choose Anna over Bethany. Bethany attempts to strangle Anna but she gets interrupted by an argument between Eliza and Nicholas over Bennett. Bethany walks away without killing Anna.

Hours later, Anna begs Ethan into begging her out of her cell for a toilet but at bathroom, Anna seduce Ethan into getting passion and then grabs his neck in her arm, placing a broken glass at his eyes. Ethan tries to talks Anna out into killing him but then Anna whimper something in Ethan's ears, Ethan reveals Anna that Bennett is in graveyard near the garden. Knowing Ethan is attempts to tricks her, Anna slitting his throat with a broken glass and suffocated him with curtains until he died of choking his blood and then dumps Ethan's body in bathtub. Anna steal ecstasy where she give them to two guards, dragged them and then locked them into a room. Anna rushed outside to find a unconscious Bennett in the graveyard and drags him to the woods.

At the same time, Nicholas meets up with Turner in his house where they talk about the investigation. Nicholas tries to manipulate the situation, however, Turner reveals the conformation between him and Bailey. Nicholas break down and argue about his and Bennett's different life but Turner comfort him and hugs him. Turner discover Nicholas' strange behaviour when Nicholas holds Turner in his arms roughly and his nose being bleed. Turner pushes Nicholas who chase him into attic. Meanwhile, Anna walk with unconscious Bennett for hour until they found a old abandoned cabin. Anna attempts to wake Bennett up by using old medicines and stuff from the cabin. After two failed attempts, Bennett finally woke up as Anna comfort him.

Later, Bennett discover old panic room with lots of old photos and stuff from Rebecca. Then, Bennett find and play Rebecca's tape (made it months before her tragic death); reveals her relationship with her mother and suicide thoughts about herself, confesses that she have sex with different men to punish herself over the rape and her hatred against her rapist brother, also she admits that she will always sacrifice herself for her daughters and give them a better life. An upset and furious Anna tries to destroy her mother's tape but Bennett comfort her and confess his true feelings which results them share a moment and getting passion.

The morning next (Halloween), Bailey arrive at Turner's house but his family don't know where is he and then she walks into the attic where she find Turner, bludgeoned to death with a hammer. At the same time, Nicholas tries to take over the investigation but gets distracted by Bethany's phone call, Kelly's pregnancy news and then the news that Captain Turner has been found murdered make a public headlines. Jason wake up from longest love-making overnight to find Anna taking a funny turn. Believe that Anna haven't take her medicine for 2 days, Bennett tries to help Anna out but soon Anna knocks him out with a lamp, revealing that she has been faking it. While tying Bennett to the chairs, Anna reveals to Bennett that she is sacrificing her own life to save Bennett but despite a unbroken Bennett's plea, Anna confessing her love and says thank you to Bennett for giving her a life before walking away, leaving a upset and sobbing Bennett in cabin.

Anna walks into the woods where she gets cornered by Bethany and the rest of the members. Bethany violently beats Anna up for killing Ethan up before taking Anna back to the church. At the same time, Bailey gets questions by police officers about Turner's murder, strongly denies Bennett's involvement. Outside of station, Bailey witnessed Nicholas' strange behavior during a phone call before gets attacked by Kelly who then gets pushed back by Nicholas, Willis and their other colleagues. Bailey runs away from the argument and then gets covered by Eliza in the street. Eliza breaks down to a confused Bailey, promising her that she will reveals the whole answers before drugged Bailey into her car, drive away. Hours later, Bennett frees himself in cabin and then walks back to the church, arms himself with the confiscated guns. Nicholas and Eliza arrive back at the church, left furious at Bethany for letting Bennett escape while tries to comfort a badly bruised Anna. Anna tries to warn a confused Bethany that her daddy will kill her before give her their mother's tape.

Bennett sneaks into the church where he engage in a fight with some of the members. At the same time, Bailey wake up in the car and went to the church's secret-out room where she gets confronted by Eliza who hold Bailey at gunpoint as Bennett arrive and pleads Eliza into not killing Bailey but Eliza confesses to Jason that she was pregnant and has a baby girl who reveals to be Bailey. Bennett refuse to believe Eliza but she show him and Bailey the photo of herself and her baby, confirmed everything is true. Bennett and Bailey fights back to Eliza and hold her to gunpoint with Bennett demanded Eliza to take him and Bailey to Anna. Then, Bennett and Bailey finally reunited with Anna after Eliza show them where she is. Bennett and Bailey attempts to escape with Anna but Nicholas catch and threatens them but Bennett and Bailey refuse to give Anna to Nicholas just as Bethany arrive and angrily confront Nicholas about her mother, explaining she heard her mother's tape. Nicholas admits to Bethany the whole truth but defeated himself, saying it was her mother who cause his life to go wrong. Knowing everything about Anna has been a huge lie, Eliza and Bethany fight back against Nicholas, letting Bennett and Bailey escape with Anna.

