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Shires Pets is an American-Canadian Upcoming Series for Shires Junior Set To Premiere in November.


6 Pets Of Shires Characters (New Ones not including Dluto and Twigaro) Meet each other in a Town Called Whisper Haven.



  • Tracy the Sea Turtle (Seastar The Mermaid From The Buzz on Skipper’s Pet) voiced by Kitana Turnbull) is a Purple Sea Turtle with a Red Shell. She is pretty outgoing and would do anything to please someone, but despite being a turtle, she can go fast when she uses her shell as a car.
  • Pipkin the Dog (Charlotterella’s Pet) (voiced by Taylor Kaplan) is a Sassy White Dog who is Tracy’s New Roommate.
  • Salam the Lion (Jennie from The Israeli Lamp’s Pet) (voiced by Callan Farris) is a Brave Orange Lion Cub with a Brown Mane.
  • Sleepy the Cat (Akita from Sleeping Princess’ Pet) (voiced by Erin Fitzgerald) is the oldest of the main group who is a pink cat
  • Bobtail the Bunny (Goldilocks’ Pet) (voiced by Felicity Corden) is a Cyan Bunny. She used to have a plushie named Lulu, but gave it to A Pup named Daisy and replaced her with Cupcake.
  • Petunia the Pony (Betty From Booty and the Bees’ Pet) (voiced by Catherine Bradley) is a Yellow Horse with a Dark Blue Mane.


  • Chelsea the Songbird (voiced by Lisa McKissack) is a Grey and Rainbow-Colored songbird who is a main singer of a band.
  • Zebora the Zebra (Welly from The Sword in the Castle’s Pet) voiced by Cindy Robinson) is a Lilac Zebra who has healing powers.
  • Mr. Bubblefish (voiced by Frank Welker) is a Blue Fish who travels on a fishbowl on wheels and is the mayor of Whisper Haven.
  • Clicky the Mouse (Sounds provided by Frank Welker) is a Mute Mouse who serves as a Camera Guy on many projects.
  • Haj the Elephant (voiced by Remy Edgerly) is A Curious Green Elephant Calf.
  • Scrumptious the Panda (voiced by Dylan Sterenburg) is a Glutton Panda with Red Spots who used to have an owner, until she died.
  • Camilla the Chameleon (voiced by Fiona Riley) is a Magenta and Gold Chameleon with No Owner who is too shy for one.
  • Matthew the Police Pup (voiced by Katie Leigh) is a German Shepherd Puppy with a big hat who drives a Little Car with a cage towed to it Called The Crazy Coupe.


Note: The Main Villains aren’t revealed to be villains until The Mid Season Finale, but Strawberry always acted sassy to Tracy and Her Friends.

  • The Snobby Animals
    • Bonnie the Sheep (Lullo the Dragon’s Pet) (voiced by Kari Wahlgren) is a Yellow Sheep with White Wool.
    • Strawberry the Fox (The Evil Babysitter’s Pet) (voiced by Nicole Parker) is a Fox colored like a Strawberry.
    • MarMar the Crocodile (Johnny from The Israeli Lamp’s Pet) (voiced by Nolan North) is a Maroon Crocodile.
    • Buster the Binturong (Peter the Poacher from William & Friends’s Pet) (voiced by Charlie Adler) is a Crimson Binturong.
  • Mama Sheep (voiced by April Winchell) is Bonnie’s Mom.
  • Yoko and Gilda (voiced by Cherami Leigh and Maria Bamford) are Two Bee Sisters who like stealing food.
  • Speedy the Blue Pony (voiced by Giselle Eisenberg)
  • Pulse the Red Panda (voiced by Maurice LaMarche)


In Spring, There was Shorts Released. The toys were released in August, just a month after the full cast was announced.

  1. Welcome to The Town Hall (April 3, 2019) - Tracy convinces Mr. Bubblefish to Start a New Series That tours Whisper Haven.
  2. Welcome to The Cruise Ship (April 10, 2019) - Tracy tries to get a Nervous Cruise Ship Guest to get her Sea legs on.
  3. Welcome to The Apartments (April 17, 2019) - Tracy eats all the food in the apartments.
  4. Welcome to The Healing Tree (April 24, 2019) - Tracy watches how Zebora heals other pets.
  5. Welcome to The Salon (May 1, 2019) - Tracy gets scared by another pet’s look.
  6. Welcome to The Arena (May 8, 2019) - Tracy meets Chelsea for the first time.
  7. Welcome to The Studio (May 15, 2019) - Tracy observed how a show is made.
  8. Welcome to The Hotel (May 22, 2019) - Tracy tries out all of the activities at the hotel.
  9. Welcome to The Park (May 29, 2019) - Tracy tries to date someone at the park.
  10. Welcome to The Fitness Center (June 5, 2019) - Tracy sees a bunch of other pets being scolded at spin class.


  1. Making Friends and Decisions/Show Them You Care (November 15, 2019)
  2. Little Animals Can Do Big Things/Paw and Order (November 15, 2019)
  3. Something About Bonnie/Pipkin’s First Sleepover (November 22, 2019)
  4. A Tricky Situation/Rhapsody in Pipkin (November 29, 2019)
  5. Number #1 Fan/Petunia’s Adventure (December 6, 2019)
  6. The Big Fix/Lost Lulu (December 13, 2019)
  7. Christmas in Whisper Haven/Winter Wonderband (December 20, 2019)
  8. New Dares Eve/A Song for the Songbirds (December 27, 2019)
  9. The Stray and The Exiled One/Why Sleepy Sleeps in The Day (January 3, 2020)
  10. The Couch is Always Smaller/Have You Heard? (January 10, 2020)
  11. Big Baby, Little Grownup/Salem’s Loudest Roar (January 17, 2020)
  12. Petunia’s First Race/The Thing About Bonnie (January 24, 2020)
  13. Winter Cleanup Day/Moon Mission (March 13, 2020)
  14. A Gift for Sleepy/The Show Must Go On (March 20, 2020)
  15. Stick to The Plan/Pet Zombies! (March 27, 2020)
  16. No Laughing Matter/The Big Fashion Show (April 3, 2020)
  17. Bobtail the Easter Bunny/Camilla Sees Red (April 10, 2020)
  18. Secrets Revealed/Pig in the Palace (April 17, 2020)
  19. Baker Bobtail/Safety Last (April 24, 2020)
  20. Cake-Million/Pipkin Squared (May 1, 2020)
  21. Salem Gets a Scar/Petunia’s Important Job (May 8, 2020)
  22. Bonnie Expands Her Gang/Sleeping Beauties (May 15, 2020)
  23. Call of the Riled/Feet Landing (May 22, 2020)
  24. Nothing Scares Salem/Going into Battle (May 30, 2020)
  25. Tracy’s Island/Things Are Gonna Change (June 5, 2020)
  26. Bonnie’s Banishment/Whisper Haven Parade (June 12, 2020)


  • This show will air on Shires Channel instead of Shires Junior worldwide due to some episodes of the show being too dark.