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Shilo Bennett is a main character in the American crime drama, Law & Order: New Orleans.

Biography & Personality

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana in March 1985, Shilo Bennett grew up as the second-youngest of six children. His father served overseas in the Navy, for most of the time, so his mother ran the household. Under the watchful eye of his jack-of-all-trades mother, Shilo managed good grades stayed away from drugs, gangs, and violence throughout his whole life. He managed to get an athletic scholarship to Lousiana State University. He aspired on the football field as a running back until, in his final year, he busted up his knee, ruining his chances of going pro. Luckily, Shilo had kept his grades up and got a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice to fall back on. He then joined the police academy and graduated as part of the top of his class. He served as an N.O.P.D. officer for nine years, until he was shot seven times in the line of duty while responding to a domestic disturbance, and severely wounded. He recovered, but was unable to get his old job back, and gratefully accepted his current position as D.A. Investigator in compensation.

He has a girlfriend, Ameila Narios, who's a N.O.P.D. IAB Detective, and whom he served with during his years on the force. ("Deception")

Shilo is shown to be street smart and somewhat comedic, but takes his job seriously as possible. He is mentioned to be a hot-shot in his day, but has since cooled down due to the adversities he's faced. He is also sociable in and out of the workplace, and tries his best to befriend his co-workers, or at least be there for them when needed.

Shilo arrives in the seventh season premiere on his first day as a D.A. Investigator. He meets his new partner, former NOPD Sergeant Gino Carcaterra, and the two slowly bond over their first case together.

In the tenth season, Shilo witnesses the former CIA agent getting stabbed front of him. The killer got away and Shilo trying to help her but he was too late. She died when ambulance arrived to save her. When the MCCIS looking for the killer, Shilo found out three victims are former CIA agent, James Wallace's former colleague and James is Carla Valentine's daughter, Claire's biological father after he, Carcaterra and Cole McCorrea check Claire's DNA.

After Claire is kidnapped by the same killer when coming home from school. The thing turn dangerous when the killer who is James' former agent and best friend, Vincent Hall give Shilo a ultimatum, a chance for saving Claire. Vincent hold Shilo at gunpoint and Shilo force to drive what Vincent told him. When driving, Shilo found out Vincent has been killing his victim because he blamed James for losing his job after James and his colleague explosive Vincent's affair 9 years ago and Vincent was the one who force James to break up with Carla when she was pregnant with his child.

When driving at midnight, Shilo finally snaps, refusing to listen at Vincent's orders and asks Vincent to shoot him before crashes the car. Shilo takes off on foot and leaving Vincent in the car. When running, Shilo found out where Vincent has been hiding Claire in the Gravestone.

After calling his colleague, he knows Vincent buried Claire alive in the Gravestone. The next morning, Shilo went to the place where Vincent buried Claire. When he was about to walking away, Shilo found Claire's necklace on the grave of Vincent's brother who was killed 14 years ago. Shilo grab the shovel and starting to dig before found out the coffin. Shilo open the coffin and see Claire who is cover in dirt. When they was about to attacked, Vincent attack Shilo and threating to kill Claire. The MCCIS arrived the grave just in time. Shilo beg Vincent to let Claire go and shoot him. Vincent let Claire go and hold his weapon to Shilo before James took his shot on Vincent. Shilo told Vincent, he is sorry and this wasn't his fault before Vincent slowing died.

A year later, Shilo is offered a job with the DEA. Though this could be a big step up for him, he is hesitant to take it, as it would mean having to leave his colleagues at the D.A.'s Office. They, however, encourage him to take the offer, and after much thought he does, and soon bids good-bye to them.



Service weapon: Smith & Wesson 659

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