Nicholas and his men chase after Bennett and Bailey back to New York where they ends up in serious collision at highway. While attempts to protect Anna and other people, Bennett and Bailey fight back with weapons against the gang who massacring throughout the city. Eliza rescue Bailey after she gets violently attacked and stabbed by two masked teenager girls in train station. When Kelly, Willis and other police officers arrive to arrest Bennett, he tries to convince them that Nicholas is the real culprit but Kelly and most of the officers (expect Willis) refuses to believe him. As they was going to arrest Bennett, Anna and Eliza plays Rebecca's tape throughout the city, exposed the truth and Nicholas' true identity. Nicholas feels from the scene and chase after Anna, Bailey and Eliza. Eliza and Bailey escape unharmed but Nicholas captive and violently attacked Anna. Anna overpowered Nicholas before Bennett arrive and shoot him twice.

Bennett carry Anna into his trashed house. Anna comfort Bennett who breaks down and attempts to overdose himself with painkillers. Anna confessed her true feelings for Bennett and she is happy to lose her virginity to real person. Nicholas arrive at the house, angrily confront Bennett and Anna while pouring fuel around the living room. Nicholas and Bennett argue over the situation, blaming each other before Anna snap back, blaming Nicholas for ruining her mother's life. As Nicholas tries to stab Anna, Bennett attacks Nicholas before accidentally knock the lighter off Nicholas, causing the house to exposed. Bennett and Nicholas engage in a fight while Anna gets knocked out as a result. At the same time, Bethany sneak off into the wood with a shotgun, planning to kill herself but gets confronted by the ghost of her mother and grandma. Rebecca defeated her decision of killing herself but she knew Bethany and Anna was better off without her in their life while Linda comfort Bethany and expressing her love to her granddaughters. Nicholas violently knocks Bennett out before turn his attention on Anna. Nicholas grabs Anna's neck, strangle her and attempts to stab her with a knife but Bennett shoots Nicholas dead. Bennett and Anna tries to escape from the burning house but they collapse over their injuries until Willis comes to their rescue and rescue them before the house collapse while in the wood, a police officer confront Bethany, talking her out of killing herself before arrested her.

Bennett and Anna was taken to the hospital where they recovered and survived despite Bennett almost succumbs to his injuries and was placed in the coma for a month. It also revealed that Bailey survived the stabbing and spends in the hospital, recovering the injuries for 2 weeks. After he wakes up, Kelly furiously confront Bennett about Nicholas but Nicholas reminds Kelly that Nicholas was about to kill Anna before confessing his true feelings for Kelly and apologised for his past actions but also says that Anna always come first. 

Later, Anna visits Bennett in his hospital bedside where they talks about their feelings to each other. Bennett tells Anna that she made him a better person.




  • Partick Wilson as Detective Jason Bennett, one of the detective who investigate three cases
  • Anya Taylor-Joy as Anna Havelock, a 18 years old silent teenager girl who become target of a sinister threats
  • Ben Mendelsohn as Detective Nicholas Hughes, one of the detective who investigate three cases. Nicholas is married to Kelly, Jason's ex-wife.
    • TBA as Young Nicholas Hughes (age 20)
  • Rosamund Pike as Detective Kelly Hughes, one of the detective who investigate three cases. Kelly is Nicholas' wife and Jason's ex-wife; the father of Kelly's two kids.
  • Chadwick Boseman as Detective Leon Willis, one of the detective who investigate three cases
  • Teresa Palmer as Bailey Patterson, a social worker who become friend with Anna. Bailey is Jason and Eliza's biological daughter.
  • Juliette Lewis as Eliza Parker, a mysterious woman from Jason's past and leader of Christian group. Eliza has a daughter; Bailey when she was 13 after become pregnant by Jason.
  • Kelsey Grammer as Captain Jonathan Turner, NYPD Captain
  • Stacy Martin as Bethany Parker, Eliza's adopted daughter who work at Christian group. Bethany is Rebecca's daughter and Anna's half-sister
  • Tika Sumpter as Megan Willis, Leon's wife who is 6 months pregnant with their second child
  • Mahershala Ali as Detective Issac Muller,
  • Adrienne King as Linda Havelock, Rebecca's mother and Bethany and Anna's grandmother who look after Anna after Rebecca took her life. Anna become under care by Jason after Linda was brutal attacked and assaulted at her house.
  • Sam Underwood as Ethan Campbell, a trouble criminal who work at Christian group and become friend with Bethany.
  • Ursula Parker as Jane Hughes, Jason and Kelly's 13 years old daughter
  • Jacob Tremblay as George Hughes, Jason and Kelly's 10 years old son
  • Jaden Piner as Theo Willis, Leon and Megan's 8 years old son
  • Billie Lourd as Rebecca Havelock, Anna's mother who stuffed schizophrenia killed herself after giving birth to her daughter at the opening. Rebecca is also Bethany's mother.


