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Shannon of Boxmore (The Bedbug Man and the Opossum Boy)
Background information
Feature films
Television programs The Bedbug Man and the Opossum Boy
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Kari Wahlgren
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Shannon Boxman
Other names Orange Mushroom Head (by Darrell)
Ominous Stranger
Hurricane Shannon (by herself)
Deputy Shannon
Mother (mistakenly by Jane Thunderskunk)
Personality Arrogant, ruthless, mean-spirited, cunning, spoiled, cunning, mean, rude, selfish
Appearance Slender, body of a typical human teenage girl with a very feminine physical body structure., light orange with a light green triangle symbol on her ches, dome-like shape at the top of her head and boot-esque markings on her legs and feet.
Occupation Employee of Boxmore
Henchwoman of Boxman
Alignment Bad
Goal Obey the orders and will of Lord Boxman (failed)
To steal Shannon Thunderskunk's identity (succeeded)
Destroy Lakewood Plaza Turbo and the heroes to make Boxmore the dominate business in the area (also failed)
Home Boxmore
Relatives Lord Boxman (father)
Mr. Logic (oldest brother)
Ernesto (older brother)
Darrell (older brother)
Raymond (younger brother by creation/older brother by design)
Mikayla (younger sister)
Jethro (younger brother)
Boxman Jr. (youngest brother)
Allies Radicles (former love interest)
Enemies Bedbug Man, Opossum Boy, Jackie, Shannon Thunderskunk
Likes Feuding with his brother Darrell, Lord Boxman, abusing Jackie
Dislikes Her father's failure, her brother Darrell's temper
Powers and abilities Shapeshifting
Weapons Weapon arsenal
Enhanced speed
Fate Various
Quote TBA.

Shannon of Boxmore (also known as Shannon) is the secondary, later true main antagonist of the Brazilian-American animated television series, The Bedbug Man and the Opossum Boy.

She is a robot henchman and enforcer for her creator and father, Lord Boxman, and is an employee and his store, Boxmore. Shannon is an arrogant robot who often feuds with her brother Darrell, over who can earn the appreciation and admiration of their father and constantly attacks Lakewood Plaza Turbo to accomplish such goal.

Physical Appearence

Shannon is a robot who is mostly orange with slim arms and thick legs. She has a half-circular shaped head with dark orange eyelids, dark skin, and red pupils. She also has a triangular, neon green reset button on her chest. Her legs up to her knees are dark orange to go along with her arms, neck, and waist joints. Her fingers are sharp like most robots made by Lord Boxman.


Shannon herself is an arrogant and egotistical teenage girl who boasts a large ego and an overconfident personality to back it up. She, and her other models as well, are very spoiled and tend to act in a very obnoxious and impolite way and shows off a very selfish and elitist behavior as well. Shannon herself is currently stuck in a rivalry between her, Darrell and Mad-An over who can attract the appretiation and admiration of Lord Boxman, their creator, and often attack the nearby Lakewood Plaza Turbo to accomplish such goals.

Since Shannon is so spoiled, she tends to have an obnoxious behavior to match. Despite Shannon having been fighting with Darrell for sometime and is his rival, she actualy loves Darrell deep down inside and cares for him, but is too stubborn and pompous to truly admit it to him and vice versa. She is also extremely antagonistic, unfriendly, and hostile towards the heroes of the plaza and constantly fights them, but only so she can become the favorite child of her creator.

Powers and Abilities

Shannon's main weapons are buzz-saws that she can summon on her hands or feet. She's also able to transform into almost anything, changing both in shape and size. She can turn into a giant hammer, a blanket, or even a twister. Additionally, Shannon has a built-in lipstick in her hand.

Like Darrell and Raymond, she can reboot by clicking a button placed inside the triangle on her chest. This makes her body explode, and her consciousness is regained in a new body.