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The Sharktopus is the main antagonist of the 2010 American horror film Sharktopus.

Dubbed “Project S-11”, Sharktopus was deigned by Dr. Nathan Sands to be the perfect killing machine to be used by the United States Navy. However, the control chip embedded in its brain becomes fried, releasing the creature from his control.


The Sharktopus has the upper body of a shark and the lower body of an octopus. The Sharktopus has a shark’s head with small piercing black eyes and a mouth full of sharp shark teeth. The Sharktopus has a curved shark fin on its back along with two double fined shark fins. The Sharktopus has three shark gills on either side of its shark body with spikes coming out of them.

The Sharktopus’s lower body is that of an octopus including an octopus’s beak underneath its upper shark’s body. The Sharktopus’s octopus tentacles are dark red in color and have octopus suckers along with sharp black spikes at the end of each tentacle.

Powers and Abilities

The Sharktopus possesses the following powers and abilities:

  • Sharp teeth
  • Fast swimming
  • Tentacles
  • Amphibious locomotion

In Movies

In Five Nights with Top: Rebooted

The Sharktopus is an antagonist in Five Nights with Top: Rebooted, introduced on Night 3. It starts in Alan’s computer, and will slowly come out of it, before appearing standing in said room. It will then move to the Balcony where it will be seen on the left side right up in the camera staring at it. Next, it will appear in the Main Hallway on the right side, staring menacingly at the camera. Then it will appear at the window to the player‘s right on the far left side, staring in. The player must shut the window if they see it to ward it off. Failure to do so after a few seconds will result in the Sharktopus jumpscaring the player, resulting in a game over.

Path: Alan’s Room (Stage 1) ➡️ Alan’s Room (Stage 2) ➡️ Alan’s Room (Stage 3) ➡️ Balcony ➡️ Main Hallway ➡️ Window ➡️ Living Room.

Jumpscare: The Sharktopus