Shark Night 3 3D Red Water Is A Horror Shark Attack Film and third of the  Shark Night 3D and 

Shark Night 2" Ocean of Blood Starring

Chris Hemsworth,Selena Gomez,Emma Bell,Josep Morgan,Emma Watson,Kristin Bell,Nico Tortella,Scott Porter,Billy Ungler,Blake jenner,Corbin Blue,Misha Collins and Amanda Riggethi




Chris Hemsworth As Mr.Duncan Golden/He's a college teacher who supports the idea of spending marley Easter holidays at the home of his love interest Marley

Selena Gomez As Marley Montgomery/ she is the principal of the movie she is a cousin of the palski she takes his companions to his home in the middle of a huge lake where they can have fun Duncan love interest 

Emma Bell As Gale Watson/ she is the best friend marley she is very friendly and has a crush on his teacher peter Peter love interest

Josep Morgan As Mr.Peter York/he is the best friend of the duncan is the joker in love with gale

Emma Watson As Leslie Parker/Marley Friend and Randy Girlfriend

Kristen Bell As Jade Brick/gale Friend and Lewis Girlfriend

Nico Tortella As Coop Thompson/Chase Crim/Marley Ex-Boyfriend and Dennis Litlle Brother

Scott Porter As Randy Tatum/Marley Bestfriend and Leslie Boyfriend

Billy Ungler As Billy Stevens/Coop and Randy Bestfriend

Blake jenner As Butch Harrison/Coop Friend

Julian Guill As Danny Hutchinson/Gale and Marley Bestfriend

Corbin Blue As Lewis O'Neil/Jade Brother

Misha Collins As Ned Foster/Peper Boyfriend

Amanda Riggethi As Peper Halliwey/Ned Girlfriend


Ned Foster-eaten by a shark when he is making a joke peper

Peper Halliwey-when in the boat a shark breaks the floor and pulled down to be eaten

Butch Harrison-legs eaten by the shark when swimming so this dying blood loss

Billy Stevens-pierced in the stomach with a spear accident jade

Lewis O'Neil-half body eaten by white shark

Jade brick-Shark breaks the wooden bridge and eats her legs

Randy Tatum-shark eats the legs and then is eaten by another shark

Leslie Parker-stabbed in the chest with a hunting knife by herself

Coop Thompson-stabbed in the back by Marley and shot in the chest by duncan and eaten by shark


Duncan Golden,Marley Montgomery,Gale Watson,Peter York and Danny Hutchinson

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