Sheldon Voorhees
Sheldon Voorhees


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Vital Statistics
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Family Lenny Leray (brother) Pranker Krueger (brother) Pinkamena (sister) Mimete (You Killer) (sister) Thunder Von (brother) Akiki "Shion" Tachibana (sister) Simon Myers (brother)
Status Deceased
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Yellow
Height 5'3"
Affiliation Lenny Leray, Pranker Krueger, Pinkamena, Mimete, Thunder Von, Shion, and Simon Myers
Weapons Machete
Species Humanoid/Demon
Home Unknown
Appearances You Killer 5 Wolfychu, You Killer 9 Super Smash Bros Ultimate, You Killer 10: The Final Showdown
Quests Replace Jason Voorhees (failed) Kill the viewer and their friends and collect their souls (failed)
Performer None
Jason Voorhees (ancestor)

Sheldon Voorhees is one of the main antagonists of the You Killer franchise. He is the fourth oldest and fourth shortest of The Horror Children from the Deep End at 16, about a month older than Mimete. He along with his brothers and sisters were created by accident from Shima when an experiment gone wrong. Along with the viewer who was found and rescued by Doopie, who took care of them and became a part of her family. He was transported to a vidcom in California where lots of Youtubers were. He started a large killing spree thinking he would be just like his "father" Jason Voorhees. But he failed with a few, especially Wolfychu who became a part of the viewer's family, and six other youtubers: Jaiden, Den, PJ, Chilly, Shannon, and Emily, who later appeared in You Killer 8 to help destroy the final Horror child. Shelden ended up meeting his demise by his "father" Jason as he picked him up and threw him at a bed of spikes. He was later resurrected to get revenge. He is voiced by Greg Feldon who also voiced Saphir in the Viz version of Sailor Moon.


Sheldon Voorhees has shaggy yellow hair. He's also got a dark gold mask with red arrows on each side and red crescent on the top. He's got small red sphere earrings, a noose around his neck, a deep blue vest, and coal black pants and shoes


You Killer 5: Wolfychu.

"I'm the new Jason Voorhees, Sheldon Voorhees." Introducing himself to the main characters and everyone else all on stage.


Sheldon has one of the highest kill counts of the Horror Children.

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