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Shark Night 2: Ocean of Blood is a horror-slasher-shark movie and the second part of Shark Night. Starring: Sara Paxton, Alexis Bledel, Heather Morris, Tyler Hoechlin, Chloe Moretz, Borizlab Ilev, Jamie Chung, Danielle Harris, Sean Flynn, Ryan Kelley, Britanny Anne Pirtle, Jennette McCurty, James Maslow, Victoria Justice, Miles Fisher, Natha Keyes and Alex Heartman.



Sara Paxton As Sara Palski

Alexis Bladel As Sofia Palski

Heather Morris As Alexandra (Alex) Woods

Tyler Hoelinch As Tyler Prescott

Chloe Moretz As Erin Woods

Borizlab Ilev As Backy

Jamie Chung As Caly Yoo

Danielle Harris As Sally Moon

Sean Flynn As Ash Recce

Ryan Kelley As James Rivers

Britanny Anne Pirtle As  Haley Fields

Jennette McCurty As Charlie Benneth

James Maslow As Kyle Aundrew

Victoria Justice As Natalie Ramos

Miles Fisher As Leon Connely

Natha Keyes As John Simone

Alex Heartman As Stuart (Stu) White


Stu-The white shark jumps the dock and pulls it to eat mast wing depth

John-The bull shark pulls the leg to eat of the.

Leon-The White shark eat the leg when he is surfing and then I end up eating

Natalie-The white shark eats it when he was bathing naked eat it

Kyle.The great white shark pulls the wings ocean shore depth of the ocean to eat

Charlie-a baby shark pulls the boat to eat it

Haley Fields-haley runs when the wooden bridge jumping the bull shark 

James Rivers-shark rips head jumps to James

Ash Recce-Ash manages to kill the bull shark with the ax but a saltwater crocodile attacks him and kills him

Sally Moon-Shark bites her thighs and pulls her underwater,where she drowns

Caly-is killed with a knife so that it is not the sharks eat

Backy-sara stabs the screwdriver in the eye and then throws the shark's Gunpowder strip and bursting with.


Sara Palski, Sofia Palski, Alex Woods, Tyler Prescott And Erin Woods

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