Shield 3 is a 2017 American Action Science Fiction Space Opera Horror Thriller film written and directed by J. J. Abrams. It is a sequel to both 2012's Shield and 2014's Shield 2. It stars Emily Blunt, Ron Perlman, Asa Butterfield, Keith David, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Benedict Cumberbatch, Michael Ironside, Thomas Kretschmann, John Hurt and Frank Welker. John Williams returned to compose the saga's score for the last time.


Shield 3 spans over three different settings, starting with the South American Protectorate on Earth, then to the Precursors' Core installation, and finally on Shield 4B. The game continues the Colonel Dana's (Emily Blunt) efforts in stopping the Enclave from activating the Shield worlds. The Enclave has become embroiled in a civil war, with the Saulosians allied with the Humans against the main body of the hegemony, now led solely by Path (John Hurt). Meanwhile, the Mukils have taken the Saulosians' place as field commanders in the Enclave military.


The storyline begins approximately two weeks after the events of Shield 2, on November 17th, 2246. Colonel Dana Price (Emily Blunt) enters Earth's atmosphere and crash-lands in Brazil's amazon rainforest. After being retrieved by Sergeant Lucas Bishop (Keith David), Inquisitor Hanir Dolek (voiced by Ron Perlman), and a handful of Marines, the group makes their way through the jungle toward a designated extraction point. Enclave forces are sighted in the area and Bishop makes a strategic decision to split the group up to reduce their chances of getting spotted. Dana and Hanir continue on their way to the extraction zone with the second squad, fighting off numerous Mukil-led Enclave troops in the process, but upon reaching the extraction zone, Bishop's dropship group consisting of two condors, are ambushed and shot down by Ravagers. Bishop and his men are then captured and taken prisoner by a number of Mukil led by a Mukil Leader. Dana, Inquisitor, and company fight their way through hordes of enemies and eventually rescue them, after which a Condor arrives and picks them up.

The Condor brings them to the Human secret base, the Hubble, which is used as a local base of operations by the Unified Earth. Here, Commander Simon Jovian (Thomas Brodie-Sangster) and Admiral Klaus Einsenhardt (Thomas Kretschmann) plan a last-ditch effort to stop the Enclave from activating an artifact built by the long-vanished Precursors who the Enclave worship as gods, uncovered outside the ruins of the city of New Rio de Janeiro. This artifact is believed to be the Core, which, if activated, will fire the Shield Worlds, which the Enclave believe will herald a sublimation event called the Path and propel the faithful to godhood, but will in fact wipe out all sentient life in the galaxy. Their plan is to have Colonel Dana and a small group of marines punch a hole in the Enclave's anti-air defenses, so that Baron Einsenhardt can initiate a low level air-strike on the artifact. Their planning is quickly interrupted when power is cut and Path (voiced by John Hurt) broadcasts an announcement to all surviving Human forces that their doom is inevitable. Soon after that, the Enclave discover the facility and mount a heavy assault. After a brief struggle, the outpost is lost and is destroyed by a bomb activated by Colonel Dana. Deep underground, the Super Soldier regroups with the surviving Marines and makes her way into the Brazilian city of Paraty, Rio de Janeiro via the Rocha Highway. In Paraty, Dana along with a handful of Marines and Hanir Dolek destroy the Enclave anti-air defenses. Baron Einsenhardt leads the last of Earth's military ships against Path and the artifact. As Klaus mounts his attack on the Hierarch, Path activates the artifact and creates an enormous hyperspace portal, into which all the Enclave ships retreat.

At the same time, a Saulosian ship controlled by the Purge, a parasitic species which nearly wiped out the Precursors, arrives suddenly via hyperspace and crashes in Paraty. The parasite quickly spreads throughout the entire city and infects many, minutes after they arrive. As the Human forces attempt to fight the infestation, many become infected by the Purge. The Saulosians, led by now-Captain Kleiv Suvo (voiced by Michael Ironside), arrive at Earth and assist the struggle against the infestation. The Saulosians inform Commander Simon that a UE android is aboard the crashed Purge ship, and identify it as Gen (Asa Butterfield). After retrieving Gen, Dana meets B1-R3 Prism (voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch) once more, reluctantly joining after the events in Shield. returned to the Saulosians' flagship, Honored Star, to oversee the repairs made by Prism. However, it is only a recorded message from him. Gen's message says that the Overlord (voiced by Frank Welker) is bringing the infested Cicle (the homeplanet of the Hierarchs and the former base of operations of the Enclave) to Earth with an army of Purge, and that on the other side of the portal is a solution to the Purge complete and definitive extermination, without having to fire the shield worlds. Baron Eisenhardt questions Gen's plan, assuming that it could be a Purge trap, but Colonel Dana firmly tells Einsenhardt that she trusts him.

Baron Einsehardt and the rest of the UE remain on Earth to defend it against the incoming Purge invasion while Commander Simon and his ship, the Hope of a New Day, journeys through the Portal with all of the Saulosians. Arriving at the true Core, which is several thousand light years beyond the rim of the Milky Way Galaxy, the Saulosians engage Path's fleet while the UE launches a ground campaign. After landing on the Core, B1-R3 Prism helps lead the Super Soldier, UE forces and some Saulosians to the Core's Informatum, the map room of the Core, to locate the Control Room of the Core. In order to access the Control Room, the UE and the Saulsians must deactivate three shield generators which are inside three separate towers. While Colonel Dana and Inquisitor Hanir Dolek succeed in deactivating the first and second towers, Bishop radios Simon, telling him that he must retreat due to the heavy enemy assault. When Dana and the Saulosians arrived to the third tower, Bishop and his men are nowhere to be seen. After the final shield barrier protecting the Control Room deactivates, the fully Purge-infested Cicle arrives via hyperspace and crashes onto the Core, releasing Purge combat forms as it falls.

