Shards of Innocent/Shards of Guilt is a two-part crossover event for the two American crime dramas, Hartman and The Sullivans. They were both the thirteen episodes in Hartman 12th season and The Sullivans 1st season.


Part 1 (Shards of Innocent; The Sullivans)

After making a horrifying discovery at video game store, the FJU teams up with Chloe Hartman and her three colleagues to tracks down the operation of a child sex slave ring.

Part 2 (Shards of Guilt; Hartman)

Hartman, Drake, Katherine and their team arrive at LA to continue their search for the ringleader with the help from their witness and Hartman's other colleagues.


Part 1 (Shards of Innocent; The Sullivans)

After Denver Police raid a video game store that said to be selling child p*rn, the FJU discovers DVDs and hard drives that reveal a massive child sex slave ring. They discovered that the ring has ties to multiple major cities, including Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington D.C., New York, Miami and Detroit. Winder calls Chloe Hartman for help since she and her squad previously raided one of the small fronts of the same child sex slave ring in L.A., but the perpetrators refuse to rat out the operation. Later, Hartman arrives with Detectives Mike Ramsay and Olivia Street, as well D.D.A. Morgan Shane, whom Drake and the FJU detectives recognize.

As the two teams investigate the case, Shane visits Gordon's former victim Wendy Driver, informing her that Gordon is suing every victim whom he had children with for visitation rights to them. This angers Wendy due to her daughter, Bella whom she has vowed to never let Gordon have. She tells Shane to find the way to stop Gordon once and for all.

Back on the case, the detectives find a website currently live streaming a man who is attempting to force two adolescent children to choose between having sexual relations with each other or be raped by him and an acquaintance. After Francis manages to trace the website, both FJU and MCU detectives bus the hideout with Drake, Street, Holmes and Wie arresting the two men and their tech support, and Hartman, Ruiz, Ramsay and Andrea rescuing the two children. As social services takes care of the abducted children, the detectives manage to coerce the two into co-operating with them. Then a witness comes forward, revealing that he was a victim of the ring from many years before and is willing to help with more information.

Later, Drake and Katherine speak in private about Wayne's fate and what the consequences they and the others would face if word got out. Drake tells his wife that he is doing what he has to to protect his family and that he loves her and their children more than anything. Ryan comes in and told them he got a call from Winder that the two men they arrested are found dead; one in his cell, the other in the prison showers. As they investigate the scene, Doyle informs Katherine and Hartman that many other people involved in the ring across the country are dying, leading the others to realize that whomever is in charge of the ring is cleaning house. Although Francis manages to partially trace the origin of the ring back to Los Angeles, the site is shut down before it can be fully traced. A witness, Ernest Nash (Taye Diggs), a truck driver who saw multiple children being smuggled, comes forward and says that the leader lives in Los Angeles. As Nash can identify the ringleader since he saw him for the first time in years two months before, Hartman, Shane and the MCU detectives decide that they should head to Los Angeles to find the ring with Nash. Winder has Drake, Holmes and Richter go with them and Drake decides to bring Katherine with them to Los Angeles. Katherine secretly tells Cohen to keep an eye on Wayne until they return.

Part 2 (Shards of Guilt; Hartman)

The two teams arrive in LA and the FJU detectives meet up with the rest of the MCU squad. Max arrives at the MCS to with his wife and met Drake & Holmes, whom he and Everett quickly identify as ex-military, just like them. Barrera informs the other detectives that a pedophile working for the child sex slave ring that the MCU had arrested on was murdered in the hospital, along with the two officers guarding him. Hartman and Chess decided that they need to find the ringleader as soon as possible. Both MCU and FJU, as well as SWAT, have been hitting the ring in and out as hard as possible, but came up with no solid leads to identify the ringleader. Eventually, they identify the hitman and move in to capture him, but he bolts and after a lengthy chase, ends up falling from a building to his death.

At the station, Nash goes over the pictures from the raids and sees a picture he recognized; Dale Goodman, a prominent judge who is running for Congress, who claims to be supporter of protecting children from pedophiles. He revealed that he saw Goodman, not knowing who he was, in San Diego speaking to some high-ranking people about how to selling some cargo in trucks, trains, ships and planes around the world two months before. A day before, Nash saw the one guy Goodman spoke to in a small private airport in Colorado when he was deliver cargo for the airport and saw that they were deliver children in a large semi-trailer truck in the airport. When he heard the news of the arrest of the two men, including one that he recognized in the airfield, that was when he came forward.

After searching for Goodman for sometime, Drake and Vargas find him in a campaign hotel. As they wait for backup and stake out, Vargas talks to Drake about what she, Shane, Hartman and the others went through on during the earthquake and about Gordon trying to sue his victims for visitation rights to his children; she tells him that she took what Katherine said about how to move forward from Gordon and passed it along to Shane. Drake reveals that he and Katherine have been searching for the mob hitman who killed most of Katherine's family, who was now revealed to be the White Tiger; Vargas advises him to be careful when dealing with an assassin like the White Tiger. Then Hartman and the others arrive with a warrant provided by Dekker. The MCU and FJU detectives raid the hotel. As Goodman tries to escape, Vargas, Richter and Everett corner and detain him.

