Shark Attack 3 Is a horror Animal Killer and Thrit Part of Shark Attack Nikki-Garcia-Bitch and Shark Night 2 Nikki-Garcia-Bitch Starring Selena Gomez,Katrina Bowden,Jacqueline MacInnes Wood,Gina Holden,Katherina McPhee,Crystal Lowe,Shantel Vansaten,Ellen Whroe,Vanesa Lee Evigan,Vanessa hudgen,Arielle Kebbel,Danielle Panabaker,Portia Doubleday,Elizabeth Gillies and Haley Bennett



Selena Gomez As Quinn

Katrina Bowden As Rosalie

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood As Tina

Gina Holden As Izzie

Katherina McPhee As Alexa

Crystal Lowe As Dana

Shantel Vansaten As Chelsea

Ellen Whroe As Andy

Vanesa Lee Evigan As Mrs.Mackenzie

Vanessa hudgen As Anna

Arielle Kebbel As Stacie

Danielle Panabaker As Amy

Portia Doubleday As Michelle

Elizabeth Gillies As Dani

Haley Bennett As Jamie


Jamie-half body was devoured

Dana-eating by two sharks

Stacie-legs first and then eaten is eaten

Amy-legs first and then eaten is eaten

Tina-when she tries to escape and falls to something is eaten by a baby sharks

Chelsea-she was attacked by mako shark

Andy-she was eaten by a shark

Izzie-she killed herself with shark in a motorboat

Mrs.Mackenzie-she sacrifices just for the girls to escape

Alexa-she was bitten by a shark in chest cat dies by blood loss

Anna-she was killed with electrical wires to kill sharks

Michelle-she burned to last shark torch but she was bitten on chest

Shark-she thinks her friends kill shark shark but it burns dani tries to kill but killed him with a shotgun quinn


Quinn,Rosalie and Dani

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