Shrek 5: Battle for Far Far Away is the fifth movie in the franchise and also the sequel to Shrek Forever After.

The movie will air 12th of May 2015.The Movie is Produced by DreamWorks Animation and Distributed by Paramount Pictures.


The Movie Starts with Shrek's 30th Birthday.The Party gets interupted by Arthur who traveled a long way to tell Shrek that Far Far Away will be in a great Battle with the Evil Emperor.


micheal jackson Evil Emperor

Main Cast:

Mike Myers as Shrek

Eddie Murphy as Donkey

Cameron Diaz as Princess Fiona

Antonio Banderas as Puss in Boots


Salma Hayek as Kitty Softpaws

John Cleese as Frog King Harold

Julie Andrews as Queen Lillian

Conrad Vernon as Gingerbread Man

Aron Warner as Big Bad Wolf

Christopher Knights as Blind Mice

Cody Cameron as Pinocchio ,Three Little Pigs

Justin Timberlake as King Arthur

Eric Idle as Merlin

Amy Poehler as Snow White

Maya Rudolph as Repunzel

Amy Sedaris as Cinderella

Cheri Oteri as Sleeping Beauty

James Earl Jones  as Evil Emperor


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