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Sidekick Express is an American animated television series produced by Michael Shires Television Animation, Melvin Productions, Michael Jacobs Productions, Organ Entertainment, Charles Hill Productions and Breakthrough Films and Television.


Yoyo Bear, The Sidekick of Captain Tiger makes a team of sidekicks Called The Sidekick Express.

Voice Cast:


  • Dan Castellaneta as Yoyo Bear
  • Jeff Bennett as Lippy Louie
  • Kath Soucie as Dorothy Turtle
  • Charlie Adler as Gillian Gorilla


  • Jim Cummings as Captain Tiger
  • Edward Hibbert as Robert Horse
  • John Kassir as Billiam Hawk
  • Andrea Martin as Lorry Raccoon


  • Jim Cummings as Berger Meister
  • Billy West (uncredited) as Wall Ground
  • Danny Mann (uncredited) as Poison Lively
  • April Winchell (uncredited) as Rotten Smoothie

Other Characters

  • Gregg Berger (uncredited) as News Reader
  • Ben Stein (uncredited) as Sketch Larry
  • Kevin Michael Richardson (uncredited) as Computer Monitor
  • S. Scott Bullock (uncredited) as Comic voice-over
  • Edie McClurg (uncredited) as Coco Bear
  • Dee Dee Rescher (uncredited) as Kathella
  • Lisa Kaplan (uncredited) as Miss Scott
  • Miriam Flynn (uncredited) as Bettzie
  • Brad Garrett (uncredited) as News Stand Warthog
  • Roger Rose (uncredited) as Acebug


  • List of Sidekick Express episodes


  • Gillian, despite being a Female, is Voiced by a male.



The show got cancelled in 1994 due to lawsuit, but some of the characters moved on to be in other media after cancellation.

People were more interested in Domino anyway and they decided to focus on 44 Cats instead.