Shark Attack 4 is An American Horror-Slasher-Thriller Film. This Movie Also Continues From Shark Attack 3 And Is The Sequel To The Film Shark Attack And Shark Attack 2. Starring Bobby Campo, Brittany Snow, Dakota Fanning, Penn Badgley, Shane Harper, Katie Cassidy, Steven R. McQueen, Chris Evans, Aimee Teegarden, Texas Battle, Sara Paxton, Arlen Escarpeta And Ellen Wroe.


Andrew and Heather get their friends to go to a lake with them, but there are Bull sharks in the water, that are hungry.



Bobby Campo as Andrew

Brittany Snow as Heather

Dakota Fanning As Ellie

Penn Badgley As Nathan

Shane Harper As George

Katie Cassidy As Daphne

Steven R. McQueen As Jeffrey

Chris Evans As Ralph

Aimee Teegarden As Thea

Texas Battle As Richard

Sara Paxton As Sarah

Chelan Simmons As Winter

Ellen Wroe As Gertrude







Ralph- Eaten by a shark moments after getting his arm eaten

Gertrude- Head eaten off by a shark

Sarah- Dragged underwater and eaten offscreen

Richard- Legs eaten and dies of blood loss

Thea and Jeffrey- Drowned in a flooded cabin while making out

Ellie- Brutally eaten in half

Nathan- Death unknown (although he was last seen when a shark pulled him underwater after obliterating the dock he was on)

Daphne- Bitten in the stomach at the ending (not sure if dead or injured) sharks electroniced but one survive

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