Shrek 5 the future is an American Live action/computer animation comedy film

the story goes like this

Shrek is having a nice life his kids are growing up and he moved into a new swamp but one day an evil warlock who hated Shrek tries to kill him along with Donkey and Puss n boots he tries to kill them but instead takes them to Seattle Washington in 2020 Shrek Donkey and Puss find shelter in a mans shed but then the man goes in there for some supplies but then freaks out by seeing Shrek runs inside his house and grabs a shotgun he holds the 3 at gun point but after some convincing the man who intraduces himself as Bruce befriends Shrek Donkey Puss and tries to help them get back to the 13th century back in the 13th century the warlock now decides to kill shreks family and friends but ends up teleporting them to 2020 to but this time in Los Angeles Bruce then shows Shrek Donkey and Puss everything in the future from transportation like planes trains automobiles and giant boats he also tells them about types of wepons like guns knifes and explosives back in LA Fiona and the rest of Shreks friends enter the streets of LA only to be held at gun point by police officers because of then not being human and they look strange back in Seattle Bruce is watching the news then he sees the news about

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