The police arrive at Linda's house after the attack

  • (Leon drive the car outside of Linda's house, stop the car, open and close the door and walks)
  • Issac: You are late, Willis.
  • Leon: I am so sorry, it was my son's birthday party.
  • Issac: How old is your son?
  • Leon: He just turned 8. What have we got?
  • Issac: A 59 years old woman was brutal beaten up, stabbed 21 times and sliced couple of time on her both arm, stomach, face and leg. She was tie up to the bed when the neighbour found her.
  • Leon: Really? How? Is she alive?
  • Issac: Just. The ambulance arrive at the scene about 5 minutes ago, they just get her out of the bed.
  • Leon: Where is the other detective?
  • Issac: Detective Bennett, he was the first person to arrive the scene after a neighbor called 10 minutes ago.
  • Leon: Have he found anything?
  • Issac: Bennett believe the woman was targeting.
  • Leon: Really?
  • Issac: He found a threatening letter to Linda Havelock, wanting to kill her.
  • Leon: What?
  • (Scene change with Jason open the letter)
  • (Jason look at a threatening letter in serious face)
  • Jason (read the letter): I will ruin your life just like what you did to me.
  • Jason: Huh?
  • Issac: Bennett!
  • (Issac and Leon walks into the house)
  • Jason: Who is he?
  • Issac: Bennett, this is Detective Leon Willis.
  • Jason: Hi.
  • (Leon and Jason shake each other hands)
  • Issac: Is that the letter?
  • Jason: I believe the attacker knew Linda Havelock, wanting her dead for ruining their life.
  • Leon: Why?
  • Jason: No idea.
  • Jason: I believe there was something more about this.
  • Jason (talk to police officer): Hey.
  • Jason: Did they get her out?
  • Police officer #1: Yeah.
  • Jason: I need to talk to her.
  • Issac: I don't think that is a good idea.
  • Jason: I had to try.
  • (Jason walks to the crime scene)
  • (Issac and Leon walks behind Jason)
  • Leon: I heard about him, is it true that Bennett was the person who catch the high school serial killer who kills 14 teenagers and 2 teachers about 10 years ago?
  • Issac: He and his wife was involved the case.
  • Leon: His wife?
  • Issac: Now ex-wife.
  • (Scene change when Jason walks into crime scene, Linda's room)
  • (Doctors pulls Linda out of the bed, into the hospital bed)
  • (Linda groan and breaths)
  • Jason: Is she wake?
  • Doctor #1: She is wake but losing blood.
  • Jason: Can I talk to her quick?
  • Issac: Bennett, she need to go to hospital.
  • Jason: Two minutes.
  • Issac: Fine, be quick!
  • (Jason walks to Linda)
  • Jason: Mrs Havelock, my name is Detective Jason Bennett.
  • (Linda breaths with oxygen mask)
  • Jason: I am NYPD detective, everything is going to be alright, you are safe in our hand.
  • Linda (holding her oxygen mask): Where... am I?
  • Jason: You are OK, you will get help.
  • Linda: Where's...
  • Linda (gulp): ...she?
  • Leon: Who? Who's she?
  • Linda (breath at same time) Where is... she?
  • Linda: Have you guys seen her? Where's my baby?
  • Jason: Who's she, Linda? Who the person are you talking about? Your son? Your daughter?
  • Linda: My daughter...
  • (Linda gasp)
  • Linda: died 18 years ago.
  • Jason: So, what are you talking about? 
  • (Serious music plays)
  • (Linda's shaking hands)
  • (Linda point the photo of Anna)
  • Linda: Her.
  • (Jason pick up the photo of Anna)
  • Jason: Who is she? Do you know her?
  • Linda: Ssshe... She isss... My grand... dauggg...
  • Jason: Granddaughter.
  • Linda: Yes. Her name is Anna, you need to found her. Please.
  • Jason: Linda, I promise you I will found her.
  • Linda: Thank you, Detective.
  • Linda: Found her, she is not safe with other people. 
  • Linda: She is... never talking.
  • (Jason in shocked face)
  • (Issac put Linda's oxygen mask on her)
  • Issac: Take her now.
  • Jason: How old is she? Your granddaughter.
  • Linda (talk with oxygen mask): 18.
  • Issac: 18?
  • Leon: 18 year old and never talk.
  • Jason: Where's her bedroom?
  • Issac: Anna's, next to the bathroom, on the right.
  • Jason: Thanks.
  • (Jason walks to Anna's room)
  • Issac: Go after him, Willis, you are part of the investigation.
  • Leon: Really?
  • Issac: Help him out.
  • (Leon walks to Anna's room)
  • (Jason open the door and walks into Anna's bedroom)
  • (Jason and Leon in the bedroom)
  • (Jason saw the closet open)
  • Jason: Most of her staff is gone.
  • (Jason walks around the room)
  • (Jason look a photo of a child Anna and Linda)
  • (Leon saw a blood on Anna's bed)
  • Leon: Er, Bennett, I found something.
  • Jason: What?
  • (Jason walks to Leon)
  • Leon: A blood.
  • (Jason and Leon look at the blood on the bed)
  • (Jason saw a hand with a tattoo under the bed)
  • Jason: Hold on.
  • Jason: I think I found a hand.
  • (Jason pull the body out of the bed)
  • (Leon in shocked face)
  • Leon: Oh my god.
  • (A man with a throat rippped up)
  • Jason: Shit.
  • Leon: What the fuck happened to him?
  • Jason: I don't know.
  • (Scene change with a tattoo man in Anna's bedroom, looking for Anna)
  • (Flashback start)
  • (A tattoo man saw movement under the bed and walks closer to the bed)
  • (Anna stabbed a tattoo man's both feets in the pencils)
  • (A tattoo man screaming and cried in pain)
  • (Pencil on both feets, blood come out)
  • (Anna jump on tattoo man's shoulder)
  • (Tattoo man scream)
  • (Anna pull a tattoo man's hair and tattoo man scream)
  • Tatoo man: Get off, get the fuck off, you stupid bitch.
  • (Anna hold tattoo man's neck hard and ripped his throat out)
  • (Blood drops on the bed and the floor)
  • (A tattoo man drop dead, his throat bleeding)
  • (Anna look at the tattoo man, dead)
  • (Flashback end)
  • Jason: Get Issac and tells him that we found a body in the bedroom.
  • Jason: Now!
  • (Leon walks out of the room)
  • (Jason look at a tattoo man's body)
  • Jason: Where is she? What happened to Anna?
  • (Scene change with Anna move a tattoo man's body under the bed)
  • (Anna grab her bag)
  • (Anna close the door)
  • (Anna turn around)
  • (Anna runs in the stairs)
  • (Anna look behind her)
  • (Anna open the door)
  • (Anna runs out of the house)
  • (Flashback end)

