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Shadow Kids is an American animated action fantasy thriller teen drama web television series created by Nashwalker. The series will premiere in 2020.


Once a regular everyday kid living in Los Angeles, 9-year-old Cody Daggett's life changed forever following a sudden car accident that apparently killed his father, left his older sister paralyzed from the waist down, and Cody himself physically and mentally scarred.

Three years later, Cody, now 12, has become a snarky, pessimistic pre-teen with a grim view on life. His only comforts come from his mother and siblings, and his three best friends since kindergarten: the street-smart but comedic Dixon Okafor, the intellegent but compulsive A.J. Bishop, and his tough-as-nails and beautiful Jessica Sharpe. 

However, that all changes when Cody and his friends begin displaying extra-ordinary powers, and are approached by a mysterious man named Theodore Crestwell, who then reveals himselfto be the head of the Shadow Corps, a secret government agency comprised of both people with extra-ordinary abilities and military operators who are exceptionally good at their professions. The Corps' purpose is to investigate supernatural and paranormal events and occurences, and also battle other evil threats that other government agencies can't or won't touch. Crestwell reveals he has decided to recruit the four for the Corps' Junior Division, and that their parents were part of the Corps' as well starting when they were their ages.

The encounter causes Cody to remember certain details from the accident that suggest it might not have been an accident at all, and that his father might still be alive. Accepting Crestwell's offer, Cody and his friends team up with other operatives to combat the Initative, an evil organization whom Cody's father was investigating at the time of the accident, to find the truth and protect the world.



Shadow Corps

The Core Five:

  • Cody Daggett (voiced by Asher Bishop)
  • Jessica Sharpe (voiced by Mckenna Grace)
  • Dixon Okafor (voiced by Isaac Ryan Brown)
  • A.J. Bishop (voiced by Iain Armitage)
  • Theodore Crestwell (voiced by Alex Hirch)

Other members:

  • Cameron Dallas (voiced by Greg Cipes)
  • Michael Angelli (voiced by Adam MacArthur)
  • Christmas Miller (voiced by Eden Sher)
  • Ulrich Olsen (voiced by David Kaufman)
  • Jasper Torres (voiced by Dante Bosco)





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