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Shaniel Swaby Mayo (née Smith) American Actress and Model, Producer. Nolberto's Second wife. Arley's Biological Aunt.,,,

Shaniel Swaby Mayo


  • Denia Swaby - Friend


  • Untitled Trump (TV Series) (2017) as Governor Major Anna Trump (rumored)..,,, Alan's and Donald Jr's Second Aunt.
  • Untitled Death of Linked (Film) (2017/I) as Amanda Carter (rumored)..,,, Robbie's Aunt.
  • Jumanji (2017 film) as Alicia Davis; Nick's Step-Aunt.
  • Untitled Death of Killed (???) as Kate Macer (rumored). Matthew's lover.
  • Second Dated (TV Series) (2019) as (director)
  • Untitled Blue Streak (Reboot) as Tessa Logan, Miles's maybe-aunt.
  • Final Score 3 (???) as Michelle Knox (uncredited)
  • Untitled Death of Linked Sequel (2018) as Amanda Carter
  • Dead from Death (TV Series) (2017-2018) as Lt. Carly (uncredited)
  • Mission Impossible (2019 film) as Nyah Hall
  • The Punisher 2 (2019 film) as Maria Elizabeth Castle (uncredited) Frank's Wife.
  • Untitled Delta Force (2020 film) as Tessa (rumored; Uncredited) rumor role, Scott's Deceased Aunt.