Seven In Hell is a 2019 American Slasher Horror film written by Tom Farrelly and directed by John Edwards starring Tati Gabrielle, Charlie DePew, Cole Sprouse, Ajiona Alexus, Skyler Samuels and Michael Ironside.

Distributed by Blumhouse Pictures and Produced by Jason Blum, it marks the third teenage slasher horror film the company has produced released theatrically on Friday the 13th, following 2017's Happy Death Day and 2018's Truth or Dare.

It was a box office success and was met with mixed to positive reception.


Two 14 year old girls Alexis and Jeynelle watch Alexis' older sister Amy host a drinking party in their basement, while Alexis and Amy's parents are out. The game Seven Minutes in Heaven is initiated by Amy's boyfriend Dayton, in which Amy takes a secret turn with best friend Elaine's boyfriend Lionel.

After being caught and everyone having left as Amy begins to pack up the basement, in her alcohol induced she believes she is hallucinating the basement shifting into a hellish environment. In the horrific, alternate version of the basement Amy tries to defend herself against an attacking demonic figure, which in reality results in her stabbing and killing her younger sister.

Jeynelle flees the property and as Amy calls the police the environment changes again causing her to die by a nasty fall down the basement stairs in which her neck twists.

Following Amy's ruled murder-suicide, Elaine and Amy's other friends begin their freshmen year of college at Barmont University, Amy no longer friends with any of her and Amy's former companions.

According to the order of the Seven Minutes In Heaven game played in Amy's basement, the players begin to experience horrific personal encounters, conflicts and then grisly deaths.

First party keg providers Lannie Stephens and Jolston Sage who along with Dayton and Malcolm belong to the Sigma Phi Beta Fraternity, Jolston drowning in a exploding barrel of beer and Lannie accidentally being lynched by their frat house's rope ladder.

After their deaths the remaining players: Malcolm, Dayton, Mikaela, Brianne, Lionel and Whitney seek out Elaine in order to find a way to stop the seemingly possessed game played in Amy's basement from killing them too.

At the campus library, looking in the occult section after finding information related to demonically controlled ideas Lionel succumbs to the force behind their game, which causes stacks to collapse upon him. Brianne is pursued throughout the library until reuniting with Mikaela where she dies in her arms after becoming shredded on shattering glass.

Mikaela fearing her turn next is persuaded by Dayton into bringing Elaine's new close friends Ella, Nadine and Calvin into the game by tricking them to Amy's basement to play, while they are in an inebriated state.

Elaine, Malcolm and Whitney race to the house after discovering Dayton's plan and their uncovering that the game is possessed by a demon of mental manipulation named Crolon.

Being Malcolm's turn next, Crolon causes the three to crash not far from Amy's, Whitney dying in the crash as the car overturns. A severely injured Malcolm is pulled from the wreckage by Elaine, who proceeds into the house to make a plea with the demon as it is Dayton and Mikaela's turns next and prevent the initiation of her friends. Dayton subdues Elaine, having done the same with Ella, Nadine and Calvin, planning to offer her along with them in his place. Mikaela stabs Dayton, resulting in him shooting her into the basement closet.

Malcolm from the outside sets fire to the house after distracting Dayton with a rock through a basement window, allowing Elaine to overpower him. After releasing her friends and as the flames engulf an unconscious Dayton, Elaine sees the silhouette of Crolon fade away.

In the months following, as Malcolm has recovered from his injuries and Elaine has resumed her routine with her friends, Nadine becomes dazed on a campus road and is struck by an oncoming garbage truck, which also kills Calvin who rushes toward her. A blood covered and horrified Elaine and Ella look on, as Malcolm oversees from afar.


  • Tati Gabrielle as Elaine Westall
  • Charlie DePew as Malcolm Roland
  • Cole Sprouse as Dayton Moriaty
  • Michael Ironside as Detective Roscoe Bannon
  • Lana Condor as Ella Ren
  • Camila Morrone as Nadine Simmons
  • Leo Howard as Calvin Turner
  • Ajiona Alexus as Mikaela Denning
  • Skyler Samuels as Brianne Wallace
  • Tyler Alvarez as Whitney Ellis
  • Seth Meriwether as Lionel Cann
  • Gatlin Kate James as Amy Whitby
  • Olivia Rodrigo as Alexis Whitby
  • Keeley Hawes as Rita Wallace
  • Eric Winter as Detective Mark Romby
  • Sam Page as Devon Roland
  • Jackson Odell as Lannie Stephens
  • Gijs Blom as Jolston Sage
  • Alisha Newton as Jeynelle


  1. Thunderclouds - LSD feat. Sia, Diplo & Labrinth
  2. Oh Child- Robin Schulz feat. Piso 21
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