Anna runs away from the crime scene

  • (Jason, Kelly and Nicholas walks together in the crime scene)
  • Jason: Victim?
  • Nicholas: Diane Potter, 24.
  • Nicholas: A nurse, falls over her bedroom window.
  • Jason: Who was in the house at the time of the victim's death?
  • Nicholas: Her mother and her sister.
  • (Leon walks with holding a bloody kitchen knife with a white glove)
  • Kelly: What is this?
  • Leon: Diane was stabbed in the stomach before being pushed out of her window.
  • Nichloas: Ow!
  • Jason: Where is her bedroom?
  • Leon: Diane was at her sister's bedroom before her murder.
  • Jason: I like to see it myself.
  • (Jason walks into the house)
  • (Leon, Kelly and Nicholas walks to the body)
  • Kelly: Was she single?
  • Leon: She was dating her colleague about 6 weeks before her death.
  • Leon: They broke off last week. The boyfriend wasn't happy, he got himself arrested the following day.
  • (Nicholas put the glove on his hands)
  • Kelly: Where is he?
  • Leon: He is at his house, the officers questions him.
  • Leon: He quits his job after being released.
  • (Nicholas turns Diane's bleeding head)
  • (Scene change Jason walks upstairs)
  • Jason: Where is the sister's bedroom?
  • Officer #1 (point the room): That room.
  • (Jason walks into the sister's bedroom)
  • (Jason puts the glove on his hands)
  • (Anna hide in the closet)
  • (Anna hold the package)
  • (Jason walks around the room)
  • (Jason look at blood on the wall)
  • (Jason found a broken mug on the floor)
  • (Scene change when Diane's father drive his car)
  • Leon: Oh shit.
  • Nicholas: What?
  • Leon: Diane's father is here.
  • Kelly: Let me talk to him.
  • Leon: He is not going to like this.
  • (Kelly walks to Diane's father)
  • (Scene change Jason look outside)
  • (Anna open the closet door)
  • (Anna look everywhere)
  • (Jason in serious face)
  • (Jason turn around and saw the door open)
  • Jason: Hello?
  • Jason: Who's there?
  • (Anna put the hood around her head)
  • (Jason walks to the closet)
  • (Jason hold his gun)
  • (Jason open the doors)
  • (Anna hits Jason in the head with a bedroom lamp)
  • (Jason grunts and falls down on the floor)
  • (Jason groan)
  • Jason: My head...
  • (Anna runs downstairs with holding the package)
  • Jason: Hey!
  • (Jason get up)
  • (Jason runs downstairs)
  • (Scene change when Nicholas and Kelly talking)
  • Kelly: What do you find on the victim?
  • Nicholas: The killer attempted to strangle the victim before finish her off by pushing her off the bedroom window.
  • Kelly: OK, anything else?
  • Nicholas: Before she was killed, Diane put the killer's hair out during struggle.
  • Kelly: What color?
  • Nicholas: Light brown.
  • (Leon walks by the door)
  • (Anna runs outside)
  • (Anna and Leon look at each other)
  • Leon: Hey!
  • (Anna kick Leon in the balls)
  • (Leon groan and collapse into the floor)
  • (Anna runs away)
  • Kelly: Oi!
  • (Jason runs outside)
  • (Jason pants)
  • (Anna continued to run)
  • Jason: Shit.
  • (Leon groan and get up)
  • Kelly (walks to Leon): Are you OK?
  • Leon: She kick me in the fucking balls!
  • (Leon groan)
  • Nicholas: Who was the person run off?
  • Jason: I don't know but she was in the closet the whole time.
  • Nicholas: How did you know the person is her?
  • Jason: I guess, I didn't see her face.
  • Nicholas: Do you think she is the killer?
  • Jason: I don't know.
  • (Jason looks at the front for 5 seconds)

Bailey confronts Jason about him and Anna

  • (Jason drink coffee and sitting on the chair in his office)
  • (Bailey walks in)
  • Bailey: You fuck her?
  • Jason: Who?
  • Bailey: Anna!
  • Jason: Well, I can explain.
  • Bailey: You fuck her!
  • Jason: She came on into me.
  • Jason: I don't know what happened last night.
  • Bailey: What happened last night?
  • Jason: She force me.
  • Bailey: How?
  • Jason: She went to my room naked, climbing into my bed.
  • Jason: She was wired.
  • Jason: She kissed me, I kissed her back.
  • Jason: It was weird at first.
  • Bailey: Anna made the first move?
  • Jason: Yes. The next thing that she was riding on me.
  • Bailey: You fuck her.
  • Jason: Bailey, will you stop it? I didn't plan this.
  • Jason: She did.
  • Jason: She fuck me up for couple of minutes.
  • Bailey: What did you do next?
  • Jason: I fuck her back.
  • Jason: I didn't stop this, we carry on fucking each other in the bed.
  • Jason: Happy? Now you know the truth.
  • Bailey: I can't believe you fall for it.
  • Jason: I know, this is the way she is.
  • Jason: Bailey, nobody had to know.
  • Bailey: She will tried it with you again.
  • Jason (stand up): I know that, Bailey, I am not stupid!
  • Bailey: You had a sex with a 18 years old girl. 
  • Bailey: Anna is psycho and obsession that like her own mother who kills herself because she got herself pregnant.
  • Jason: Listen to me, that was only one time.
  • Jason: Can we forget this ever happened?
  • Bailey: You love her and that why you went along with it.
  • Jason: First, I don't love her and second, the reason I went along because I wanted to challenge her by myself.
  • Jason: She is a little mice, I am big angry cat who wants to punish the mice. 
  • Jason: Look, I admit it was the mistake.
  • Jason: My relationships already ends as a joke, I am not getting into the relationship with Anna, never going to happen.
  • Jason: What happened between me and her, it was just one time.
  • Jason: I just wanted to carry on like nothing happens.
  • Jason: Get the message?
  • Bailey: Yes.
  • Jason: Good.
  • Jason: I need to sort out some files, not to talk about my love life.
  • (Jason walks away)

