Shark Attacks is a Killer Animal horror film starring Emma Bell, Bobby Campo, Firass Dirani, Ashley Greene, Meagan Good, Alex Heartman, Danielle Harris, Sharni Vinson, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Nicholas D'agosto, Audrina Patriage and Robbie Amell.




Emma Bell As Sam

Bobby Campo As Joe

Firass Dirani As Alvin

Ashley Greene As Alice

Meagan Good As Jesse

Alex Heartman As Danny

Danielle Harris As Cindy

Sharni Vinson As Avery

Mary Elizabeth Winstead As Darcy

Nicholas D'agosto As Bobby

Audrina Patriage As Kelsy

Robbie Amell As Randy


Kelsy- Big part of her body ripped out by a shark causing her to bleed to death

Bobby-Eaten open while searching for Kelsy's Body

Avery-when she swims to reach the shore a shark jumps and she is eate

Cindy-she tries to escape on a motorboat but a shark jumps and she is eaten

Randy-he is stabbed in the chest and eaten by a shark

Jesse-Jesse is a meal when the shark breaks the wooden floor

Alvin-pedis artery cut by Joe and pushed to the sharks by Sam and Alice


Sam, Joe, Alice and Darcy

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