Shabnam Melina Rooney (born 26 April 2002), known professionally as Shabnam or Shabnam the Wengie, is an British entertainer of Iranian descent. She is known for starring in the series New Style Boutique from August 2017 to December 2018.

Early life

Shabnam was born 26 April 2002 to parents Gujarati and Noah Rooney. She grew up with an older sister, model Mackenzie Rooney. Her parents chose the name Shabnam because it means "dew" in Persian, and was named after a character in the 1999 film, Al Sauhujio Saku Chi. Her first word, taught by her mother, was "dwae". She liked listening to popular artists such as Makala Serfreen and Jay Robins and often preforms covers of their songs at singing contests. She started singing at the age of two years old when she was preforming an cover of Uaja Al Fambiheem's song Love You, Kerr.


Shabnam gained popularity in May 2009 when she starred as Stacy Duhamel, a girl who likes bows and hates "robus", in the children's series titled BARNEEEE. She appeared on two episodes: Stacy Hates Robus and Lulani's Dance Club. Her last appearance on the show was on November 2010.

2010-2013: Acting roles

Shabnam gained her second acting role as Barbara Kaslinde in the drama film, The West of Royalty, The film follows an 26-year-old worker as she is transported into the world of royalty by her friends. She then went on to star in several films and television series including Magic Eagle, Popular as a Loner, and Teen HashtagGirls. She then started rapping in May 2012, her first public rapping performance being of a cover of Lil Key Z's song, Why You Wanna Trash Like That. Shabnam recorded her first song, titled Whip my Hae in June 2012, at an local recording studio called Pineapple Recording Studio, which has been used by artists such as Kayla Rose and Jack Benjamin Loner. She had worked with music producer Allaan Kuhmeed, who is known for producing songs by such artists as Zalia Du Kuhm.

2014-2017: The Melanie Dolls

Shabnam joined the local dance group, The Melanie Dolls, in Feburary 2014. The first choreography she did with them was to Game On by The Soulettes. She appeared with them on various media, including the documentary The Melanie Dolls: Road to Fame. in Feburary 2017, it was announced on sources that she has left the group.

2017-2019: New Style Boutique and worldwide regonition

In Feburary 2017, it was revealed she will be starring on the then-upcoming DollTv television series New Style Boutique, which is an adaptation of the PAL region version of the 2012 Nintendo 3DS simulation game, Style Savvy Trendsetters. In May, she was revealed to be the supporting cast member in the series. In August 2017, she garnered wider popularity as the supporting (later main) character on the series. The same day, she started her music career with self-releasing her debut single Preppy Party. In September 2017, she released her first full-length record, chen.. In January 2018, she signed with the record label Caroline Records and released her first song under the label, titled Whamasay. She has then gone on to released her debut studio album, WENGIE, in 11 April 2018. She released four more albums under the label, titled anna, Preppy Style, Dream Crazy Big, and Fashionista. In 23 December 2018, it was announced that she has depatured from New Style Boutique.

2020-present: ShabnamTV and Shabnam Inc.

In January 2020, she released her first single of the year titled Sexy and I'm Coco. In Feburary, she released her first novelty album titled Stylishly Like A Yakku, which spawned singles such as Do You Like Yoshies and Imma Boomerang. On November, she launched an entertainment company called Shabnam Inc. All her Shabnam's Christmas films were the first ever projects established by the company. In December, she released an clothing line and fragrance, both titled You Get Me.


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