Shamrock & Roll is a 3D computer animated jukebox musical urban fantasy comedy film.


The story takes place in an alternate universe where humans coexist with sentient beings including elves, leprechauns, goblins, ogres, dwarves, imps, dragons, centaurs, mermaids, fairies, orcs, gnomes, satyrs, giants, and trolls.

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Songs Featured in the film

Bruno Mars- Treasure

Imagine Dragons- Bleeding Out

Voice Cast

Fionna Martins- an 18 year old benevolent human girl

Rudy Martins- a cheerful hobbit and Fionna's older foster brother. He's the comic relief of the film as he'll always try to turn a sad moment into a happy moment. He constantly breaks the fourth wall and everybody considers him weird because of it.

Carly- a 16 year old pixie and Fionna's best friend whose most of her dialogue consists of bad puns, much to the annoyance of Craig.

Craig- a troll who befriended the gang after they saved him. He's quite sarcastic and has some anger issues, especially when dealing with Carly, whom he eventually falls in love with.

Chris- a leprechaun and Fionna's love interest.

Jacob- Chris's older brother

Jacob's boyfriend and later fiancé.

Donny- Chris' cousin.

A centaur

Sasha Marrins- Fionna and Rudy's mother

Steven-Fionna's arrogant satyr ex boyfriend who is willing to go as far as it takes to have Fionna as his girlfriend again.

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