Shirley's Web is a 1974 American animated musical drama film produced by Charles Hill Productions and based upon the 1953 children's book Shirley's Web by C.T. Louis


A rabbit named Willy meets an Artistic Cat Named Shirley, But when she is given a task to save his life from becoming Thanksgiving Dinner, She must work her hardest to do it.

Voice Cast:


  1. More then Simple - Alice
  2. So Much World - Willy
  3. Hello - Shirley
  4. What We Both Like - Willy and Shirley
  5. The Fair is a Goldmine - Duncan and Gabby
  6. Time Changes - Shirley and Chorus
  7. Willy the Great and Talented - Gumby and The Mellomen
  8. Time Changes (Reprise) - Chorus
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