Seven Gates of Hell is a 2018 American supernatural horror film.


A group of college friends decide to travel to Hellam Township, which is rumored to be the Seven Gates of Hell. The friends soon learn they have opened the doorway to hell, unleashing the demons who follow them. The friends must close the doorway before they all die.


A group of friends: Blake (Skyler Samuels), Riley (Dacre Montgomery), Hunter (Ansel Elgort), Dani (Sarah Jeffery), Austin (Amy Forsyth), Diego (Jake T. Austin), Bobby (Israel Broussard), Cody (Luke Bilyk), Blaire (Zoe De Grand Maison), and Dakota (Violett Beane), are driving to Hellam Township to the Seven Gates of Hell. They enter but nothing happens, claiming it to be a "made-up rumour". After the friends are dropped off, Blaire sees something run pass, she goes to check what it was, only to turn around to find a demon in front of her. She crawls backward and screams.

The next day, the group of friends learn of Blaire's death. Blake questions about the Seven Gates of Hell but Riley tells her it wasn't real. At night, Dani and Diego have sex but Dani sees someone pass by, which Diego goes to check out. Diego sees a demon and screams. Dani hears Diego's screams and goes to find him, thinking it's a prank. Dani then sees Diego, dead on the floor. Dani runs but is dragged into the basement.

Blake comes over to pick up Dani but finds Diego and Dani's bodies, Dani's stomach being ripped apart. Blake screams. The police question Blake about Dani and Diego but Blake says she found them dead.

After the deaths of Dani and Diego, the friends decide to go to Dakota's house to tell her the bad news but find her missing and a message on the wall saying "Meet us where it all began." Blake wants to go back to Hellam Township to save Dakota, everyone agrees except Cody, which they convince him to go.


Skyler Samuels as Blake

Dacre Montgomery as Riley

Ansel Elgort as Hunter

Sarah Jeffery as Dani

Jake T. Austin as Diego

Amy Forsyth as Austin

Zoe De Grand Maison as Blaire

Israel Broussard as Bobby

Luke Bilyk as Cody

Violett Beane as Dakota


Blaire- Attacked. (Female Demon)

Diego- Throat ripped open. (Female Demon)

Dani- Dragged into the basement and stomach ripped apart. (Female Demon)


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