Bethany kills Linda

  • (Linda hold a photo of herself and Anna in her bedside)
  • (Nurse opens the door)
  • Linda: Anna?
  • (Linda saw Bethany as nurse outfit)
  • Bethany: Oh sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.
  • Linda: That is OK. My granddaughter is coming to see me today.
  • Bethany: Your granddaughter.
  • Linda: Anna, she's 18.
  • Bethany: What about her parents? Is she living with them.
  • (Bethany shaking pour water into the cup)
  • Linda: Her father was never be on the scene for 18 years. Her mother died after Anna was born.
  • (Bethany drink water into the cup)
  • Bethany: Childbirth?
  • Linda: Suicide.
  • Bethany: I am so sorry.
  • Linda: I couldn't leave Anna to have a different life.
  • (Bethany shake her cup)
  • Linda: She was innocent.
  • Bethany: Really?
  • Linda: Yeah, Anna was a baby.
  • Bethany: What about me?
  • Linda: What?
  • Bethany: What about me?! My mother give birth to me when she was 16 but she didn't want me.
  • Bethany: Her mother give me for adoption.
  • (Bethany throw a cup at Linda but miss her head)
  • (Linda gets up from bedside)
  • Bethany (walk to the door): My mother got herself pregnant again but she went mental on that night.
  • (Bethany lock the door)
  • Bethany: My mother cut her throat with a glass, leaving her daughter in care.
  • Bethany: In the hand of the baby's grandmother.
  • Bethany: The traitor.
  • Bethany (walk to Linda): You know who I am.
  • Linda: Listen...
  • (Bethany slaps Linda in the face)
  • Bethany: Why? Why her?
  • Linda: I was already losing everything, I couldn't lose Anna.
  • Bethany: Mummy's little whore.
  • Linda: You watch your mouth.
  • Bethany: No, Linda, you need to watch your mouth.
  • (Bethany twist Linda's wrist hard for 15 seconds)
  • (Linda whimper)
  • (Blood come out of Linda's twisting wrist)
  • (Bethany and Linda look at each other in serious face)
  • Bethany: Does it hurt? The pain!
  • Bethany: You ruined my life and you replace me!
  • Linda: I was trying to protect both of you.
  • Bethany: Liar!
  • (Bethany pushed Linda into the floor)
  • (Bethany grabs Linda in the hair)
  • (Linda scream)
  • Linda: Please, don't hurt me!
  • (Bethany grabs Linda in the neck, serious music plays)
  • (Linda choke)
  • Bethany: No, I am not. You will be flying down.
  • Linda: Huh?
  • (Bethany throw Linda down the window, Linda scream)
  • (Thud sound)
  • (People scream)
  • Woman #1 (voice): Oh my god!
  • (Bethany looks down, watching Linda's body lying down on the ground)
  • (Bethany walks to the door, leaving Linda's room)
  • (Bethany walks to the exit, calls somebody on the phone)
  • Bethany (on the phone): Don't worry about Linda, I sort that lying cow out.
  • Bethany: She is gone, now it just my sister and her copper boyfriend to deal with.
  • (Bethany walks from the exit, serious music plays)
  • (Linda laying down dead on the ground)

