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Shazam! is an American Superhero Action Drama Television Series, based off of the DC Superhero Captain Marvel, and debuted on November 20, 2015, airing on the CW Television Network. It is a Spin-Off of CW's two DC series, The Flash and Arrow, existing in the same fictional universe as the two. The series follows Billy Batson (portrayed by Dylan Sprayberry), an orphaned 14 year old, after he is granted god-like powers, becoming the superhero, Captain Marvel, when he speaks the magic word "Shazam".

The positive reception Sprayberry received in the series' two backdoor pilots on the second season of The Flash led to the choice of a full budget pilot. The series would later have a cross-over episode with The Flash, and later had a cross-over with Arrow.

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After his parents died in a car crash, young Billy Batson was seperated from his younger sister and placed in an orphanage in Fawcette City. Billy grew up with his friend Freddy Freeman, and raised by their nice and caring caretaker, Jenny Brooks, living near his uncle, Dudley Batson. Years later, a now 14 year old Billy is chosen by the ancient wizard, Shazam, to be Earth's protector, when danger threatens the planet, transforming into a uniformed adult, with the powers of six different god, Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury. Now, with the help of his friends and his mystical guardian, Tawky Tawny, Billy uses his powers to fight crime as the Guardian of Earth, Captain Marvel, everytime he speaks the wizard's name, "Shazam".


  • Dylan Sprayberry as Billy Batson and Tom Welling as Captain Marvel, a young orphan, who, when he was five, was put into his uncle's custody, after his parents died, separated from his sister, whom his uncle gave away, unable to care for both of them. A year later, Billy was put into the Fawcett City orphanage, when his uncle was deemed ineligible to care for him. growing up, Billy became close to his friend Freddy and an orphanage caretaker, Jenny. When he was 14 years old, Billy was chosen by the wizard Shazam to take on the position of Earth's protector, giving him the Wisdom of Solomon, Strength of Hercules, Stamina of Atlas, Power of Zues, Courage of Achilles, and Speed of Mercury, to become Captain Marvel, by saying the magic word, "Shazam", which reverts him from Billy to Cap Marvel.
  • Kristin Kreuk as Jennifer "Jenny, or Jen" Brooks, one of the caretakers at the Fawcette City orphanage, who bonded and became close to both Billy and Freddy, who they see as an older sister, as she sees them as little brothers, and is at times, a surrogate mother to them, as well as being one of the few people that know that Billy is Captain Marvel. She is very caring and protective, and at times over-protective, of the children at the orphanage, especially Billy and Freddy, and can also be a bit nosy when it comes to their personal lives, but she is always there for them when they need any advice, or someone to lean on. She eventually began dating a reporter that did a paper on the orphanage, and they got married.
  • Jonny Gray as Freddy Freeman/Cap. Marvel Jr, Billy's best friend and his roommate at the Fawcette City Orphanage. When Billy first joined the orphanage, they slowly became best friends, growing up in the same room, and are honorarily brothers. Freddy is a loyal friend, protecting Billy's secret, and can be witty and flirtatious, and acts as comic relief an intense situations. Billy and Freddy also host their own radio show, called WHIZ Radio. Freddy became crippled during Captain Marvel's battle with Black Adam, and spent a few years that way, until a demon unleashed by hades took control of him, so in his last option to free him, went to Shazam, who granted Freddy all of Billy's powers, everytime he utters "Captain Marvel.
  • Kira Kosarin as Nicole Davidson, Billy's crush and main love-interest in the series, as well as Jenny's little niece and Billy and Freddy's best friend. Like Billy, her parents died in a car crash when she was younger, so she moved in with her aunt Jenny, also meeting Billy, who she was able to relate to, as he also lost his family. Living in the same building as Billy, they eached harbored a secret crush on the other, and they eventually shared their feelings and began a relationship, and she eventually discovered his secret. When she was blinded, Billy offered to her to ask Shazam to give her the same poweres he does, as he once had to help Freddy, but she denied and decided to accept it, not wanting to be involved in the Marvel family's adventures.
  • Jadin Gould as Mary Bromfield-Batson and Sammi Hanratty as Mary Marvel, Billy's long lost younger sister, who as a three year old child, was seperated from her brother and adopted by wealthy family in Starling City, with little memory of her brother. Due to the danger in Starling City, her family moved to Fawcette City, where she met Billy, eventually learning that they each have the two pieces of a locket, that was given to them by their mother, and finally reunited as brother and sister. She eventually discovered that Billy was Captain Marvel, and recieved her own powers from Shazam, and like Billy, becomes older, with a uniform, and god-like powers, by uttering the word "Shazam", though she doesn't become that much older as her brother does.
  • Morgan Freeman as Tawky Tawny, a mystical tiger that Shazam assigned to guard and watch over Billy from a distance and he does so, as Billy grows up in the orphanage, appearing as a homeless man in public. He, in his human appearance, befriends Billy after Billy sticks up for him from punks and reveals to Billy that he's Billy's guardian, when Cap. Marvel defeats Black Adam at the end of the first season.
  • Lee Majors as Hank Dudley Batson, Billy's uncle, whose life went downhill, losing his wife, his brother, and his job. He nearly leaves his home and has little money to take care of himself, let alone Billy, which is why the result of his child care inspection deemed him unable ineligible to take care of Billy, which is why he placed Billy in foster care, but they still see each other everyday and share a strong relationship. Billy, with help from his friends, does his best to get him back in the world and Hank is one of the few people to know Billy's secret.


