Sharovipteryx (SciiFii)
Sharovipteryx modernii (name meaning "Sharov's wing of modern times") is a species of early gliding lizard-like reptile that originally lived in the middle-late Triassic period (about 225 million years ago) in what is now the Madygen Formation, Dzailauchou, on the southwest edge of the Fergana valley in Kyrgyzstan, and was once extinct, but has since been brought back from extinction and now lives in the Triassic Dinosaurs section of Cretaceous Park located in Sacramento, California. It is the only known gliding reptile with a membrane surrounding the pelvis instead of the pectoral girdle. The wing membrane, which stretches between its very long hind legs and tail, allow it to glide as a delta wing aircraft does. It is an insectivore, mainly feeding on moths, butterflies, crickets, grasshoppers, flies, and spiders. It has a lifecycle and lifestyle almost identical to that of flying geckos. It is a common exotic pet reptile, due to SciiFii allowing some of their Sharovipteryx modernii to be sold to pet lovers and pet stores, making it among the most popular non-dinosaur reptilian pets.
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