64px Stan say to me after he run me over, he will kill Sonic.
~ talking to Sonic and Francine in the hospital

Sienna The Hedgehog
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Family Black Doom (surrogate Father)

Shadow The Hedgehog (brother)

Piper The Echidna (Daughter)
Knuckles The Echidna (Husband)
Nick The Echidna (Son)
Gerald Robotnik

(surrogate/second father)

Black Arms (biologic siblings)
Maria Robotnik (surrogate niece)
Hiro The Half Softed Coated Wheaten Terrier Half Gray Wolf (Step-uncle)
Dr. Eggman (surrogate nephew)
E-Series (surrogate great nephews)
Biolizard (metaphorical older sibling)
Francine The Hedgehog (sister in law)
Hayley The Hedgehog (step-neice)
Steve The Hedgehog (Step-Nephew)
Bailey The Hedgehog (Step-Nephew)
Shadow The Hedgehog Jr (Nephew)
Angel The Hedgehog (Neice)
Status Alive
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Hair Color red and black
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Home Space Colony Ark (fromer)

Angel Island (now)

Appearances Shadow The Hedgehog 3
Quests None
Performer None
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