Leon and Megan's house explode

  • (Leon and Theo getting out of the car)
  • (Megan runs to Leon and Theo)
  • Megan: Where was you, Leon?
  • Leon: Sorry, I had to sort Theo out because he getting himself in trouble at school.
  • Theo: It wasn't my fault.
  • Megan: You should call.
  • Leon: I told you I'm fine. What's going on?
  • Megan: More letters coming in.
  • (Megan shows Leon the letters)
  • Megan: I am really scared for us and the baby.
  • Megan: This is getting too serious, Leon.
  • (Megan, Leon and Theo walks)
  • Leon: Listen to me, everything will be alright...
  • (The house explosion)
  • (Leon, Megan and Theo fall down on the ground)
  • (Every car and house window smashes)
  • (People screams)
  • (Leon groan and sit up)
  • Leon: Megan? Are you OK?
  • Megan: I am OK.
  • (Megan groan)
  • Leon: What about the baby?
  • (Megan pants for 20 seconds)
  • Leon: Megan?
  • Megan: I think everything is OK, nothing happened.
  • Leon: What about you, Theo?
  • Leon: Theo?!
  • Theo: Daddy, Mummy, I got a cut on my hand.
  • (Theo shows his hand with a bleeding cut to Leon and Megan)
  • (Megan gasp)
  • Megan: Oh my god!
  • (Megan look at Theo's hand with a cut)
  • (Leon gets up)
  • Theo: It's hurt.
  • Megan: It's just a cut, sweetheart.
  • Leon: This was all plan.
  • Megan: Are you joking?
  • Leon: No, lucky you went out of the house before it got explosion.
  • Leon: I could lose you and the baby.
  • Megan: Who did this?
  • (Siren sound)
  • (Leon look at the burning house)
  • Leon: I don't know but I am going to found them.