Backdoor Pilots

These two episodes of The Flash are envisioned as backdoor pilots for Shazam!, as Barry befriends an orphan and his caretaker.

Title Description
The Orphan The Flash goes up against a meta-human with the ability to turn into an insect-like creature with the powers of multiple bugs. Meanwhile, Barry befriends a young orphan, Billy Batson, visiting from Fawcett City, with his caretaker, Jenny Brooks.
Return of the Rogues Mark Mardon, Roy Bivolo, Kyle Nimbus, and Shawna Baez, led by Leonard Snart, return to Central City for revenge against the Flash, after their escape in episode 22 of The Flash, Rogue Air. Meanwhile, Billy and Jenny discover that Barry is the Flash, after finding him maskless and severely beaten, and later return to Fawcett City.

Season 1

After being granted the ability to become an adult with powers of the gods, Billy Batson must protect his world from evil creatures, meta-humans, and villains, becoming Captain Marvel, upon speaking the word "Shazam", while living as an orphaned boy with his friends, Freddy and Nicole, an orphanage caretaker, and his uncle Dudley.

Voiceover Introduction

"My name is Billy Batson. When I was five years old, my parents died, and I was put into an orphanage, seperated from my sister. Growing up in a boring city, I never imagined that I would be chosen to protect Earth from menacing creatures and criminals, becoming Captain Marvel, a superhero adult with God-like powers, every time I speak just one word... "Shazam". "

Title Information
The Magic of Shazam A five year old boy, Billy Batson, is put in an orphanage after his parents death. 9 years later, Billy is a good hearted 14 year old, raised by an orphanage caretaker, Jenny Brooks, starting high school, with his best friends, Freddy and Nicole, and living near his uncle Dudley. Upon returning to Fawcett City after a trip with Jenny to Central City, Billy is lured by a cloaked old man into a cave, where he meets the ancient wizard Shazam, who has chosen Billy to be Earth's protector, and grants him the ability to transform into a costumed adult with the power of the gods, everytime Billy says "Shazam". Now, Billy must use his powers to become Captain Marvel, when Oom the Mighty, an ancient greek creature arrives on Earth.
The Crocodile Man After a construction crew is mysteriously murdered in the sewers, Billy discovered that a half-man half-alligator is hunting people for food and must stop him. Meanwhile, Billy has an arguement with Jenny, when she disagrees about him being a hero, afraid he'll get hurt and demands that he stops, but he refuses.
Into the Darkness Dora Keane, a meta-human with the ability to control darkness and shadows, causes accidents in the dark to distract the cops and Captain Marvel, while she gets away with her crimes and then leaves Billy powerless when she uses a dark force field to block the lightning that transforms Billy when he says Shazam.
Rampage Captain Marvel must stop a rampaging multifunctional robot, while searching for it's creator. Meanwhile, busy with School and his heroic career, Billy unknowingly avoids all attempts at a birthday surprise by his friends.
Real Steel Trent McGowen, a meta-human with the ability to turn his body parts into indestructible non-conductive metal weapons, is out for revenge on the people that helped put his father away in prison. Meanwhile, Nicole begins an interest in Fawcett City's new hero.
Hothead Captain Marvel must stop Blaze, a criminal with the ability to not only generate and control fire, but to also steal the heat out of anything or anyone, completely freezing it or them and becoming stronger.
No Lightning, One Problem When Billy's class is taken hostage by duplicating meta-human, Billy is powerless to help his friends, when the steel structure of the building keeps the magic lightning from striking him and turning him into Captain Marvel.
Strength of Hercules Captain Marvel must deal with a meta-human with super strength that matches his. Meanwhile, Jenny goes to Central City to get help from Barry, in order to discover the creator of the rampaging robot, that Billy battled.
The Wickedest Scientist in the World Mr. Atom reawakens in STAR Labs, so Billy flies to Central City to help the Flash and save Jenny. Billy meets a scientist, Dr. Sivana, obsessed with the weird and unexplained, including Captain Marvel and the meta-humans.
Meeting The Arrow When Dr. Sivana tricks Billy into powering a machine that transfers his powers to Sivana, Barry calls in some back up for Billy, Oliver Queen/The Arrow. Meanwhile, Nicole looks back at her friendship with Billy, from when they first met to before he left for Central City.
The Demons

