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Shires Tonight
Genre Comedy
Starring: Charles Martinet
Frank Welker
Paul Winchell
Pat Pinney
Jim Cummings
Alan Oppenheimer
John Stephenson
Pat Fraley
Billy West
Neil Ross
Michael Bell
Roy E. Shires
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 26
Running Time 22 Minutes
Production Company Matthew Mouse Television
Cosgrove Hall Films
Original network ITV (UK)
Shires Channel
Original release November 8, 1996 – October 8, 1998

Shires Tonight is an American-British live-action/puppet family-oriented television series created by Matthew Mouse Television, Cosgrove Hall Films, London Weekend Television and featuring The Shiresland. Much like the "Shiresland Television" segment of Children's Shires, the show was a continuation of The Shiresland Show, set in a television studio, rather than a theater.


The premise of Shires Tonight was that Clifford the Cricket was the host of a variety/talk show on Theatre Royal. The show stuck closely to The Shiresland Show format of various skits (mostly featuring the show's human guest star) interspersed with some sort of crisis occurring backstage.


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Characters and performers

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Broadcasters Around the World

Guest Stars

  • Cat Deeley
  • Tom Hanks
  • Tim Allen
  • Kelsey Grammer
  • Tom Jones
  • Matthew Corbett
  • Michael Angelis
  • Will Smith
  • Robin Williams
  • Roger Moore
  • Ringo Starr
  • Whoopi Goldberg
  • Robert Redford
  • Noel Edmonds