Eliza expose Bailey's true paternity

  • (Bailey walks in the dark room)
  • Bailey: Hello? Hello?
  • Bailey: Who is there? Jason? Anna?
  • (Bailey hold the gun)
  • Bailey: Show yourself, asshole.
  • (Eliza stand behind Bailey)
  • Eliza: Hello, Bailey.
  • (Bailey turn around and hold the gun at Eliza)
  • Bailey: Where is Jason and Anna?
  • Eliza: They are safe for now.
  • Eliza: I have finally waited for this moment to meet you.
  • Bailey: Who are you? Where are they?
  • (Scene change Jason hold the gun and walks in the dark for 30 seconds)
  • Jason: Anna! Anna!
  • Jason: ANNA!!!!
  • (Jason pants)
  • Bailey (screen change): What do you want from me? 
  • (Eliza walks to Bailey)
  • Eliza: You got your father's eyes. You look like him.
  • Bailey: Keep away from me.
  • (Bailey whimper and hold the gun at Eliza)
  • Bailey: Why Jason? Why him? What do you want with him?
  • Eliza: I know him, we knew each other when we was a kids.
  • Eliza: He always knew that I has feelings for him.
  • Eliza: My mother says that sex is evil and cruel. I promise her that I will not let anybody take my virginity.
  • Eliza: But one night, I lost my virginity to Jason.
  • Eliza: We has sex.
  • Bailey: How old were you and Jason?
  • Eliza: I was 13, he was 16.
  • Eliza: I didn't stop myself, I let him fucking me all night long. 
  • (Scene change with Jason opens different doors)
  • (Jason pants and keep runs)
  • Jason: Anna! Anna! ANNNA!!!!!
  • (Bailey hears Jason's voice)
  • Bailey: Why did you text me to come?
  • Eliza: You need to know the truth.
  • Bailey: I know you hate him because he took your virginity.
  • Eliza: You don't know the whole story.
  • (Jason opens the door and hold the gun)
  • Jason: ANNA!!!
  • (Bailey and Eliza saw Jason)
  • (Eliza kicks the gun off Bailey's hands)
  • (Eliza pushed Bailey into the floor)
  • (Eliza grabs Bailey off the floor and hold the gun on Bailey's head)
  • Eliza: Don't move.
  • Jason: Where is Anna?
  • Eliza: You can't save her. She will be dead for 30 minutes. At midnight, we will sacrifice her soul to our gods.
  • Jason: Anna is innocent.
  • Eliza: Really? What about me? I was 13 years old when you slept with me 29 years ago.
  • Jason: It was long time. I didn't force you. It just happens.
  • Jason: You join the fuck I give you, 3 times.
  • Bailey: 3 times...
  • Jason: You wants this, Eliza. You knew the moment you set your eyes on me since we was kids.
  • Eliza: I broke my mother's promise.
  • Eliza: She died of hating me. You are the reason I killed my mother.
  • Jason: What? Why?
  • Eliza: You never knew what happened next.
  • Eliza: I had your child, Jason.
  • Jason: What?
  • (Jason in shocked face).
  • Eliza: You was the only person I slept with. We didn't use the protection.
  • Eliza: It was a baby girl. She was born on Christmas Eve 1989.
  • Eliza: My mum wants her dead because of you. I choose to save my daughter and drown her in the bathtub.
  • Eliza: I give our daughter up to adoption, knowing she will be safe.
  • Jason: What happens to her?
  • Eliza: She was here the whole time, you met her but you never knew.
  • Jason: What?
  • (Jason look at Bailey in confused face)
  • Jason: No!
  • Eliza: The reason I wants to meet Bailey because she is our daughter, Jason.
  • Jason (in shocking face): You are lying!
  • Eliza: Really?
  • (Eliza holds the photo of her and Baby Bailey)
  • Bailey: My parents died in car accident.
  • Eliza: They wasn't your real parents. They knew you wasn't their child.
  • (Eliza shows Bailey the photo of herself and Baby Bailey)