Despite efforts to interrogate him, Goodman refuses to give up his operations. With a plan in mind, Katherine comes in with Shane. With Drake and Hartman inside, Katherine sternly has a long talk with Goodman about what awaits him in prison and how it'll be affected him should he not do what's right; she remarks that she has dealt with criminals who were arrogant, and refused to do the right thing because they thought they were better than the system, and how she'd see them years later while on unrealated cases, as broken, demoralized, hollowed-out versions of their former selves. Shane goes on to tell Goodman that he should think about what Katherine just told him if he wants to make prison life for him, and life in general for his family easier. Goodman caves, admitting that he has his operations playbook that's both on a hardcopy journal and a hard drive in a safe in one of his houses in Los Angeles. After getting the information, the MCU and the FJU, as well as the FBI and police in multiple cities conduct raids all over, arresting more predators and rescuing hundreds of children, ending the ring once and for all.

At the end, after the LAPD buries it's fallen officers, the MCU and FJU detectives get together at a bar. Drake, Max, Holmes and Everett talk about their times in the military. Katherine speaks to Hartman and Jack about her life in Denver. Afterwards, the FJU detectives depart to return home with Drake and Katherine bring gifts for their children back home, and with Hartman thanking them for the help.


Hartman cast

The Sullivans cast

Guest Stars

  • Joe Alder as Officer Kyle Francis (Part 1 only)
  • Kelly Hu as Lieutenant Hannah Wie (Part 1 only)
  • Taye Diggs as Ernest Nash
  • Tahj Mowry as Forensic Specialist C.J. Winston (Part 1 only)
  • Kellita Smith as M.E. Robinetta Cooke (Part 1 only)
  • Graham Greene as District Commander Dan "Red Fox" Cutter (Part 1 only)
  • Adelaide Kane as Wendy Driver (Part 1 only)
  • Goran Visnjic as M.E. Lucien Novač (Part 2 only)
  • ??? as Judge Dale Goodman (Part 2 only)


Part 1

  • Wendy Driver: That man wants nothing to do with any of his children. He never care for them.
  • Morgan Shane: I know.
  • Wendy Driver: I never knew I was pregnant until it was too late. I tried to tell my family and friends about him but he manipulate them.
  • Morgan Shane: I am so sorry.
  • Wendy Driver: When I told my story, nobody stand by my side. My parents blamed me, wanted nothing to do with me and my "freak monster" and even threatens to kill me and it if we ever visit or call them. My former friends call me "bit*h" and "slapper" and my ex-boyfriend call me "faker", telling me that I deserved to be "raped".
  • Morgan Shane: Jesus, they didn't understand what you have been through. They were confused.
  • Wendy Driver: It was too late to fix everything because of him.
  • Morgan Shane: Gordon.
  • Wendy Driver: Don't say his name!
  • Morgan Shane: Sorry, my bad.
  • Wendy Driver: My younger sister did look out for me, got me a house and always deliver my cash every week but her parents never knew. I lost everything because of that man and I will not let him near Bella.
  • Morgan Shane: I promise me and my team will win this.
  • Wendy Driver: He needs to be stopped once and for all.
  • Morgan Shane: I promise you, Wendy that I wouldn't let him near our children. It will not be easy but we can beat him.

(Morgan and Wendy walks to the door, Wendy open the door. Morgan walks outside)

  • Wendy Driver: Why did you keep his child? You was 15 when you had his son. I never knew but you did. You knew but you choose to keep him. Why?
  • Morgan Shane: I didn't know what I was doing. I was just a teenager who didn't understand anything. I choose to keep my son - Johnathan because I want to prove myself as a different person not some wild child who just let a man took advantage on me. Johnathan change my life forever and I don't ever regret having him.

(Morgan walks away into her car, Wendy crying at the end)

  • Katherine Sullivan (to Drake Sullivan): Are you OK?
  • Drake Sullivan: Yeah.
  • Katherine Sullivan: Are you worry about Wayne?
  • Drake Sullivan: It is not Wayne, it is me. Just... I just worried that I will be in huge trouble if anybody finds out what I did.
  • Katherine Sullivan: You are not going be in trouble, Drake. They will understand why.
  • Drake Sullivan: I thought keeping Wayne out of the picture will make it impossible for The White Tiger to find him. I was trying to keep your hope alive.
  • Katherine Sullivan: I know why, but you could've told me or anybody else.
  • Drake Sullivan: I couldn't. I was trying to protect our family. I know I should never lie to you, but I always love you and the kids.
  • Katherine Sullivan: Really?
  • Drake Sullivan: Of course.
  • Katherine Sullivan (smile): I know you do.

(Katherine kisses Drake on the lips. Ryan Sullivan open the door. Drake and Katherine looking at Ryan)

  • Ryan Sullivan: Oh, oops. Sorry to ruin the moment, but you two need to come right now.
  • Drake Sullivan: What is it, Dad?
  • Ryan Sullivan: I got a call from Captain Winder. The two men you arrested on your current case are found dead in prison.
  • Drake Sullivan: What?

Part 2


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