After handling the nearby infestation, Dana leads the remaining UE and surviving Saulosians forces via armored vehicles in an assault on the Citadel containing the Control Room, which is heavily defended by Enclave forces. Once inside the Citadel, Path broadcasts his sermon and reveals the captured Bishop. Just as Path is about to force Bishop to activate the shields worlds, Simon crashes into the Control Room using a Condor. Knowing he cannot kill all of the Mukils, Simon realizes that he must kill Bishop and himself to stop the worlds from being activated. From behind, Path stabs and kills Simon, and then using Bishop's hand on the nearby terminal, activates all of the remaining Shields in the galaxy.

Just as Dana and Hanir reach the top, two Purge Brute forms confront them. The Overlord, communicating through the two Purge forms, urges the three to join forces in stopping the initiation of the Shields and Path. With the Purge's help, Colonel Dana and Hanir Dolek slaughtered all the remaining Enclave forces defending Path. Upon arrival to the Core's Control Terminal, they find Bishop mourning over the loss of Simon, and Path partially infected by the Purge. Hanir Dolek, after a short confrontation with Path over the true purpose of the Shields, executes Path with his light dagger, just as Dana deactivates all the Shields. Shortly after the deactivation of the Shields, the Overlord betrays them and prevents the duo from escaping, although Bishop manages to using Simon's crashed Condor.

The duo manage to escape from the Citadel via an access tunnel near the elevator they used earlier. Dana then experiences a hallucination of Gen and follows the figure to a control panel. He then activates the panel, finally learning Gen's plan: the Core is manufacturing a replacement Shield after the destruction of Shield 4: Shield 4B. Knowing that the threat of the Purge is undeniably apocalyptic, and that the new world is unconnected to the rest of the Shield Worlds, Dana decides she will activate the new Shield. Needing an Key in order to fire the world, Dana journeys into the crashed Cicle to retrieve Gen, keeping her promise and knowing that he still has the Key he acquired from the original Shield 4. Once retrieved, Gen instructs the Super Soldier to venture into Cicle's core in order to destroy the Overlord. Hanir Dolek arrives via Spirit to assist the Super Soldier in fighting the Purge. The three escape from Cicle before it explodes using a damaged but still flyable Condor.

The surviving Saulosian and UE personnel return to Earth, leaving only Sergeant Bishop, Colonel Dana with Gen and the Inquisitor to make their way to Shield 4B. As they make their way to the new Shield world's Control Room, Purge forms arrive via dispersal pods to prevent the activation of the world. From here, they quickly discover that Overlord is attempting to reconstruct itself on Shield 4B. As Sergeant Bishop tries to activate the world, B1-R3 Prism fires his defensive laser at him after realizing that it will destroy his new Shield and the Core, mortally wounding him. Prism then turns against the Super Soldier and blasts the Inquisitor out of the Control Room, leaving Dana to defeat Prism by herself. Dana successfully destroys Prism once and for all with the Super Soldier Blaster and tries to mend Bishop. Mortally wounded, Bishop urged Dana to never let Gen go, to which Dana responds, "I won't". Bishop subsequently dies from his injuries, and Dana gives a glimpse of sadness.

With the Shield activated, Dana and Hanir Dolek race towards the Hope of a New Day using Bishop's War Jeep. With no time to reach the bridge, Dana uploads Gen into the ship to start taking off before the Inquisitor is able to take the controls. The front half of the New Day, containing Hanir, makes it through the portal. However, as Shield shakes itself to pieces during its firing sequence and destroys the Core, the portal deactivates as the other half of the New Day containing Dana and Gen enter it. This causes them to rip off from the other half of the ship and be apparently detroyed.

Back on Earth, Baron Einsenhardt holds a memorial service in honor for those who died in the Human-Enclave War, with Hanir Dolek alongside many Marines in attendance. With Path dead, the Enclave defeated forever, and the Purge extinct, the long and devastating war is finally over. Though he says he can never forgive Hanir for what the Enclave did to the Human race, Baron Einsenhardt sincerely thanks him for standing by Dana until the end, remarking that is hard to believe she has gone. Hanir only speaks that the life holds secrets, that none of them would be sure. After the service, Hanir meets with Kleiv Suvo, in which the two agrees to meet their families once more. With this, the Saulosians return to their home planet, Saulos.

In a post-credit scene, it is revealed that Dana and Gen are still alive aboard the rear section of the New Day, which had be torn off before going through the other side of the portal. The Super Soldier floats to a cryo chamber and as she climbs in, Gen comments "I'll miss you." She replies "Wake me up, when something happens." After some seconds, the section of New Day that Gen and Dana are aboard is seen drifting towards an unknown Precursor colossal star-like world.


Emily Blunt - Colonel Dana Price

Ron Perlman - Inquisitor Hanir Dolek (Voice)

Asa Butterfield - Gen

Keith David - Sargeant Lucas Bishop

Thomas Brodie-Sangster - Commander Simon Jovian

Benedict Cumberbatch - B1-R3 Prism (Voice)

Michael Ironside- Captain Kleiv Suvo (Voice)

Thomas Krteschmann - Admiral Baron Klaus Einsenhardt

Frank Welker - Overlord (Voice)

John Hurt - Path (Voice)

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