  • Eliza: I hold you in my arms. You has your father's eyes, blue. Can you see it? 
  • Eliza: I never want to hurt you. I am not mad at you, I am mad at your own father..
  • Jason: Stop it.
  • Eliza: He got me pregnant. He ruined my life and now you are going to suffer!
  • (Eliza pushes Bailey into the floor)
  • (Eliza hold the gun at Jason)
  • (Jason shoot Eliza in the shoulder, Eliza drop her gun into the floor and collapse)
  • (Eliza groan)
  • (Bailey walks by Eliza's side)
  • Bailey: Are you OK? You are hurt.
  • Eliza: I am fine.
  • Eliza (groan): Bailey, you are a daddy's little girl.
  • (Jason walks to Eliza and Bailey)
  • Bailey (stand up and walks to Jason): I can't let you shoot her.
  • Jason: Move.
  • Bailey: Or what? Are you going to shoot your own child? 
  • (Jason in confused face)
  • Bailey: Holy shit! She's telling the truth. You are my real dad.
  • Jason (push Bailey out of the way): Move.
  • (Jason hold the gun at Eliza's head)
  • Jason: Where is Anna or I am going to shoot you at front of our daughter?
  • (Bailey look at Jason)
  • Eliza: You will never kill me because of Bailey. She has our blood. You create her inside of me.
  • Jason: I did care about you and I am sorry that I didn't tell the truth.
  • Jason: If you care about Bailey, you tell me where has Nicholas keeping Anna captive?
  • Eliza: They are going to kill her in the cave.
  • (Jason grabs Eliza and hold her at gunpoint)
  • Jason (look at the watch): We got 30 minutes.
  • Jason: You are going to take us to Anna. OK?
  • Eliza: OK, I promise.
  • Eliza: You know I never lie about anything...
  • Jason: I know. I am sorry things went wrong between both of us. 
  • Jason (walk with Eliza): Come on.
  • Bailey: Wait, I am coming with you.
  • Jason: Bailey, you can't...
  • Bailey: I already been lying for 29 years. I refuse to be push down.
  • (Bailey hold the gun at Eliza)
  • (Jason and Bailey hold the gun at Eliza)
  • Bailey: Walk.
  • (Jason and Bailey walks and hold Eliza at gunpoint)


After the opening scene, it shows the opening credits for 30 seconds before slowly cut to the next scene.

"New Line Cinema presents

In association with Village Roadshow Pictures

A Blumhouse/Weed Road Pictures production"

A film title shows after the scene before cut to the next scene.


Rest of the credits show at the ending credits.

"A David Fincher Film"


  • Rosamund Pike appears in 2014 film Gone Girl, directed by David Fincher.
  • Chadwick Boseman and Teresa Palmer appears 2017 film Message from the King.
  • Patrick Wilson and Juliette Lewis appears 2010 film The Switch.



  • 156 minutes long.
  • Rated R for disturbing violent and thematic content including rape and torture, strong sexuality, graphic nudity, language and some drug abuse.
  • 18 certificate
  • It is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures and produced by New Line Cinema, Village Roadshow Pictures, Weed Road Pictures and Blumhouse Productions.
  • The Pitch: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo meets Black Swan.
  • It released on March 27, 2019 (UK) and April 12, 2019 (US).
  • Notes: The logos play dark and black and white with no sound and no movement with the background in foggy black and then a siren sound plays after Weed Road Pictures.
  • The film was originally released on October 2018 but the studio and director decided to move the date to avoid clashing with Universal's horror slasher film, Halloween which was also produced by Jason Blum.
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