Shiresland is an upcoming 2D traditional/flash/hand drawn animated action comedy film, produced by Michael Shires Pictures (as Shires), ShiresToon Studios, Melvin Studios, Matthew Mouse Productions, Atomic Cartoons and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. The film is directed by Jeffrey Agala and Ridd Sorensen, and written by Bruce Thompson, Jono Howard, Mike Kubat and James Herbert. The film is scheduled to be released on July 22, 2011.

Voice Cast:


  • The animation is produced by Atomic Cartoons, Melvin Studios, 2 Minutes, Caribara and ShiresToon Studios.


  • This is the first Shires movie to short the name in their 2006 logo, (With the exceptation for the closing logo variation for Chris and Dhris Rescue Rangers.)
  • In the beginning, the logo plays normal, but when the text appeared, Michael and Pictures are dropped, and Shires is in the center, but the opening music plays over the logo, instead of the logo's music is heard.
  • In this feature, after the closing credits disappears, the closing logo cuts from and to blank.


  • The film will be also released in Real3D and Digital3D formats. It will be digitally remastered into IMAX format and released in select theaters across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.
  • The film was rated PG-13 for mild thematic elements and brief strong language.
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