Three ancient demons, once sealed away by Shazam, are mysteriously summoned to Earth, and now Captain Marvel is tasked with stopping them, first starting with the demon Drako.

Call of the Wild Billy, Freddy, and Nicole take a field trip with their class on a camping trip, but when students begin disappearing, Billy learns that a meta-human with the ability to control animals, claiming himself as the Beast-Ruler, is killing them.
In Too Deep Captain Marvel faces the next of the three demons, a sea demon taking and killing anything or anyone in his waters.
Blizzardous Christmas A man with the ability to generate beams of ice plans to cover Fawcette City in a blizzard, leaving Captain Marvel to stop him, as he continues his search for the final demon. Meanwhile, Jenny throws a Christmas party for the orphanage, also inviting Dudley and Nicole.
Remember the Batsons When Billy finds clues to his parents work in an old book his mother gave him, he visits their old lab, where he meets their old partner, Teth Adam, but they are attacked by the final demon, who manages to escape.
Haunted Billy learns from Teth that there was more to his parents work than he thought or was ever told, while he again searches for the final demon. Billy looking into his parents work, causes Jenny to recap Billy's arrival after thier death, and taking care of him and raising him.
Mind of the Worm In order to escape prison, Dr. Sivana releases an old expiriment, Mr. Mind, a worm with a powerfully enhanced Intelligence, strong enough to mind control people, anybody, but Captain Marvel. Using his power, Mr, Mind goes from host to host in order to free his master, and even controls Billy's loved ones, knowing Billy will not attack him.
Time Out When Captain Marvel is unable to beat a meta human with the ability to freeze time, Cisco Ramone travels to Fawcette City with a device that can help Marvel move during the time freeze.
Sins of the Soul Captain Marvel once again battles the Naman, the final of the three demons, who is more powerful than in their last battle, getting stronger and stronger with each victim.
The Origin of Teth Adam Teth finally reveals himself to Billy as Black Adam, the first chosen protector of Earth that Shazam empowered, but was corrupted with the thought of thinking himself a god among the planet.
Seven Deadly Sins of Man In order to become strong enough to defeat Black Adam, Billy is challenged mentally and physically by the Seven Deadly Sins of Man that corrupted Black Adam, and is guided by a mysterious spirit throughout his challenges.
Return of Black Adam Captain Marvel must push his powers to the limit, as he and Black Adam begin an all out battle around Fawcette City. During the battle, Freddy is crippled.

 Season 2

In the aftermath of the giant storm created by Black Adam, and stopped by Captain Marvel, Billy is faced with new enemies and is joined by new allies.

Voiceover Introduction

"My name is Billy Batson. When I was five years old, my parents died, and I was put into an orphanage, seperated from my sister. Growing up in a boring city, I never imagined that I would be chosen to protect Earth from menacing creatures and criminals, becoming a super awesome superhero with God-like powers. I turn into Captain Marvel, every time I speak just one little word "Shazam". "

Title Description
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