Seventh Celestial Host
The Celestials Return 1
 Official Name Seventh Celestial Host
 Editorial Names
 Team Aliases
 Status Unknown
 Base of Operation
 Team Leader(s) Unknown
 Current Members
 Former Members Eson the Searcher, Ethrus the Destroyer, Ion the Engraver
 Origin Celestial
 Place of Formation
 Universe Earth-646
 Creators AtlantisUchiha
First Appearance
RWBY: Infinity
(Vision Only)
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The Seventh Celestial Host are, according to the vision Raven had seen with the Time Crystal, are the seventh reincarnations of the previous celestial host that survived the rebirth cycle of the multiverse. While their conditions and status is entirely unknown to virtually everyone, however, with the appearance of the Celestial Seekers confronting Thanos might suggest they might be active.

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