[On Sesame Street]

Elmo: We're going to meet Shrek today.

Abby: I know it's so magical.

Ernie: We're going far far away.

Elmo: Yeah.

Abby: That's where Shrek lives.

Elmo: He usually lives in the swamp.

Abby: Eww Elmo!

Ernie: Come on let's meet Shrek.

Elmo and Rudy: Okay.

Rudy: I'll get Big Bird.

[At Big Bird's nest]

Rudy: Hi Big Bird!

Big Bird: Hi Abby!

Abby: Do you want to meet Shrek?

Big Bird: I love to!

Abby: Okay.

[Song "We're All Going to Meet Shrek" plays]

Elmo: We're all going to meet Shrek today!

Abby: It will super exciting to go and meet Shrek!

Big Bird: We will see his friends.

Ernie: Will go far far away.

Bert: Will see Puss in Boots.

Grover: And Donkey.

Rosita: And Princess Fiona.

All: We're all going to see Shrek today!

Elmo: Get ready to sing!

Zoe: Get ready to dance!

All: We're all going to see Shrek today!

Cookie Monster: They'll be lots of cookies.

Count von Count: And lots of people to count.

Telly: It will be a great time!

Julia: Meet Shrek yay!

All: We're going to see Shrek today!

Elmo: Get ready to sing!

Abby: Get ready to dance!

Zoe: Get ready to play!

Prairie Dawn: Get ready to stay.

All: We're all going to meet Shrek today!

Elmo: Well what are you waiting for let's go to Shrek's swamp.

All: Yay!

Rosita: But how do we get there?

Abby: I know how to get there. I can poof us there! Magic takes us to Shrek's swamp.

[They all poof to Shrek's swamp]

Elmo: We're at Shrek's swamp!

Abby: Elmo that swamp is disgusting.

Rosita: Yeah he probably takes a bath in it.

Ernie: I'm going to jump in.

Bert: Ernie don't do it!

[Ernie does it anyway]

?????: Hi guys!

Rosita: Who is that?

Abby: That might be Shrek.

Elmo: Elmo thinks so too.

[Shrek comes out of a cave near the swamp]

Rosita: It is!

Zoe: I can't believe it!

Abby: Shrek do you take a bath in the swamp?

Shrek: Yes.

Zoe and Julia: Eww gross!

Ernie: Do you have a rubber duckie?

Shrek: No.

Cookie Monster: Do you go any cookies?

Shrek: No I don't.

Count von Count: That's one one Ogre!\

Abby: He is an ogre!

Shrek: Yup I sure am.

Rosita: Does Fiona live in a castle?

Shrek: Yes. Come on!

[The Sesame Street cast follow Shrek to the castle where Princess Fiona lives]

Fiona: Hi Shrek! Who are these people?

Shrek: These are the Sesame Street cast.

Fiona: Oh my. What are their names?

Elmo: Elmo's Elmo.

Abby: I'm Abby. Abby Cadabby.

Rosita: Hi there. Hola! I'm Rosita.

Zoe: I'm Zoe!

Julia: Julia!

Bert: I'm Bert!

Ernie: And i'm Ernie!

[After everyone said who they were]

Fiona: Those are awesome names.

Elmo: Thank you.

Telly: Where's Donkey?

Grover: And Puss in Boots?

Puss in Boots: Here I am!

Donkey: I'm here too!

Zoe: Can you take us to the Kingdom Far Far Away?

Shrek: Sure!

[At the Kingdom Far Far Away]

Rosita: There's Snow White!

Abby: And the three pigs.

Elmo: And the wolf!

Ernie: Look at this! It's Little Red Riding Hood!

Abby: I feels like a fairy tale!

Zoe: And there's the Fairy God Mother, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella.

Rosita: There's the Little Mermaid! Fiona did you drag the mermaid once?

Fiona: Yes I did Rosita in our second movie.

Rosita: Oh.


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