Siberian Snow Beast is a 2013 SyFy Channel original movie.


While on a school trip to Siberia, a group of college students and their professors discover a frozen monster in a cave and bring it back to camp for studying, but the monster thaws out and starts to butcher everyone one by one.


  • Corin Nemec as Dr. Jeff Miller (The professor who finds the frozen monster)
  • Rachel Hunter as Dr. Beverly Stevens (Dr. Miller assistant)
  • Heather Donahue as Dr. Laura Nolan (An animal biology professor)
  • Jason London as Dr. Michael Jameson (Dr. Nolan's assistant)
  • Chelan Simmons as Mandy (Dr. Miller's top student)
  • Anthony rogers as Andrew (Mandy's boyfriend)
  • Russ (The joker of the class)
  • Kelli (A sorority sister)
  • Jake (Mandy's ex-boyfriend)
  • Carly (Mandy's best friend)
  • Danielle (A sorority sister)
  • Tony (A science fiction movie fan)


Danielle - Mauled by the Yeti when she leaves her room to investigate a strange noise.

Kelli - Mauled by the Yeti while hiding in her closet after the Yeti kills Danielle.

Tony - Disemboweled by the Yeti when he tries to fight it with a baseball bat.

Russ - Skull crushed by the Yeti when it steps on his head after he trips while running from it.

Jake - Mauled by the Yeti after he panics and tries to flee in a Snowcat.

Dr. Laura Nolan - Mauled by the Yeti after it pulls her out the window she is standing by.

Carly - Incinerated when a leaking gas tank explodes in the same room that she is in due to a spark from a nearby outlet as the Yeti tries to force its way into the room.

Dr. Michael Jameson - Mauled by the Yeti in an attempt to distract it from the remaining four survivors.

Andrew - Mauled by the Yeti when it ambushes him in a dark room.

Yeti - Stabbed multiple times with a knife by Dr. Jeff Miller, then incinerated by a bomb by Dr. Beverly Stevens.


Dr. Jeff Miller

Dr. Beverly Stevens


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